How to Stand Out In Your Zoom Interview

How to Stand Out In Your Zoom Interview

It's hard enough standing out at a traditional job interview. But, at a Zoom interview, it's even more difficult to rise above the competition. You need to take certain measures to make sure you're noticed by the hiring manager in a good way. With these tips, you can stand out in the best possible ways.

Think of Your Goals

First, consider your goals for the interview. You probably want to make a positive first impression, seem knowledgeable, and highlight your assets. Whether you're at an in-person interview or a video interview, those goals remain the same.

By understanding your goals, you can create a better plan for the interview. And this could be the key to a job offer. You might have a very specific goal of discussing a major accomplishment, or telling them about a certification. As you prepare for the interview, make sure your words and actions are in line with your goals.

Plan Ahead of Time

Don't wait until the day of the interview to prepare. You should spend the days and weeks before the interview getting ready for the onslaught of questions. If possible, hold a mock interview and ask a friend to act as the interviewer. Practice the most common interview questions and answers, and your confidence will show.

If you're ready for the interview questions, you won't stumble across your words or be caught off-guard. Instead, you'll answer questions with poise - something most other job applicants won't do. The way in which you answer your questions could be enough to convince the hiring manager to offer you a job.

Prepare the Technology

As important as it is to prepare for the interview questions, it's just as essential to prepare for the use of technology. If you haven't used Zoom before, you should download the software and familiarize yourself with it. Will you be using the app on your phone or joining in from your computer?

Take time practicing the software. Even if you've used Zoom in the past, make sure the software is updated on your technology. Edit your username and include a professional thumbnail photo. The last thing you want is to show up to your interview with a username that says "soccerlife22."

As you prepare your technology, consider your background. For professional purposes, you don't want to have your bed frame or a silly family photo in the background? If necessary, place a green screen in the background or pick another location for the interview.

Learn About the Company

One great way to stand out is to impress the hiring manager with insider knowledge. Before your interview, research the company. Look at their website, press releases, and social media pages. If you know the name of the interviewer, research them as well. Learn about their qualifications and leadership style.

During the interview, showcase some of the things you learned. Find a tactful way to bring up facts you learned about the company or describe similarities between you and the company. For instance, you might share certain values with the company or have a personality that would fit well with the company.

When you're showcasing your knowledge, don't be overconfident. You don't need to spend the interview talking about how great the company is. Rather, you should find a balanced way to talk about the company and relate it to yourself. Remember - the interviewer is using the interview as a chance to find out what makes you a good candidate.

Be Ready to Share Your Screen

If you have plans to go to an in-person interview, you might spend the day before the interview printing out your portfolio and resumes. However, you can't physically hand out documents during a Zoom interview,

To make up for the fact that you can't bring any documents with you, let technology do the work. Before your interview, close out all of the other applications and windows on your computer or phone. Then, open up your resume and any other documents an employer might want to see. If you're not familiar with screen sharing, take the time to learn how to do it.

An employer might not expect you to share your screen, but doing so makes you stand out. It shows them that you're professional and have the technical prowess they want. You might be the only job applicant to share your screen and showcase your documents.

Be Mindful

When you're on a video screen, you might forget that you're being watched. It's easy to look past the computer screen and focus on your child in the hallway or a picture on the wall. However, an interviewer will notice if you're not paying attention.

While you're on camera, be mindful of your posture and body language. If you sit there with your arms crossed or have a frown on your face, you won't seem interested. You should make an effort to have a smile on your face and to sit with your back straight. If you struggle with body language, practice in front of a mirror. Make any adjustments you need to come across as interested and confident.

You can reduce distractions by closing your office door or making sure the home is empty when you do the interview. Take any measures necessary to devote your full attention to the interviewer. While other job candidates might seem distracted, you can set yourself apart from them.

Why Does It Matter?

Your interview is an opportunity to shine. Although employers often use the resume as a way to weed out applicants, they place even more weight on the interview. Paper only says so much about a person.

During the interview, an interviewer wants to see what it is that makes you special. Why should they pick you over other applicants? These days, hiring managers can see thousands of resumes and hold hundreds of interviews. If you want any chance at a job offer, you need to stand out.

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