How To Answer The Question "What Do You Like To Do For Fun?"

How To Answer The Question "What Do You Like To Do For Fun?"

When you interview for a job, there are several questions you can expect to be asked. While most of the questions are professional, there are some that are personal. And it’s usually those personal questions that cause the most stress. One of these awkward questions is, “What do you like to do for fun?” Before you go into your next interview, learn how you should prepare for and answer this question.

Why They Ask the Question

Every question in a job interview has a purpose. So, what’s the purpose of this particular question? Usually, employers use this question as an icebreaker. They want to start a conversation and help you relax.

However, there’s another reason an interviewer might ask this question. They want to know more about you than what they see on your resume. Remember, the interviewer only knows what they see on paper. Typically, a hiring manager can’t tell much about a candidate’s personality when they look at a resume.

It’s important for a hiring manager to find a candidate who will fit in well with the team. They want to hire someone who will get along with everyone else on the team and someone who fits in with their company culture. Therefore, they genuinely want to know about what you like to do.

How to Create an Answer to the Question

If you want to give the best possible answer to this question, you need to take your time preparing the answer. First, you should brainstorm and make a list of everything you do before and after work. What interesting hobbies do you have? At this point, you can make a comprehensive list. You won’t give everything on your list as an answer, as you will go through it and pick out the most interesting activities.

As you go through your list, think about what other applicants might say. You want to be unique, which means picking activities that are unusual. Even if it’s something you don’t do frequently, you can use it as an answer to the question. Pick out two or three of the most interesting activities on your list.

While you brainstorm, try to be diverse. You want a big range of interests so you come across as someone who is well-rounded. If you’re well-rounded with your hobbies, you may be well-rounded in the workplace. So, consider picking out an activity that shows your creativity and one that shows your intelligence. Or, pick one that highlights your physical abilities and one that highlights your intellectual skills.

Be Passionate

As you discuss your interests, showcase your passions. Typically, it shows when you’re passionate about something. Believe it or not, an employer doesn’t want you to be a robot. They want to know that you have things in life that matter to you.

Go Into Detail

When you discuss your interests, you need to give details. It’s not enough to say that you like to go rock climbing. When you give your answer, the interviewer will ask follow-up questions. They might ask you why you like to do that hobby or how you first became interested in it.

At times, the follow-up questions might not make sense to you. Try not to skip a beat and be honest and professional. Usually, there’s no right or wrong answer to the follow-up questions.

Connect It to Work

If possible, connect your interest or hobby to your job. At first, you might think this is impossible. But with some thought, you may be able to link both activities. For example, your job might be an account manager and your hobby is playing basketball. You could say that you learned how to be a team player on the court and you carry that over to the office.

The connection isn’t always an obvious one. However, you should remember that most jobs require multiple skills and abilities. And if there really is no link between your activity and your job, remember that your hobby helps you relax. You can tell the hiring manager that your hobby allows you to recharge your batteries and helps you feel refreshed when you return to work.

What Not to Say

While there is no perfect answer to the question of "What do you do for fun," there are some bad answers. Your response should say something about your character, personality, and motivation. When you answer the question, avoid doing the following:

Telling a Lie

Don't lie about a hobby or interest. If you do, the hiring manager may realize your deceit. Even if they don't figure out you lied before they offer you a job, they will eventually find out. There's nothing more awkward than having to explain that you don't actually go rock climbing or read Shakespeare.

Speaking About Politics or Religion

Even though there are laws in place to prevent discrimination, a hiring manager might choose not to hire you because of your political or religious beliefs. It's best to avoid mentioning hobbies that involve politics or religion. The hiring manager could judge you based on your response or they may allow your answer to subconsciously affect their decision.

Saying You Have None

Do you think that telling an employer work is your only hobby will help you get the job? If so, you're wrong. Everyone has a hobby or interest, and an employer wants to know that you can unwind on your time off. Furthermore, they don't want to hire someone with no personality. Name at least one hobby or activity to avoid making the wrong impression.

Talking About Illegal Activities

Although this may seem obvious, it deserves a mention. You should never talk about any illegal activities during your job interview. Under no circumstances would an employer want you to talk about doing something illegal during your free time.

Saying Cliches

Try to get creative with your answers. If you say cliches, you won't get very far. Once again, you really want to make an impact on the interviewer. In the event that you have a common hobby, try to use different verbiage or find another way to make it seem unique.

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