Fresh Career Finder: August Employment Outlook

Fresh Career Finder: August Employment Outlook

If you're currently looking for a job, you probably know that the odds are stacked against you. Since coronavirus gripped the country, jobs have been hard to come by. But time has gone by, and things have changed since the start of the virus. Find out about the August employment outlook and what it means for you.

The Current Unemployment Statistics

For the first three months after the virus, unemployment skyrocketed. From July 2020 to May 2020, the number of unemployed people rose from 5.2 million to 20.5 million. The pandemic left millions of Americans without an income.

By July, the job market showed signs of improvement. The total non-agricultural payroll employment increased by 1.8 million in July. That same month, the unemployment rate dropped to 10.2%. Back in May, unemployment was down to a shocking 13.3%.

The food sector saw an increase in 504,000 jobs. Other sectors also saw slight improvements, so things are looking up. Although it still takes time to find work, the right resources make it much less of a struggle to discover new jobs. Restaurants, gyms, and other non-essential businesses are up and running. Life may not be back to normal, but life is moving forward.

Why Has it Been so Hard to Find a Job?

There are a few reasons for the current challenges that come with finding a new career or a new job. While it's obvious that coronavirus has made an impact on the market, it's affected things in ways that you might not realize.

First, there's the issue of small businesses. Unlike large companies, many small businesses didn't have the financial ability to survive months of closure or limited business. Small businesses in all sectors struggled to pay their rent and their employees. Unfortunately, this caused the companies to close their doors. They laid off employees and stopped hiring new workers.

Secondly, there's the issue of large businesses. They also struggled to deal with fewer customers, and many companies laid off their employees. Even the ones that weren't directly affected by the virus worried what the future would bring. To protect themselves, they slowed down operations. They cut hours, laid-off workers, and halted expansion.

Overall, the economy suffered. People were out of work and not spending like they used to. It's a vicious cycle that affected the U.S during the recession and affected the country even more with coronavirus.

How Things Have Changed for August

Although coronavirus is still around, the job market is looking better. Businesses are starting to adjust to the situation, and people are venturing outside their homes. As a result, businesses are doing better.

In fact, many companies are looking to take on new workers. If you're looking for a fresh career, now may be the time to do so. With some of the unemployed still relying on unemployment benefits to survive, there aren't as many people applying for jobs as there might be in the future.

Another benefit to applying now is the fact that some children aren't attending school in-person. Unable to afford childcare, many parents are left to stay home with their children. The job market isn't as competitive as it might be in two months.

So, Who's Hiring?

If you're ready to get on the job search, there's a long list of companies that are currently hiring. Papa John’s is committed to hiring 10,000 new employees across the country. Advantage Solutions has 1,171 jobs available, and Kindred at Home has 958 jobs available. Meanwhile, Christus Health has 680 positions to offer.

For those interested in the education sector, KinderCare Education has 638 jobs available. In the telecommunication sector, AT&T has 434 jobs and CenturyLink has 119 jobs.

Here's a breakdown of some of the other jobs available:

Aramark: 664 jobs
Hallmark: 522 jobs
Santander Bank: 492 jobs
American Income: 404 jobs
Army: 368 jobs
Rent A Center: 367 jobs
Maintenance Engineering: 349 jobs
National Vision: 310 jobs
Clean Harbors: 300 jobs
Oldcastle: 277 jobs
Family Heritage: 276 jobs
AcceptanceNOW: 266 jobs
XPO Logistics: 248 jobs
GDKN Corporation: 241 jobs
Pilot Flying J: 237 jobs
Weichert Real Estate: 230 jobs
IASIS Healthcare: 173 jobs
Penske: 169 jobs
Sodexo: 167 jobs
United Surgical Partners: 162 jobs
RehabCare: 154 jobs
Walgreens: 153 jobs
Select Comfort: 140 jobs
LogoNation: 137 jobs
Tailored Brands: 136 jobs
Mercy Suburban Hospital: 134 jobs
Raymour & Flanigan: 131 jobs
Terminix: 130 jobs
Liberty National Insurance: 130 jobs
The Bon-Ton: 123 jobs
Younkers: 123 jobs
Automotive Consultants of Hollywood: 107 jobs
Mercy Allied Health: 107 jobs
Jos. A. Bank: 105 jobs
Mac Tools: 100 jobs
ASRC: 100 jobs
Eurofins: 97 jobs
Herberger's: 97 jobs
Ricoh: 96 jobs
Anistar Technologies: 96 jobs
Safety-Kleen: 95 jobs
The Men's Wearhouse: 94 jobs
Excell: 87 jobs

Getting Started on the Job Hunt

Whether you're unemployed or you are looking for a new career, now is the time to start your search. Although the economy might not be thriving, the situation is getting better. There are jobs available if you're willing to look for them.

It all comes down to knowing where to look for jobs. If you have access to the latest job listings, you can have a step up on the competition. You should also be ready to apply to jobs quickly and to put in the work to craft good cover letters and resumes. Then, you're ready to find a new career and take advantage of the August employment outlook.

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