9 Tips to Stay Positive While Searching for a Job

9 Tips to Stay Positive While Searching for a Job

When you're looking for a new job, life can seem bleak. The process takes time, effort, and persistence. Typically, people spend weeks or months applying for jobs before they get a job offer. Hearing no all the time can ruin your confidence and your drive. To keep yourself from losing hope, you need to stay positive. All of the following tips can help you stay in the right mental state.

1. Don't Sleep In

Even though you don't have anywhere to go, you should avoid the urge to stay in bed all day. It's easy to sleep the day away when you're job hunting. However, doing so could keep you from being productive. When you wake up early and stick to a schedule, you'll find it easier to stay happy. Set your alarm and perform your usual morning routine, and you might not have time for the negative thoughts to begin.

When you're mindlessly applying for jobs, you could feel hopeless. But taking on the job search with a systematic approach can make it easier to remain positive. Be organized as you search and apply for positions.

Start by making a to-do list. Whether you have one for the day, week, or month, your to-do list could keep you focused and help you through your search. Along with your list, you need a spreadsheet for jobs. Keep track of all the positions you applied for. In the spreadsheet, include the contact information, whether or not you received a confirmation email, and other relevant details.

Planning your search gives you more control. By giving yourself control, you won't feel so much despair. Even if things seem solemn for the moment, they will get better.

3. Create Goals

In addition to being organized, you should set goals. Even if they are only minor goals, accomplishing them can make you feel good about yourself.

The main goal of your job search is obvious. But think about what smaller goals you can set. For instance, you could aim to apply for a certain number of jobs each day. Or, you can set a goal to send a set number of follow-up emails each week. In any case, your goals keep you motivated.

Without goals, you'll spend too much time dwelling on your primary intent of finding a new job. It won't happen overnight, and you could be waiting for months to accomplish your goal.

4. Improve Your Skills

When you're learning, you are improving. And it's difficult to be negative about yourself when you're taking steps towards a better life. For this reason, one of the best ways to remain positive is to improve on a skill. Take your time away from work to better yourself.

Once you pick out a skill to improve, consider how you can do that. Do you need to obtain a certification or take an online course? Perhaps you just need to spend some time practicing. When your scheduling time for your job search, be sure to allot some time to improving yourself.

In addition to keeping you in the right mindset, improving a skill also makes it easier to get a job. Your skill could be enough to make you stand out above the other job applicants. It also could give you the ability to apply for positions you wouldn't previously qualify for.

5. Avoid Going Over the Top

While you should dedicate a fair amount of time to the job search, don't go overboard. Applying for thousands of jobs is just a waste of time. Some of the positions may not even be a fit for you, and you won't have any time for yourself.

The job search isn't a full-time task. After you've accomplished all of your daily goals, it's time to move onto something else. Instead of applying for more jobs, take some time for yourself. Do something that makes you happy, and let yourself forget about the job search.

If you don't have a hobby, now is a good time to look for one. Try out a new sport or do something with your hands. Your hubby will keep you from getting lost in negative thoughts.

6. Practice Self-Care

Although self-care always matters, it's especially important during the job search. Take some time to pamper yourself. For some, this means getting a pedicure, but for others, that means going to the gym. Do whatever it is that makes you feel better about yourself.

With self-care comes better mental health. If you're sad or unhappy, the job search will wear you down. When you practice Self-Care, you can keep a positive outlook.

7. Do Some Networking

As you apply for jobs and only hear silence, make some noise by networking. Being proactive will improve your mood and could uncover a new opportunity. These days, many employers choose to hire people through word of mouth. By networking, you greatly improve your chance of being hired.

There are several ways to network in your industry. If you want to network from the comfort of your own home, get on your computer. Use social media to connect with people in your industry. For a more social approach, go out to job fairs and industry events.

8. Volunteer with an Organization

If you want to feel better about yourself, spend some time volunteering. Helping people makes you feel good about life and could help land you a new job. An employer may be more likely to hire you, thanks to your extracurricular activities.

When you pick a volunteer opportunity, make sure to choose one you enjoy. If possible, choose an opportunity that could improve your work-related skills or help you network.

9. Remember the Positive

When you start to feel hopeless, hang on to the positive. Think about all the times someone complimented your work, or remember a time you won an award. By hanging on to the good moments, you can prevent fall down a pit of despair.

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