11 High Paying Hourly Jobs

11 High Paying Hourly Jobs

You don’t need a salaried position to make good money. If you’re in the market for an hourly job, you should check out all of the jobs below. They pay over the rate of $33.03 per hour and could get you out of the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. While the job market is still in your favor, you can switch careers and make more money.

1. Commercial Pilot

Making over $36.54 per hour on average, a commercial pilot flies planes for tours, charters, photography, and crop dusting. They have the essential role of preparing their plane and keeping their passengers and cargo safe. In addition to having a commercial pilot license, a pilot needs to be able to work well under pressure and have excellent time management skills.

2. Financial Advisor

Although financial advisors make just over $33.03 per hour, they still make enough money to put them in the middle-class pay range. With the goal of helping people manage finances and create retirement plans, financial advisors provide an important service to people of all ages. They give advice on asset management and much more. If you have a sound head for finances and like dealing with people, this could be a great career path for you.

3. Massage Therapist

On average, massage therapists make $36.75 an hour. After receiving training and obtaining a certification in massage therapy, the therapist treats clients who have pain and stress issues. Using their knowledge, a massage therapist kneads the muscles and releases any tension. Being a massage therapist can be highly rewarding and make a difference in people’s lives. Due to the fact that massage therapists work directly with clients, they should have great communication skills and be empathetic.

4. Air Traffic Controller

One of the more stressful jobs on this list is air traffic controller. Despite the stress, this job comes with high pay and can be very rewarding. The average pay is $40.87 per hour. As an air traffic controller, you keep the skies safe. You follow plane schedules and prevent accidents in the sky and on the runway. Furthermore, air traffic controllers help pilots who are in need of an emergency landing. Good controllers are extremely detailed and have problem-solving skills.

5. Veterinarian

If you love animals, you might enjoy being a veterinarian. The job requires a lengthy education and a special degree. After you graduate from veterinary school and pass licensing exams, you can make around $48.21 an hour. When an animal is sick, the animal owner comes to you for a solution. You could opt to work with household pets, exotic animals, or even farm animals. Just as you can pick a specialty with a medical degree, you can do the same with a veterinary degree.

6. Senior Creative Director

Individuals who have a penchant for creativity could work as a senior creative developer. This role involves working on branding, marketing, and promoting a company. On average, senior creative directors make just under $49 per hour. To embark on this career path, you should obtain a background in marketing. Educational requirements for this field vary, but experience tends to be more important than education.

7. Management Consultant

All successful companies need to be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Often, companies turn to management consultants to help them find ways in which they can better improve their business. Making over $52 an hour, a management consultant analyzes a business closely and then comes up with methods for improvement. At times, this involves using new procedures and changing communication channels. As a management consultant, you should have excellent verbal communication and attention to detail.

8. Tattoo Artist

The artistic crowd often looks for ways to work and express their creativity. And as a tattoo artist, you can do just that. The job pays an average of $65.81 per hour and gives the artist a chance to create permanent works of art for their clients. Typically, the client comes in with a design idea and the artist draws it up. Then, the artist places the design on the client and begins to tattoo it. If you’re interested in becoming a tattoo artist, you can start off as an apprentice with an experienced artist. In addition to having drawing skills, tattoo artists also need to be good listeners.

9. Psychiatrist

One of the highest-paying careers on this list is a psychiatrist. Making about $140 per hour, psychiatrists help individuals who suffer from mental illness. At times, clients have issues as simple as stress. But they can deal with clients who suffer from anything ranging from anxiety to PTSD. Using their knowledge of counseling, psychiatrists help their clients cope with problems. They use behavioral therapy and, occasionally, medication to treat their mental illness. Psychiatrists need to be empathetic and have problem-solving skills. If you want to be a psychiatrist, you need a graduate degree along with state-specific licensing requirements.

10. Orthodontist

An orthodontist specializes in dental care and provides a very specific dental treatment to their patients. Often making around $144 an hour, an orthodontist considers the best way to straighten a client’s teeth. They come up with a treatment plan while treating issues like gingivitis and other potential problems. As an orthodontist, you could work with adults, kids, or both. You need to receive an undergraduate degree, go to dental school, and complete a residency program. After that, you can begin your practice and start helping people have a better smile.

11. Anesthesiologist

On average, anesthesiologists make $203 an hour. They’re responsible for providing the anesthesia for surgery, which also involves watching vital signs. If you’re interested in the medical field, this could be an ideal career option for you. To enter this career, you need to obtain an undergraduate degree, get a medical degree, and complete a residency. If you want to test out this as a career, you can look into becoming an anesthesiology assistant.

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