10 Jobs You Can Actually Do from Home

10 Jobs You Can Actually Do from Home

Ten years ago, you didn't have many opportunities to work from home. You may have been able to get involved in some telemarketing scam, but that was about it. Fortunately, times have changed, and there are many ways to work from home. There are still plenty of scams out there, but just as many legitimate jobs are available. Learn more about the top work from home positions.

1. Website Tester

If a website isn't usable, it won't attract customers. For this reason, some companies seek out website testers to review their applications and websites. They check the user-friendliness and appeal of sites on laptops, phones, and desktops.

After testing a website, the tester gives feedback to the client. With an average pay of about $25 per hour, this position pays well for how easy the work is. However, getting started can be difficult. Some of the platforms for testers have strict requirements and limited work.

2. Member Services Representative

Do you enjoy helping other people solve their problems? If so, you might enjoy being a member services representative. Also referred to as customer support, this role involves being on the phone and chatting with customers. It happens to be one of the easiest jobs to get, regardless of your experience.

As an entry level worker, you can expect to make approximately $12 per hour. The disadvantage of this role is the lack of flexibility. Typically, you work in strict shifts and need to have silence in the background. This isn't the job for you if you plan on working from home with kids in the house.

3. Teacher

Even if you don't have a teaching degree, you might qualify to be an online educator. There are several opportunities for individuals with degrees to teach English to students in other countries. Rather than travel to teach, you can do the classes from the comfort of your home.

To teach, you'll use a platform like Zoom or Google Meetings. It's your job to come up with lesson plans and to lead the class. Although the pay starts at around $25 an hour, it can be challenging to find full-time work. If you do, there's potential for a much higher hourly wage.

4. Transcriptionist

Individuals with fast typing speeds can excel as a transcriptionist. The job is simple, as you listen to voice recordings and type them out. If you want to get started as a transcriptionist in the medical or legal field, you need a certification.

If you're a quick typer, you can make over $20 an hour as a transcriptionist. Just be aware that you'll need to invest in the career with your certification.

5. Virtual Assistant

It's tough to describe this job because it varies depending on your employer. As a virtual assistant, you do anything your client asks you to. This could mean buying plane tickets, speaking to customers, or writing web content. Generally, you have a little flexibility to work your own hours but need to be available when the client needs you.

If you work in this field, you can expect to receive about $15 an hour. Just as your job duties vary, the pay varies as well. Most positions are only part-time, but you can have several clients at once.

6. Captioning

Currently, computers can't accurately transcribe audio and video. If you can type, you can try your skills as a captioner. Unlike a transcriptionist, this role doesn't require a certification. As long as you can pass a typing test, you can get started.

There are a few online platforms for captioners. If you make it past the typing test or other entrance exams, you pick projects and start transcribing. Unfortunately, there's not always enough work available to do this full-time.

7. Proofreader

If you have an eye for detail and extensive knowledge of English grammar, you might enjoy working as a proofreader. From the comfort of your home, you check content for all types of errors. Although you don't need special certifications for this work, you do need experience and skill.

One of the highlights of this job is the flexibility. As long as you can meet your clients' deadlines, you work whenever you want. Most proofreaders have multiple clients.

8. SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is a growing field, as well as one you can do from home. As an SEO specialist, you come up with ways to improve web traffic to websites. You need to know the basics of SEO and have experience with SEO tools.

To break into the industry, you need experience. In some cases, you can self-educate and find a client who's willing to take you on in an entry-level role. A starting wage is about $13 an hour, but there's potential to earn more than $30 an hour. For more flexibility, you can take on this role part-time with several clients.

9. Survey Taker

This is a work from home job that's easy but doesn't always pay well. First, you sign up for a platform that allows you to take and receive money for surveys. The topics involve everything from movies to mental health.

Because the surveys are from different sources, the pay varies significantly. You might receive $1 for one survey, but $25 for another. Despite not being the most lucrative work from home job, taking surveys is a great way to supplement your income.

10. Online Therapist

For people who truly want to make a difference, this role is satisfying. An online therapist does everything a regular therapist does, but through video calls. Because of the nature of the work, this job requires a master's degree in psychology and a license. In most areas, you need a special license to practice online.

This is a high demand career, which means there's potential for good, steady income. If you already have a psychology degree, it's easy to transition to this role.

Getting Started on Your Work from Home Career

If you want to work from home, there's only one thing to do - start applying. There are too many remote positions to list, so the best thing to do is see what's out there.

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