3 Areas to Focus On For Career Success In 2022

3 Areas to Focus On For Career Success In 2022

Every year, people make the same New Year's resolutions. Usually, they focus on weight loss, fitness goals, and debt reduction. But why not spend the near year with an emphasis on your career? For 2022, make it your goal to have a more successful career. To make meeting your goal easier, here are 3 areas you should spend time on.

Getting in Touch With Your Talents

In the workplace, people tend to call out your weaknesses. In fact, you're probably tired of hearing criticism and finding out about areas that need improvement. So, don't focus on the negative. It's just as useful to find out what you're good at as it is to know your weaknesses.

Because today's workplace is more erratic than ever, you never know when your daily duties or tasks will change. Even if you need to work on being better at X, there could be a shift that means you no longer are responsible for X. Instead of focusing on getting better at a given task, you can think about your assets.

What do you do very well? It could be something you enjoy or something you worked hard to attain. Then, consider why you're so good at things. For instance, you might be the person everyone goes to for answers. If this is the case, you probably have great problem-solving skills. Once you can identify a few of your talents, consider how you can use them in the workplace on a regular basis. You might be able to use those skills to improve in other areas of the job.

It's About Accentuating Your Assets

Sure, you could learn other skills and improve on current ones. But your best chance at success is to focus energy on what you already can do well. Everyone has one or two skills or traits that make them stand out. It's time to start focusing on those things and using them to maximize your productivity and results.

To make this even simpler, consider this example. A dog could try to figure out how to climb a tree to catch a squirrel. However, it has other skills it can use to catch a squirrel, like speed and a strong sense of smell.

Understand the System

If you want to be successful, you need to make the current system work for you. There's a good chance your workplace has changed over the past two years. If you haven't had time to assess those changes, it's time to think about it. Who is in charge of your organization? What do they value in their employees? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you use your talents to become more valuable?

There's a possibility you haven't noticed the changes because they've been subtle. By taking the time to think about the situation, you can capitalize on the changes rather than just dealing with them. You might realize that your skills are more important than ever, and this would make you a more valued member of the team. For example, there could be many unfilled job openings for your position. As a talented employee, you can turn up productivity and prove that you deserve a raise or a promotion.

Of course, changes aren't always good. In some cases, the changes result in a poor system designed for you to fail. If you can't work well in the current system, you should consider changing employers. The best chance of success may be a new job with an organization that has a better system.

Picking the Right System

If you start looking at new jobs, don't pick the first one you come across. Research the current system and think about how it would play off of your skills. The worst thing you could do is quit your job and get one that doesn't play to your talents.

Read employer reviews and reach out to people in your network. Once you learn about the current system of a prospective employer, consider whether or not it's something you would like.

Establish Your Brand and Reputation

During times of change, people often are distracted from those around them. Your supervisors and co-workers might be so preoccupied with the changes that they don't see you. To make the most of this time, find a way to grab attention. This could be something as simple as inviting a manager to a meeting with a client or updating a supervisor about your recent success on a project.

Once you get attention, maintain your new reputation. One way to do this is to be consistent. Every day, be mindful of your performance and the way in which you present yourself. When you're in a staff meeting, what's your posture like? Do you contribute and ask questions? If you want to establish yourself as a great employee, start to do little things to stand out.

It's never too late for a rebrand. Although you may have been a wallflower for the past few years, you can use this time to shine. Think about what's been stopping you from standing out, and then make some changes in the right direction. If you haven't been socializing with your co-workers, change that. Reach out to someone in the office and start up a conversation. Or, find a mentor and start building that relationship.

Don't Be Afraid

All too often, people let fear hold them back from rebranding or rebooting their reputation. But there's no reason you need to continue on with the same path. It's the start of a new year, and there's plenty of good to come. At the very worst, nothing will change. And at best, you can improve your career by great lengths.

Let 2022 be the year you embrace success. Whether you start a new career, get a promotion, or get on the right path, you can change your life. It could all start with a job search.

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