How to Treat Your Job Search Like a Job

How to Treat Your Job Search Like a Job

Whether you’re currently employed or don’t have a job, you need to handle the job search as if it were a job. But what exactly does that mean? You certainly can’t show up to an office and work from 9-5 trying to find work. In reality, treating the job hunt like a job requires a lot more than the right mindset. By following these tips, you can handle the job search like a real job. And, in the end, you could end up with a fantastic employment offer.

Be Consistent

When you have a regular job, you probably go through similar motions every day. You should also follow a consistent routine for the job hunt, and the reason for this is simple. By creating a routine, you are more likely to be productive. You don’t waste time wondering what to do, nor do you get sidetracked by unrelated tasks. Just as you would show up for work at a certain time every day, you should begin the job search at the same time each day.

This doesn’t mean you need to quit your job or wake up at 5 am every day. In fact, your routine is up to you. First, you need to figure out what works for you. Pick a specific number of hours each day that you will spend job hunting. Make sure you set reasonable expectations and don’t overload yourself. If you only have free time two hours every day, make that your goal number. In an ideal world, you should be able to spend three hours each day five days a week looking for work.

Be Organized

If you don’t have a way to stay organized with your job search, you won’t be very successful. Even worse, you’ll end up wasting your time. You need to have a system that shows which jobs you’ve applied for, when you submitted the application, and the contact information for the company. Without an organized approach, you may forget to follow up with employers or waste hours applying for the same job multiple times.

You should have a spreadsheet or document that outlines your progress. When you have a request for an interview, write it down in your records. You could have multiple interviews at a time, so having all of the information in one place prevents confusion. The last thing you need is to show up for an interview on a wrong day because you confused companies.

In addition to having the information in one place, you should also keep important dates in your calendar. For instance, you can set a reminder to follow up with a company or put a phone interview into your calendar. Although organization takes a little longer, the few minutes it takes from your day could save you hours in the future.

Do Research

Someone who works in the tech industry probably spends hours each month researching the latest tech news. And even though you may not have a current job, you should still remain up-to-date on your industry’s latest developments. Read blog posts, press releases, and news articles. When you have an opportunity to interview with someone, spend an hour researching the company. All of your research could help you during your job interview.

There’s another benefit to researching. As you research, you can network. You might be active on a Facebook group or read blogs on LinkedIn. This opens up networking opportunities and could introduce you to people who can help you find a job.

Implement New Ideas

When you follow the tip above, you’re bound to learn new skills and ideas. But it’s not enough to read about something; you also need to implement it. You probably won’t remember an article you read in one month, but you’re much more likely to remember it if you take a quick course on the topic of the article.

Similarly, you can implement ideas by writing your own blog posts or sharing information with others in your network. If you read about a new technology in your industry, test out the technology if possible. There are many different ways to implement your new ideas.

Build Relationships

In the workplace, you have other people to rely on. The same should be true of your job search. While you should do the majority of the job hunt on your own, you need to have someone you can talk to about what you’re doing. It’s essential to be able to share your ideas with someone or seek advice.

Although your job search may be discreet, you can still find someone to help you. For instance, you can reach out to a former professor or an old colleague. Even if they can’t help you find a new job, they can keep you from feeling so alone. Isolation often leads to depression and stress. By having a support system in place, you can keep your spirits up and get some much-needed socialization. Whether or not they provide value to the job search, they can be your cheerleader and keep you on the right track.

If you don’t have any strong relationships, you can take the opportunity to network. Go to networking events, join local clubs, or reach out to old acquaintances. While you should eventually bring up your job search, start off by getting to know everyone. At some point, your connection could lead to a strong friendship or a new job.

How It All Helps You

If you don’t treat the job search like an actual job, you can still find work. However, you may not find a job as quickly as you’d like. You could also take on much more stress than you need to and miss out on amazing opportunities. Ideally, your job search will result in a long-term job that you love. By implementing the tips above, you may be able to speed up the process and have the perfect job offer. If you haven’t already started looking for employment, it’s time to get to work!

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