How You Can Make Yourself More Attractive to Recruiters

How You Can Make Yourself More Attractive to Recruiters

Currently, many companies are finding employees by way of recruiter. There is an abundance of jobs, which means that recruiters are playing an essential role in the hiring process. If you want recruiters to reach out to you or to push your resume forward, there are a few things you can do. By appealing to recruiters, you give yourself a chance at a better career, a higher pay, and much more.

Create a Personal Brand

If you own a business, you need to create a strong brand. The same is true of your own self. As you try to appeal to recruiters, create a personal brand. You should have active and professional social media accounts, a website, and an updated LinkedIn account.

If you don't make all of your online accounts professional, a recruiter might choose to ignore you. They look for red flags on social media, like controversial posts and pictures of you partying. For the best results, go through your accounts and make sure there is no offensive content. You want to come across as mature and professional. Some companies look for prospects that have the same values. So, do your research and work on your online presence.

While you may be used to using your social media accounts as a way to express yourself, it's time to shift focus. Now, you should use your social media as a way to appeal to employers.

Have a Focused Approach

At times, one recruiter might receive 30 applications or more. Because of this high volume of applications, most recruiters automatically dismiss underqualified candidates. You should only apply for jobs you're qualified for. If the recruiter actually does see your application and you don't have the proper qualifications, they might think less of you.

To make a better impression, you should only apply for a position if you meet the basic requirements. Otherwise, a recruiter may remember you as the poorly qualified candidate. They'll see you as a time-waster and might dismiss you for other positions.

As you look for jobs, apply for positions that are relevant to your skills and experience. Then, customize your resume in a way that makes your assets stand out. You might need to have several different versions of your resume, all of which are tailored to specific types of jobs. In every version of your resume, use numbers to quantify your accomplishments.

Finally, you should follow up with your applications. A recruiter could miss your application, and it's up to you to follow up. If you don't hear back from a recruiter, send a quick follow-up email. They might give your application a closer look and decide to call you in for an interview.

Show Your Knowledge

Instead of using your social media to posts pictures of your weekend festivities, use your accounts to share details about industry news and events. When a recruiter looks into you, they may be impressed by your wealth of knowledge.

By sharing industry news, you give yourself an edge over the competition. The recruiter automatically sees you as a professional individual who could be an asset to the company. If you enjoy writing, you should write blog posts and share them on your website or on LinkedIn.

With all that said, you can still use your social media to post fun pictures. Just make sure you keep everything balanced. For every fun post you make, have a post that's professional.

Be Current

For a recruiter, there's nothing quite as frustrating as a candidate who has outdated contact information. If you have an old phone number or address on your resume, the recruiter won't be able to reach out to you. Likewise, you should update your LinkedIn profile. Use your most recent email and phone number, or a recruiter might pass you up for another candidate.

If competition in the market picks up, your contact information could be what gets or loses you a job. Every few months, check all of your social media accounts and resumes and update them accordingly. Doing so will save you from missing out on opportunities.

Constantly Learn

No matter what industry you're in, things are always changing. To keep up with the latest developments, you need to continue to learn. Take advantage of any educational opportunities your employer affords you, and be proactive about looking for educational opportunities. You can take online courses or sign up for college classes.

By educating yourself, you show recruiters that you're eager to learn. They'll appreciate your dedication and might hold you in higher esteem than other candidates. If you obtain a certification relevant to your field, you give yourself even more of an advantage.

Volunteer During Your Free Time

Recruiters love to see candidates who volunteer. In any industry, volunteering is an asset. And you don't need to volunteer for a charity in your industry. Whether you help out at the local soup kitchen or at the zoo, you can get bonus points from a recruiter. They may see your volunteerism as proof that you fit in with the company's culture.

In some cases, your volunteering can help you develop skills to add to your resume. For instance, leading tours at the botanical garden improves your public speaking skills. Helping out with the books at the local shelter teaches you about bookkeeping.

If you volunteer, don't be shy about sharing your experiences. Post on social media and be proud about what you're doing. When a recruiter sees this, they are more likely to call you in for an interview.

Are You Looking for Work?

One of the challenges with appealing to recruiters is the fact that the recruiting industry is always changing. Years ago, recruiters didn't use applicant tracking systems to vet applications. But today, you need to make sure you appeal to the technology as much as the recruiter.

As you try to get a new job, think about what recruiters want to see. Go to great measures to stand out, and apply for the right jobs. With a little work, you may be able to land your dream job.

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