10 Signs You Are About To Get Fired

10 Signs You Are About To Get Fired

One of the worst things about being fired is the shock. You could be doing your job well and thinking everything is fine until your boss comes in with a pink slip. While knowing you're about to be fired may not save you from losing your job, it could allow you to get a head start on the job search. If you notice any of these signs, you could be days away from losing your job.

1. You Have a Bad Performance Review

A negative performance review is often a sign you're about to lose your job. Before an employer fires you, they need to create a paper trail. By including all of your mishaps and weaknesses in a performance review, your manager does just that.

Keep in mind that a negative review for a new employee doesn't mean much. It could merely show your employer expects you to improve. Typically, you're in the most danger of losing your job when your employer mentions the following issues:

  • You have a poor attitude
  • You're not a team player
  • You don't mesh with our team

2. No One Includes You

If a manager plans to fire you, they could leave you out of key decisions. It might start with leaving you out of meeting invitations or not including you on group emails. At first, you might not think much of what's happening.

As time goes by, it could become more obvious. Your manager might completely leave you out of future projects or keep secrets from you. In this case, you should expect to lose your job sometime soon.

3. You Have Too Much Work

Have you noticed your boss pile on a project after project? If so, they might be intentionally overloading you. Your boss could be setting you up to fail, proving that you're not cut out for the job.

This is a tough one because some managers overload workers because they have poor leadership skills. Whatever your manager's intentions might be, they should hear from you. Speak with them and explain your trouble with the workload.

4. Your Boss Has Issued Warnings

If you receive a formal warning, you're in a bad spot. A verbal warning is bad enough, but a formal warning puts you in danger of losing your job. When you receive a notice, regard it seriously and take steps to improve your behavior.

Keep records of all the warnings you receive. In the case of written warnings, write down all the details of your conversation and the discussion's date.

5. The Relationship with Your Boss Deteriorated

If you were once friendly with your boss but now notice a change in the dynamic, be vigilant. Tension or awkwardness in your relationship is a bad omen, and it's possible your boss is about to fire you. Whether they ignore you or just treat you differently, there's a reason for the change in your relationship.

6. You Suddenly Need to Provide Detailed Reports

When an employer demands detailed reports when they never did before, you could be on the chopping block. Your boss might have concerns about you wasting money or inflating your hours. First, find out if you're the only one who needs to provide these reports. It's possible that they're looking at the entire department.

If you are the only one with this request, your boss could be looking for a reason to fire you. Even if you were completely honest, start looking for a new position.

7. No One Asks for Your Input

Regardless of your position in the company, your employer should value your input. If this ever stops happening, there's a reason for it. One of the only reasons an employer doesn't care for your input is because they plan on firing you.

In some cases, an employer never asked for input in the first place. Although this isn't a sign of you being fired, it is a sign of a bad employer. It could be beneficial for you to have a candid discussion with your boss about some of your ideas.

8. They Ask You to Take a Pay Cut

Being asked to take a pay cut is like a partner asking to take time off from the relationship. It's a sign of trouble in one form or another. Whether the company is going through financial difficulties or your boss doesn't see you as valuable as your current paycheck, you should be ready to apply for new jobs.

If your boss asks you to take some time off, the same is true. They probably won't ask you to return, and your future with the company is bleak.

9. Your Co-Workers are Secretive

Sometimes, employers reveal their intentions to other individuals in the office. If you think the people around you are discussing something behind your back, you could be a target. Keep an eye out for strange behavior, and confide in a trusted co-worker. They may be able to inform you of your employer's intentions.

When you approach a co-worker about this, be cautious. Only speak to someone you truly trust, or you won't get accurate information. If you don't trust anyone in the workplace, keep to yourself and start looking for a new job. Whether or not you're fired, a secretive work environment isn't a healthy one.

10. There was a Merger

A merger doesn't always mean you'll lose your job, but there's a possibility that this is the case. If your employer is particularly quiet about the merger, you could be on a layoff list. Your boss won't always inform you of the plans for after a merger, so it's best to be cautious.

If possible, ask around the workplace for information about the merger. Do some digging into the other company to learn more about their history. If you find out the company often takes over and lays off existing employees, be ready to lose your job.

It Doesn't Hurt to Be Ready

Seeing the signs above doesn't mean you're guaranteed to lose your position. However, there's no harm in being ready for anything. At the very worst, you could have a great job offer waiting for you.

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