How to Thrive Outside a 9-5

How to Thrive Outside a 9-5

Most people feel boxed into the 9-5 lifestyle. Even though they know other jobs exist, they're scared to take the leap to a non-traditional position. But you don't need to give up your career to pursue another opportunity. By starting a side business, you can earn money and test new waters when you're not at work.

Getting a Start

If you have dreams of starting your own business, don't push them off or worry about needing to quit your job. Instead, come up with an action plan for a side hustle. Write down your goals and plans, and then think of how you can accomplish what you want.

As you think of your goals, try not to focus on money. You shouldn't start a side hustle because you want to make a million dollars. While you may be starting the business to improve your financial position, you should also consider your passion. For a side hustle to be successful, you need to love what you do.

It all starts with an organized plan. Of course, this is easier said than done. If you don't already have a clear vision, do some soul searching. What would make you happy?

Knowing Where to Invest

One struggle you will face is knowing how and where to invest your money. Although there are a few businesses you can start with little to no capital, most side hustles require some form of investment. And even if the financial investment is minimal, the investment of your time is major.

You need to contemplate your business venture idea, and evaluate the amount of investment you need. Is it feasible? What type of return will your investment have? Generally, new businesses only succeed if they offer a unique good or service to people. If your concept is already out there, what makes it special?

Figure Out How Hands-On You Need to Be

You might not need to invest as much time into your venture as you think. Sometimes, your best investment is financial. You may need specialists or individuals with other skills to handle your business. In this case, you should take a hands-off approach.

If you are better off building a team of experienced employees, figure out how to hire the best of the best. Look for people who can do the things you can't do, and don't try to micro-manage them. If you have a team you trust, you can go far with your side hustle.

Making Time for Your Side Hustle

Under most circumstances, entrepreneurs need to spend at least some time managing their business. If you're planning on working a full-time job while you have a side hustle,you need to manage your time wisely.

Failing to manage your time results in one of two problems. First, you could end up neglecting your 9-5. You might be too tired at work because you're up all night, or you may be missing days of work to handle your side hustle. Either way, you are on a bad path. Your boss could fire you and leave you without any other income.

The other equally disastrous outcome is the failure of your side hustle. If you can't put enough time into your business, you can bet that it won't succeed. You may need to give up on your dreams of owning a business because you just can't find the time for it. With a few simple tips, you can open up more time in your schedule and thrive at your 9-5 as well as after hours.

Stick to a Schedule

If you don't already have a strict schedule, take the time to create one. Split up your day into 30 minute blocks, and don't allow distractions to interfere with those blocks. Think about how much time you spend checking your texts when you're responding to emails, or how long it takes you to make a phone call when you're side tracked. By multi-tasking too much, you waste time.

Every day, spend the early morning planning out your schedule. Divide the day into your blocks and you may be able to get everything done. When you're planning, don't ignore your basic needs. Schedule time to check in with friends or to go out to meals.

Find a Balance

And that brings us to the next point. One of the most common reasons for side hustle failure is burn out. Sure, you can work 80 hour weeks for a few months. But trying to keep up with that pace won't pay off. Eventually, you will burn out and give up.

To prevent burning out, find the right balance of work and play. You need time to socialize, visit family members, and enjoy your hobbies. While your job and side hustle may be a priority, you still need to find time for everything else.

Achieving the perfect balance is no easy task. However, as long as you're aware of your basic needs and you try to make time for them, you can be successful. Just don't try to sacrifice the things you love for your side hustle.

Embrace Help

Both your day job and your side hustle could come with assistance. Rather than take on everything, you could spend time finding people to help you with your daily tasks. In your 9-5, this might mean working more with your co-workers or taking on an intern.

As far as your side hustle goes, you might need to hire a few other workers. Depending on your industry, you can hire commission-based workers to minimize your spending. However, you might need to pay an hourly rate to get the help you need. Usually, you get what you pay for. Be willing to pay a fair wage to a virtual assistant or to someone who can save you hours each day.

Don't Wait Any Longer

Stop putting off your dreams of having g a side hustle. There's no time like now to start a business. One day, you may be able to quit your 9-5.

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