Finding a Job Based on Your Personality Type

Finding a Job Based on Your Personality Type

If you're hunting for the perfect career, you have a lot of options. And while salary, job duties, and the career path all matter, there's one detail you should strongly consider before you pick a job - your personality type. Learn More about the importance of evaluating your personality during the job search and what job could be perfect for you.

Why Your Personality Matters

When it comes to finding a job, there are hundreds of details that matter. The hours of the position, the ambiance of the company, and the type of work will determine whether or not a position is right for you. However, your personality type is just as important, if not more important, than any other factor. If you don't find a job that fits your personality, you could be in for trouble.

First, there's the issue of your happiness. As a full-time employee, you probably spend over 40 hours a week in the workplace. When you find a job that isn't suitable for your personality, you put your happiness on the line. Going to work every day could become a struggle. You could have a much better quality of life by choosing a job that meshes with your personality.

Secondly, there's the issue of your success. If you want to advance in the workplace, you need to have certain skills and traits. But your personality could hinder you from doing well. Someone who is an introvert wouldn't thrive in a sales role. Your personality has a lot of influence on your strengths as an employee.

Finally, your personality could cause you to leave a job after only a short time. If your new job doesn't satisfy you or leaves you frustrated, you might end up quitting. Then, you're back to the drawing board. You can save yourself from needing to search for work once again by choosing a job based on your personality type. When you pick the best job for your personality, you improve your chances of a lengthy employment period.

What is Your Personality Type?

You may have a basic idea of your own personality type, but that alone isn't enough to help you choose a job based on your personality. When it comes to your personality type, the Myers-Briggs test is one of the gold standards. It tells you much more about yourself, extending beyond the labels of extrovert and introvert.

If you haven't yet taken the Myers-Briggs test, get online and search for it. The test is easy to find and doesn't take long to complete. After a short assessment, you can get valuable insight into your personality. Then, you can choose a job that fits well with your personality.

With that said, the Myers-Briggs test shouldn't be the only test you use to find a career. There are still other factors to consider, and your personality might not put you in a box. You shouldn't let your assessment keep you from following your dreams.

The Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs test assigns you with one of 16 personality types. The types are described with acronyms, so it can seem not very clear at first. You might be an ESTJ or an ISTP. Fortunately, it's easy enough to learn about your personality type.

Once you find out your test results, you can research your personality. Learn more about yourself and your traits. Assuming the personality test results are right, you can look into which careers are best for you. There are books, blogs, and other resources available on the various personality types and career pairings.

Are the results of your Myers-Briggs assessment definite? It's possible. There is no proof that the assessment is infallible, but that doesn't mean it's not accurate. For years, people have been using the evaluation to learn about themselves.

The Basics

For a very brief introduction to the personality types, you can learn about the acronyms. E stands for extraversion, while I stands for introversion. S represents sensing, while N represents intuitive. Meanwhile, F is for feeling And T is for thinking. J is for judging and P is for perceiving. After the test, you'll have a four letter combination to describe yourself.

Once again, there's much more to your personality than this. Take some time to research your personality, and you might learn some interesting facts about yourself.

Your Ideal Career

There's more than one ideal career for every personality type. But it would take hundreds of pages to delve into the possible career paths for each personality type. Here's a quick snippet of some appropriate careers for your personality type:

ISFJ working as a teacher for young children

ESFJ working as a registered nurse

ESTJ working as a chef

ENTP working as a reporter

ESTP working as a military officer

ENFJ working as a minister

ESFP working as a bartender

INFJ working as a veterinarian

ISTJ working as a systems administrator

ISFP working as a jeweler

INTP working as a college professor

ISTP working as a police officer

INTJ working as a microbiologist

ENTJ working as a physician

INFP working as an artist

ENFP working as a landscape architect

Some companies trust the results of the Myers-Briggs test so much that they use it for their employees. Depending on your company, the HR department might use this assessment to help you succeed. According to one study, about 89 of 100 Fortune 500 companies use the assessment.

Getting Help with Your Career Choice

Whether you're considering a career change or fresh out of college, you may be struggling with your career choice. One decision can have a huge impact on your future. Therefore, you need to make your decision carefully.

This means thinking about your personality type, your goals, and your desires. If you feel overwhelmed, you're not alone. The best thing you can do is to take everything into consideration. Don't take the first job you come across. Instead, pick a career that fits your personality and everything else you want.

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