10 Great Jobs For People Who Like To Be Outdoors

10 Great Jobs For People Who Like To Be Outdoors

If you love the great outdoors, you probably hate being stuck in an office. Fortunately, you don't need to live your adult life indoors. You can find a job that allows you to be outside and doing something you love.

1. Environmental Scientist

As an environmental scientist, you can spend your days learning about the environmental hazards and taking measures to reduce the impact of those hazards. There are various types of environmental scientists, and the type you choose dictates how much time you will spend outdoors.

In this position, you will probably split your time between the field and the laboratory. You need a bachelor's degree and can expect to make approximately $72,000 each year.

2. Farmer

One of the best jobs for a lover of the outdoors is to be a farm worker. And you don't need to own the farm; you can work for someone to handle the crops or animals. Although a degree isn't necessary, you can study agriculture and obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree.

As a farm worker, you should expect to do manual labor. An entry level worker might make around $13 an hour. Over time, you can evolve into a more managerial role and increase your salary.

3. Forest and Conservation Worker

Do you love nature? If so, you may want to be a forest and conservation worker. Your job would be to maintain and protect the forests. Common tasks include doing tree inventory, checking for diseases, and planting seedlings.

One of the appealing aspects of this position is the lack of education requirements. If you have a high school diploma and a good work ethic, you can find a job in this field. The pay is usually around $18 an hour. In this position, you will spend almost all of your day outside and only a small portion of the work day inside doing administrative tasks.

4. Forest and Wildland Firefighter

This is not a job for the faint of heart. If you have an adventurous spirit and love being outside, you could become a forest and wildland firefighter. You go to forest fires anywhere in the country and use various measures to control the fire. Additionally, you predict the locations of future fires and may give advice on ways to prevent more fires.

To get started, you need experience as a firefighter or a degree in fire science. You also need to be able to pass the physical exam and meet strict requirements. It's a competitive field and has an annual salary of about $47,000 per year. You need to be willing to travel away from your home to combat the fires.

5. Landscape Architect

A landscape architect makes plans for home or commercial landscaping. Although the job starts indoors, you spend quite a bit of your time outside on the job site. You need to be good with people because you will work with clients on a daily basis. If your customers aren't satisfied, you won't be successful.

For this position, you need a bachelor's degree and training. You Can get training in an internship or on-the-job. Once you have the training, you can make over $63,000 each year. To truly excel, you need an eye for detail.

6. Logger

Despite advances in technology, the logging process still requires people. As a logger, you help harvest the trees used to make consumer goods. You spend your days outside working in a physically-demanding field. At times, the job is in a very remote area.

Most of the workers in this industry have a high school diploma and receive on-the-job training. The pay is around $17 an hour. If you love physical labor as much as you love being outside, this may be the ideal job for you.

7. Mason

As a mason, you build and repair outdoor structures made of concrete, bricks, and stones. You could do jobs as small as porch steps and ones as large as skyscrapers. At most times, the job is physically demanding.

You need a high school diploma for this job, and also need to complete an apprenticeship program. After that, you could make about $21 per hour.

8. Recreation Worker

Recreation workers usually work at parks and lead fun activities for children and adults. In the summer, you might run a children's camp. Meanwhile, you could head gardening classes and other outdoor programs in the winter.

Depending on where you find employment, you may need to spend some of your day indoors. For instance, a recreation worker at a senior facility probably spends much of their day indoors. You only need minimal training to work in this career and can expect to earn about $13.50 per hour.

9. Survey Technician

Thanks to survey technicians, maps are extremely accurate. They use tools to measure the earth's features and use the data to make topographical maps.

Although technology has advanced, survey technicians are still needed. You can get on-the-job training and only need a high school diploma or equivalency. On average, the pay is $20 per hour.  In this career, you spend most of your time outside.

10. Wildlife Biologist

Animal lovers can spend their days outside by working as a wildlife biologist. You study the behavior of certain animals and may aid with their conservation. Usually, wildlife biologists spend time in the field studying the animals. They also spend some time in a laboratory or office.

For this job, you need a bachelor's or master's degree. You can specialize in certain animals or keep your studies generic. Either way, you get to be outside.

Finding the Right Outdoor Job

If you're fresh out of college or just looking for a new path in life, you should consider one of the jobs above. They allow you to spend time outside while you earn money, and that could give you a better quality of life. Before you pick a new job, consider both the salary and education requirements.

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