How To Write a Cover Letter For a Remote Job

How To Write a Cover Letter For a Remote Job

When you're looking for a remote job, you can follow most of the steps you would follow for a traditional position. However, remote jobs require different skills than in-office jobs. While you might go through the same steps for finding a job, you should handle the application process differently. You need to write a cover letter tailored for remote positions or the employer might overlook you. Keep reading to find out how to write a cover letter for a remote job.

Why You Need a Cover Letter for a Remote Position

If you don’t send a cover letter to an employer, you limit your chances of an interview offer. This is true for all types of positions, but particularly true for remote jobs. When you apply for a traditional job, you have an opportunity to meet with the hiring manager in person. However, a remote job requires all of your interactions to be over the phone or the computer. You don’t have many opportunities to show off your personality.

The cover letter also gives you a chance to show your passion for the job. In today’s economy, many people are looking for work-from-home jobs. As you face off against competition, you need to find ways to set yourself apart. This means showcasing your skills and highlighting your passion for the role.

Finally, your cover letter shows the hiring manager that you can handle communicating over email. One of the greatest challenges of working from home is communicating clearly. If you write a great cover letter, you can show the hiring manager that you can handle the complexities of communicating while working remotely.

Tips for Your Cover Letter

Are you ready to start applying for remote work? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Use a Template

If you don’t already have a previous cover letter, you should look online for a template. A quick online search should get you several options, and you can use the template to create a professional document. If you don’t use a template, you risk coming across as unprofessional. You might even seem like a poor communicator.

Writing a cover letter from a template also gives you more structure and flow. For every job you apply for, you can edit the template slightly. This makes the letter highly applicable to each position, as well as making it easy for the hiring manager to read,

Research the Company

Before you sit down to write your cover letter, spend some time researching the company. You should include a few details in your letter that show you’ve done your homework. For instance, you might read about the company and discover that it recently won an award. By including this detail in your cover letter, you show the hiring manager that you are passionate about the job.

You should also spend a little time researching your role. At times, you may come across information that you can use to write your cover letter. For example, you could discover that the company uses a technology you’re familiar with. You can add this to your letter to stand out.

Show Off Your Skills

A hiring manager will probably read your cover letter before looking at your resume. For this reason, you should use the cover letter to highlight your skills and achievements. You don’t need to go into detail or write a five-page cover letter, but you should include a few important skills and experiences in your cover letter.

If you lack remote work experience, you can include a sentence about why you’re prepared for remote work. This could be working from home for one year during the pandemic, or anything similar.

Demonstrate Your Value

When people are applying for work, they all too often think about what the company can do for them. However, the employer wants to know what value you have for their company. Use the cover letter as an opportunity to demonstrate your worth to the business.

To accomplish this, think about your research on the company. What would their ideal employee bring to the table? You could show them how you fit into company culture or explain how a past experience would help you thrive in the role. Every business owner wants to hire someone who will help the company grow and succeed.

Be Clear But Concise

Typically, a cover letter is one page long. If you go any longer than that, the hiring manager probably won’t read it. You should get to the point quickly and avoid dwelling on one topic for too long.

If you’re finding it difficult to fit everything on one page, consider your letter’s structure. There may be a better way to structure the letter so you can include all of the pertinent details in less space. Additionally, you should prioritize. Think about which details are important to mention and which ones you can save for the resume.

Use Specific Verbiage

When someone writes a job listing, they use very specific words. You should read through job listings and pay attention to those words. If you notice any emphasized terms or job-specific jargon, you should consider using them in your cover letter.

Using the right words grabs the reader’s attention. However, be cautious about using the words incorrectly or overusing terms. Typically, using a buzzword once or twice is enough to have an impact.

Display Your Personality

Because working remotely requires you to use written communication, it’s a skill hiring managers like to look for. You can show an employer that you’re ready for remote work by writing a cover letter that has personality.

When you write your cover letter, show the hiring manager who you are. Be conversational and somewhat creative. At the same time, you should still be professional. Don’t use a strange font or include extremely personal details.

Read Over the Letter Before You Send It

Before you send over your cover letter and resume, take the time to proofread them. Ask someone you know to read it as well and be open to their criticism.

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