5 Ways To Prepare For A Career While You’re Still In College

5 Ways To Prepare For A Career While You’re Still In College

College is an exciting time, filled with endless adventure and opportunity. While the excitement could stem from parties and social events, it could also be the result of pursuing professional opportunities that will shape your entire career. So make sure you get the most from your college experience by following these five ways to prepare for a successful career while you’re still in school.

1. Build Your Brand

You should think of yourself as a business and your reputation as your brand. Cultivate your resume, your relationships, and your online presence so that they align with your career goals and properly represent who you want to be. While it’s widely known now that having objectionable images or statements on your social media profiles can hurt your chances of finding a job, proper use of the Internet — particularly sites like LinkedIn and freshcareerfinder.com — can be of great benefit. By posting articles that relate to your field or by creating a digital portfolio of your best work, you can build an impressive reputation that will precede you when you graduate.

2. Go Clubbin’

Whether you join a professional organization or a non-profit group that does charity work, joining a club or two is a great way to meet people that can lead to your first real job. Clubs also look impressive on your resume, especially if you join one that’s related to the field you want to work in. Laura Labovich, CEO of The Career Strategy Group, said in an article from The Huffington Postthat you should go beyond simply listing the clubs you were in on your resume. She recommends that you elaborate on what you learned from the experience.

3. Be A Leader

Hiring managers love to see a candidate with a history of being a leader. In fact, the 2016 NACE Jobs Outlook Survey found that over 80% of employers look for leadership experience on a candidate’s resume. Whether you become the president of that club you joined on campus or you organize a fundraising event, get involved and seize any opportunities to lead.

4. Intern

Nothing prepares you better for a career than an internship in your field of choice. Employers know that to be true, that’s why an internship is the number one thing that employers like to see in a recent grad’s resume, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education survey. An internship is often more important than what school you went to, what you majored in, and what your GPA was, so make sure you don’t miss out on this invaluable experience while you’re in college. Most schools have internship programs that will help you get your foot in the door at a local company. Then, it’s up to you to learn and make connections that will help you turn your internship into a job.

5. Get A Job

While this tip could lead us into a “chicken or the egg” argument, the truth is that it’s easier to get a job once you already have one. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the second most important thing to an employer is work experience while in school. So in-between interning and joining a club, make sure you work part-time. Having actual jobs on your resume, show potential employers that you’re dependable and able to work in a professional environment.

In Summary

1. Build your brand, both on and offline.

2. Join a club or professional organization.

3. Rise to the occasion when leadership opportunities arise.

4. Find an internship with a local employer.

5. Get a part-time job while you’re in school.

Start Preparing For Your Career

It’s never too early to start preparing for a career. Get a head start on tip number five by applying to jobs today at freshcareerfinder.com.

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