9 Unique Jobs

9 Unique Jobs

No one likes to be bored. If you’re looking for a fascinating job that stands out from other positions, you have quite a few options. Check out all of the following unique jobs and find one that suits your skills and personality.


Although the popularity of doulas has exploded recently, they’ve been around for centuries. Doulas help women through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. While some doulas are present for hospital births, others work at home births and birthing centers.

Doulas aren’t medical professionals. Rather, they provide support to the individual. They do things like bring food to the person who’s giving birth, recommend pain reduction techniques, and offer advice. The training for it is short and is mostly based on experience.

Art Therapist

If you like art and you like psychology, you could find a unique career as an art therapist. An art therapist helps individuals cope with their emotions through art. Essentially, they use art to heal. Often, art therapy gives patients a reduction in stress and anxiety. It can also boost self-esteem.

To become an art therapist, you need training in psychology or counseling as well as art. You also can opt for a certification through the Art Therapy Association, which requires both clinical and studio hours. You can work for yourself, a non-profit, or a local organization.


Even the name of this profession sounds unique. A headhunter is a professional recruiter who’s hired by companies to find employees for vacant roles. Usually, the positions are more senior, like executive roles or higher-level roles. The company is happy to pay because they can focus their time on running their own business.

If you think a headhunter just takes resumes, you’re wrong. Headhunters look for the perfect match and spend a great deal of time networking. At times, headhunters focus on specific industries. There’s no minimum educational requirement for headhunters, but you need a background in HR and a strong reputation.

Master Distiller

Today, people want to buy unique liquor. This leads to one of the more unique job titles - master distiller. As a master distiller, you’d be in charge of the production of spirits and liqueurs. The field isn’t large but is growing rapidly.

For this position, you need experience in distillation. Distillers need to know how to take fruits or grains and turn them into a finished alcohol product. You could be responsible for sourcing materials, managing the aging process, doing quality control, and much more. A chemistry or microbiology degree is useful for this industry.

Bike Courier

If you live in a city, you might be familiar with bike couriers. These individuals deliver packages by cycling through the streets. Because they’re not driving, bike couriers can bypass construction, accidents, and parking issues.

One of the more interesting parts of the job is the variation in deliveries. As a courier, you could deliver medical supplies, clothing, food, and anything you can imagine. The job is ideal for those who love to stay active. As you might expect, you need a working bicycle and the ability to ride it long distances to become a bike courier. These jobs are usually only available in big cities or downtown centers.

Body Painter

You could paint on a canvas, but why not paint on a body? If you’re artistic and have a talent for painting, the perfect unique job for you could be body painter. You do temporary art that might last anywhere from hours to weeks. The work varies greatly and could be as simple as painting an arm or as complex as painting multiple people in entirety.

There are different ways to get involved in body painting. For instance, you could work at festivals or fine art exhibits. You might work for ad agencies or on television sets. There’s no specific training for this role, but you need to have skill as a body painter.

Professional Bridesmaid

Yes, you read that right. Recently, people have been hiring professional bridesmaids to manage their weddings. It’s similar to a wedding planner, but a professional bridesmaid also may participate in the wedding itself. If there’s an uneven number of groomsmen and bridesmaid, a professional bridesmaid could even out the number.

The duties vary greatly but include shopping for dresses, planning the parties, and touching up makeup. Because this job is so unusual, there’s no strict training for it. You need to be good at planning and willing to handle all of the challenges that come with weddings.

Airplane Repo Person

Imagine what it’s like to repo a car and then take it to the extreme by imagining someone repo an airplane. When someone falls behind on their jet payments, a professional repo person steps in to take back the aircraft.

This role is similar to a private investigator. To repo the plane, you need to stake out the hanger and the plane’s owner. Then, you need to work with a team to actually move the plane from its current location. Most aircraft repo companies have multiple people working one job. You need a pilot’s license so you can actually fly the plane away.


If you love science and weather, you may want to look into being a meteorologist. This job is great for individuals who have an interest in studying the earth’s atmosphere. They need a deep understanding of weather patterns and their causes.

While some meteorologists work for news stations, most professionals work in academia. You could study climate trends, atmospheric changes, and environmental issues. If you want to be on the research side of things, you could work for an organization like NOAA.

Finding a Unique Job That Works for You

It’s great doing something unique. However, it’s even better to do something you love. If you’re looking for a new, different career, you should think about your skills. What careers above work well with your current skills? What jobs would make you happy? Once you find a career that suits your skills and desires, you can start applying.

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