14 Best Jobs For Teens

14 Best Jobs For Teens

Whether you’re a teen in need of money or you’re helping your teenager find work, you might be tired of rejection. It can be difficult to find an employer that hires teens, and even more challenging to find a job that has the right hours for a child in school. However, don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of employers willing to hire teenagers and many of those employers set their employees up for a successful future. Find out where you should look for a job for your teen.

1. Library Assistant

On average, librarian assistants make $15 an hour. Although being a librarian takes years of education and training, being a library assistant takes little training. You work with guests to locate and check out books. Additionally, you help the librarians with their inventory and other duties.

2. Kennel Helper

If your teen loves animals, they may enjoy working as a kennel assistant. On average, kennel assistants earn $12 an hour. They work in animal shelters and veterinary facilities to clean cages and provide animal care. Typically, a kennel assistant deals with dogs and cats. There is also an opportunity to work on customer service skills because the assistant might check-in customers.

3. Concession Stand Employee

If you have an aquatic center, stadium, or amusement park near you, there could be an opportunity to work as a concession stand worker. The average salary is just over $14 an hour and the job is simple. When guests come to the stand, the employee takes their order and processes the payment. They also are responsible for stocking the concession stand and keeping it clean. If you have a busy school schedule, you might enjoy working as a concession stand worker in the summer.

4. Fast Food Worker

Although being a fast food worker might not seem glamorous, it's a great job for a teen. The average pay is just over $12 an hour. On an average day, a fast food worker might cook food, serve food, and work a cash register. Depending on your role and employer, you might also perform cleaning duties. The schedules tend to be flexible, which makes this job ideal for teens in school.

5. Grocery Cashier

The average salary of a grocery cashier is $13 an hour. As a cashier, you work behind a register and greet customers. You scan their products and take payment. At times, you may stock the shelves or help customers locate products. In this position, customer service is important.

6. Hostess

When a customer enters a restaurant, the hostess is there to greet them. Because most restaurants operate during evenings and weekends, they often schedule hostesses during those hours. It works well with school schedules. While the duties of this role vary, hostesses are often responsible for finding tables for their guests, answering phones, and scheduling reservations.

7. Barista

You don't need to enjoy a good cup of coffee to be a barista. Most coffee shops are eager to hire teens as baristas, as they're able to train the worker to produce quality coffee and tea. During training, the barista learns how to take orders, make drinks, and perform other duties. The job is customer-service based, which means that this is a great job for someone who wants to build their customer service skills.

8. Car Wash Attendant

For teens who enjoy physical work, a car wash attendant job could be ideal. The average national pay is over $13 an hour. Generally, the attendant washes and dries the cars. After training, they may also be responsible for detailing and waxing vehicles. The hours are usually flexible and the tips can add to the hourly wage.

9. Lifeguard

Although being a lifeguard comes with a great deal of responsibility, the position can also be fun. A lifeguard makes around $14 an hour and usually works in pools, aquatic centers, and beaches. They watch out for swimmers and save them when necessary, along with ensuring that everyone follows the rules. To be a lifeguard, you need to be a strong swimmer and have training in CPR and first aid. The minimum age of a lifeguard is 15, which makes this a possible summer job for countless teens.

10. Babysitter

If you know a teen who loves kids, you should recommend babysitting as a job. They can set their own hours and make around $17 per hour. Teens who hope to become teachers can learn a lot by babysitting, and it’s a great gig to add to their resume.

11. Retail Associate

It’s not hard to find a job in retail. And with a national average salary of almost $14.50 an hour, the job pays well too. As a retail associate, you greet customers and sell products. You may be in charge of stocking, payment processing, and cleaning. Usually, there are weekend shifts available in retail.

12. Server

If you’re looking for a high-paying job as a teen, you may want to consider being a restaurant server. The tips can pay you very well, and the scheduling is flexible. With evening and weekend shifts, serving jobs can work with school schedules. You have the job of taking orders, communicating with the kitchen staff, and serving the food. Sometimes, servers also have cleaning and stocking duties.

13. Cleaner

Working as a cleaner can give you a flexible schedule and pays around $16 an hour. If your teen is an entrepreneur, they might want to start up their own cleaning business. Whether they work for themselves or someone else, they can expect to sweep, vacuum, and do dishes.

14. Dog Walker

People often treat their pets like royalty, and that means they often spend good money on pet sitting and dog walking. As a dog walker, you can care for peoples’ pets while they work or go on vacation. With an average pay of $17 an hour, this job is perfect for pet lovers.

Help Them Get Started

If you have a teenager who’s looking for a job, give them a helping hand! Recommend a few jobs to them and offer to help them with their resumes or applications.

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