8 Healthcare Jobs That Require No Experience

8 Healthcare Jobs That Require No Experience

When people think of jobs in healthcare, they imagine being a doctor or a nurse. But those positions require years of education and experience, and that might not work for your lifestyle or situation. These eight positions have a much lower barrier for entry and can help you get your start in healthcare.

Home Health Aid

As a home health aide or caregiver, you have an opportunity to assist the elderly or disabled individuals with their daily needs. You might work in someone's home or in a facility. Either way, you could do everything from making beds to cooking dinners.

For a start in this position, you only need a high school diploma. The pay averages out to about $12.60 an hour. While it's not much, the pay can increase with your experience and you can use the job as a stepping stone for other positions in the healthcare industry.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is an individual responsible for answering phone calls, updating patient information, and scheduling appointments. Because you work closely with doctors, you get insight into the medical field. You only need a high school diploma and you might also need a certificate.

On average, medical assistants make around $15 an hour. People often start out as medical assistants and then move to other areas of the doctor's office. If you're not sure that working in healthcare is right for you, it's a good idea to start our as a medical assistant.

Medical Biller

Medical billers deal with all the complexities of medical billing. Generally, the duties of a biller include collecting payments, making reimbursement claims, and maintaining records. At most facilities, medical billers need a minimum of an associate's degree or a medical billing certification.

The median salary for a medical biller is $17 an hour. If you choose this path, you should know that it doesn't allow for hands-on medical care. You have an opportunity to speak with patients, but you only deal with the billing and insurance aspect. If you want to actually care for people, you should look into other options.

Medical Secretary

There's a lot that goes on in a doctor's office, and the medical secretary is responsible for keeping track of everything. If you work as a medical secretary, you might schedule appointments, train new staff members, and order supplies. At times, the doctors may seek out your help with tasks.

You need an associate's degree and a certification to work as a medical secretary. Usually, the pay is about $15 an hour. This position gives you lots of exposure to what goes on behind-the-scenes in a medical facility.

Nursing Assistant

If you're looking for a job in healthcare that will allow you to actually work with patients, you should consider being a nursing assistant. You work with nurses and other medical staff to clean exam rooms, move supplies around, and help with procedures.

Every nursing assistant needs to finish a nursing assistant program. Due to state regulations, you should make sure your program is tailored to your state. You need to pass the exam before you can start practicing. Once you get started, you can expect to make around $15.50 per hour.

Occupational Therapy Aide

One of the fastest growing fields in the medical industry is occupational therapy. If you want to assist people who have physical or emotional limitations, you can work as an occupational therapy aide. You assist occupational therapists by preparing for appointments, setting up materials, and handling administrative duties.

To become an occupational therapist, you need extensive training. However, an aide only needs a high school diploma. You can make about $14 an hour and decide if you want to pursue a career in the field. Then, you can be more confident about attaining all the educational requirements you need to be an occupational therapist.

Patient Sitter

This is a job most people don't know about. When patients need care, doctors and nurses often turn to patient sitters. They often work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

As a patient sitter, you get the satisfaction of helping patients. You only need a high school degree and you might need a CPR certification. Unfortunately, the pay is only around $11 an hour. Most people start out in this role while they try to decide on a career path.

Psychiatric Aide

Caring for the mentally unwell can be very rewarding. As a psychiatric aide, you help patients care for themselves. This could mean bathing, dressing, and feeding them. Additionally, it's your responsibility to note changes in the patient's health and well-being.

Once again, you only need a high school degree to get started in this role. The pay is around $15 an hour for entry level aides. If you like the work, you might want to pursue a degree in psychiatry or a similar field.

Finding Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs

Now that you know more about your options, it's time to start looking for a job. Healthcare industry workers are in high demand, and that demand will only increase. Although entry-level healthcare jobs don't tend to pay well, they have a lot to offer. You can help people, learn about a new career, and gain experience.

So, decide which career path you want to pursue. Once you do that, it's time to start applying for jobs. Don't make the mistake of thinking that an entry-level job doesn't require a good resume. You should take the time to update or enhance your resume, and customize it for a job in healthcare. Despite your lack of experience or education, you can still make your resume stand out. Include volunteer experiences as well as previous jobs.

If you get any responses to your resume, prepare yourself for the interview. The interviewer wants to know that you have long-term goals in the industry. Furthermore, they want to know that you have a desire to help people. If you're looking for a job in healthcare for the right reasons, the interviewer will notice.

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