14 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

14 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

If you think that you need a degree to make enough money to live a luxurious lifestyle, you’re wrong. There are many high-paying jobs that don’t require you to obtain a four-year degree and the debt that comes along with it. Find out which jobs you should consider before you embark on a new career.

Paralegal: $52,571 Per Year

Unlike a lawyer, a paralegal doesn’t need years and years of a higher-level education. Instead, they just need to meet a few basic requirements. You can get a paralegal certificate through a reputable organization and start your job in the legal niche. A paralegal helps lawyers and other professionals prepare their documents, deal with clients, and perform research.

Air Traffic Controller: $53,111 Per Year

An air traffic controller uses technology to keep track of planes and other aircraft at an airport. Although the job is very stressful, it doesn’t require a degree. You need about two to five months of education, and then you can jump into on-the-job training. When you start working, you communicate hazards to pilots and coordinate all traffic.

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic: $54,577 Per Year

In this job, you specialize in performing maintenance on heavy-duty equipment. For instance, you could care for machines used in farming, construction, and transportation. If there’s a problem with the equipment, the mechanic needs to diagnose and fix it. You could start as an apprentice or take classes before receiving on-the-job training.

Wind Turbine Technician: $56,230 Per Year

The wind turbines that provide power across the country require maintenance and repairs. If you like working on machines, you could get into this career by attending a technical school with a wind turbine technology program. After about six months of education, you can begin on-the-job training.

Industrial Engineering Technician: $57,320 Per Year

If you’re a problem-solver, you may enjoy having a job as an industrial engineering technician. While engineers usually need four-year degrees, engineering technicians only need a certificate to enter the workforce. They give suggestions on improving workflows and solving problems. Depending on your role, you might also prepare charts and plan work assignments.

Insurance Sales Agent: $58,461 Per Year

To become an insurance sales agent, you need to be licensed. This sometimes involves a short class and always involves passing a licensing exam. As an insurance agent, you either work for yourself or for a company to sell various types of insurance. You can specialize in things like commercial, auto, medical, and property insurance.

Pipefitter: $59,390 Per Year

Various systems use pipes to transport heat, water, and steam. A pipefitter is responsible for cutting, installing, and maintaining those pipes. If there’s a problem, the pipefitter repairs it. Like many other trade-related jobs, this one requires on-the-job training but no degree. Typically, you can be an apprentice or take a quick certification course.

Funeral Director: $60,200 Per Year

When someone passes away, a funeral director springs into action and coordinates and manages the services. They’re a support system to the family of the deceased, and they also maintain their facility. In addition to all that, the director oversees the embalming process and handles the paperwork involved with services. For this job, you need to take an ABFSE-accredited funeral service or mortuary science education program. Then, you pass a licensing exam and take an internship.

Architectural Drafter: $61,219 Per Year

To become an architect, you need a degree. But to be a drafter, you only need a certification. An architectural drafter works with an architect to create structural and artistic features on buildings. They use a computer program to create plans that architects and engineers use.

Solar Installer: $62,420 Per Year

Due to the popularity of solar power, there’s a high demand for solar installers. A solar installer installs, repairs, and maintains solar panels on land or buildings. Furthermore, they assess a site before the installation and make any necessary adjustments after the installation. Depending on the company you work for, you may just need a GED to get started.

Construction and Building Inspector: $62,860 Per Year

The requirements for this job vary significantly by state. However, the job doesn’t require a degree. Typically, you need experience as a contractor or inspector training to get started. If you pursue this career, you’ll spend your days inspecting buildings to ensure that they comply with local building codes and standards.

Web Developer: $67,868 Per Year

Since the web has taken over the world, web developers have been busy. This job isn’t only great because it’s in high demand; it’s also one of the tech jobs that doesn’t require a degree. Although you can receive education through a degree program, you can substitute that for a short certification program. To make functional websites, web developers use coding, graphic design, and other skills.

Licensed Vocational Nurse: $69,775 Per Year

If you’re interested in a medical career that doesn’t require a degree, you can become a licensed vocational nurse or LVN. In some states, this career demands an LVN or LPN degree. But in other places, you only need to pass a licensing exam. As an LVN, you help physicians and registered nurses with various tasks. You might dress wounds, give medication, or monitor vital signs.

Real Estate Agent: $94,526 Per Year

One of the more profitable niches in business is real estate, so it should be no surprise that real estate agents make high salaries. They help clients buy, sell, and rent properties based on their needs and wants. To become a real estate agent, you need to pass an exam and obtain a license. Then, you can work under a brokerage to buy, sell, and rent properties.

Getting a Higher Salary without a Degree

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a four-year degree to make decent money. Whether you’re looking to switch careers or just graduating high school, you can quickly jump into any of the careers above.

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