10 Low Stress Jobs Career Paths That Pay Well

10 Low Stress Jobs Career Paths That Pay Well

Some people believe you can't enjoy your career and make money. But that's not necessarily true. Although they can be hard to find, there are fun and low stress jobs with decent salaries. Whether you're just starting out or are looking for a new career, check out some of these low stress but high pay jobs.

1. Audiologist

For a career full of satisfaction, audiology is a great choice. Although becoming an audiologist requires extra years of education, the effort may be worth your time. It's a highly rewarding career that allows you to diagnose hearing loss and issues with the inner ear.

If you pursue a career in this field, you can expect to make over $75,000. After you graduate college, you can earn a doctor of audiology degree in about four years. Unlike some of the other medical professions, audiology is relatively relaxed.

2. Actuary

If you're good with numbers, this might be the perfect career for you. An actuary is someone who looks at numbers and finds relationships between them. After analyzing specifix data, they create reports that demonstrate their conclusions.

Typically, actuaries work at investment firms, banks, and financial institutions. The job tends to be 9 to 5 and doesn't involve much urgency or stress. Furthermore, the career has an excellent outlook. As long as you enjoy working with numbers and don't mind sitting at a desk, this could be the change you need to enjoy your job. On average, actuaries make over $100,000.

3. Operations Research Analyst

Organizational processes can make or break a business. When you work as an operations research analyst, you can identify issues with a process and come up with solutions. You look at trends and use a combination of math and simulations to help managers make decisions regarding their strategies.

Today, companies are becoming more aware of the importance of streamlining their processes. The result is a projected job growth in this field. If you have critical thinking skills and a sense of business, you could enjoy this career. With a median pay of over $80,000, an operations analyst job could be lucrative. Because analysts are behind the data and not behind the big decisions, they enjoy low stress levels.

4. Occupational Therapist

You don't need to be a doctor to help people. If you want to work with injured or disabled clients but don't have the desire to get a Ph.D. or have a hectic lifestyle, you should consider working as an occupational therapist. While you're at work, you aim to help clients work with their daily struggles. But when you click out, you're done for the day.

Most occupational therapists enjoy working a regular schedule with no nights and limited weekends, if any. It's a very rewarding career and ideal for individuals who enjoy working with people. As people live longer, there's an increasing demand for this field. Although the salary varies significantly, the median pay is approximately $84,000.

5. Software Developer

As a software developer, you have more opportunities to work from home or to work your own hours. If that sort of lifestyle appeals to you, then you might enjoy working as a developer. You create computer systems and applications for a variety of purposes.

To be a good software developer, you need to be creative and logical. Although educational requirements vary, the typical software developer needs a Bachelor's degree. The median pay is over $100,000, so the career path can pay off.

6. Genetic Counselor

Decades ago, this career didn't exist. It's a new career that has grown leaps and bounds, and the outlook is promising. As more people become interested in their genetic history, there's an increasing demand for genetic counselors.

A genetic counselor looks at the genetic sequences of clients and uses the data to determine which diseases they could be affected by. Additionally, they can tell a client which diseases their clients' offspring might be susceptible to. The pay for a genetic counselor is around $80,000, and the career only requires a master's degree.

7. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist plays an essential role. In addition to cleaning teeth, hygienists also educate their patients about preventative care. While the dentist does most of the procedures, dental hygienists do quite a bit of work themselves.

Once again, this is a job that doesn't require too much after-hours dedication. It allows you to work regular hours and enjoy holidays off. Even though you only need an associate's degree for the job, you can make over $74,000.

8. Speech Language Pathologist

This career allows you to make a difference in the lives of people who have speech and swallowing issues. With a master's degree and state licensing, you can help both children and adults. Due to a growing elderly population, this career is in high demand.

If you enjoy working with children and the elderly, this can be a low stress and satisfying career. It doesn't require much time and comes with a salary upwards of $80,000 a year.

9. Radiation Therapist

While this can be an emotionally draining career, it's also very fulfilling. Your job is to give radiation treatments to cancer patients and others. On top of performing technical aspects of the treatment, radiation therapists also communicate closely with their patients. There's not much stress with this career, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you're making a difference.

10. Data Scientist

Almost everything involves data. For that reason, a data scientist is a growing field. By building and using algorithms, a data scientist analyzes patterns in large sets of data. They create reports that allow managers to plan and make informed decisions.

This is the right job for someone who's pragmatic but has outside-the-box thinking. It's minimal stress and comes with a high salary.

Which One is Right for You?

Not all of the careers above will be stress-free for you. If you want to have a career with no stress, you need to find a job with aspects you enjoy and hours that work for you.

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