Is a Staffing Agency Right For You?

Is a Staffing Agency Right For You?

At times, searching for a job is exhausting. In fact, you could liken the job search to a full-time job. The process takes time and causes an emotional toll. But there's one easier alternative to the job hunt that could leave you with a paycheck - a staffing agency. Although it's not right for everyone, working for a staffing agency may be your best option. Learn whether or not a staffing agency is right for you.

When a Staffing Agency is a Good Idea

A staffing agency is a company that finds temporary workers for other businesses. After you meet with someone from the agency, they do the work to pair you with a job. Depending on your situation, this could be perfect for you. If you're in any of these situations, you could benefit from working with a staffing agency.

You Don't Want a Gap on Your Resume

If you've been at the job search for more than two months, you are at risk of having a gap in your resume. To avoid triggering ref flags in prospective employers, you can take a job at a staffing agency. You'll receive employment almost right away and can avoid having a period of unemployment on your resume.

While the job will only be temporary, you shouldn't let that stop you from working. A temporary job shows a prospective employer you're eager to work. Furthermore, it gives you income as you search and hold out for the right job. If you didn't have a temporary position, you could end up settling for a permanent position you won't enjoy. Doing so sets you up for failure.

When you work with a staffing agency, you can specify your desired length of employment. Depending on your plans, you may only want to work for a month. Before you apply to the staffing agency, make sure you know your availability. You still need to make time to apply for full-time, permanent positions.

You Want to Get Your Foot in the Door

Sometimes, temporary work leads to a permanent career. If you're open to pursuing a career at a certain company that hires out of a staffing agency, then you may want to get your foot in the door by registering with the agency. You can stand out in the workplace to secure a more permanent position.

While there's no guarantee you'll end up with a permanent offer, you should consider the possibility. When sending in resumes and going on job interviews doesn't seem to work, teaming up with a staffing agency could be the right call. However, you should speak with management about your desire to remain a permanent fixture. They may assume you're content in a temporary role.

You Want to Build Skills

Whether you're changing careers or are in a saturated job market, you might need to improve your skills before finding a new job. One of the best ways to do this is to obtain work through a staffing agency.

As a temporary employee, you can obtain new skills and build on existing skills. Add those skills to your resume, and you'll be a more appealing job applicant. Of course, those skills need to be relevant to the position.

When you meet with the staffing agency, make sure you discuss your goals. Not all positions will give you the skills you need to impress a potential employer. Choose the right agency and be clear about what you want from a job. Typically, agencies cater towards certain jobs. Research your options and choose a staffing agency that will work best for your needs.

Time is of the Essence

Finding a new job takes time. Even if a company is eager to hire, they go through an extensive hiring process. They look through resumes, schedule interviews, and may put you through training. At times, it can take months to start working.

If you're in need of money, you may not have months to spare. In this case, you'll enjoy the swiftness that comes from working with a staffing agency. Generally, companies work with staffing agencies because they need to fill a position quickly. It could be only a few days before you get a job.

You Want to Network

Imagine if you got paid for all the hours you spend networking with your friends on social media. Well, when you take a temporary position through a staffing agency, you get paid for networking. Every day, you meet new people and create connections that can help you find a job in the future.

To be effective in your networking, you must make an effort. Each day, reach out to someone in the workplace. As you make connections, ask them about job openings and opportunities you might not be aware of. In the end, your networking could be what gets you a new job.

You Hope to Explore a New Career

The best way to learn about a new career is to spend a day in the workplace. Unfortunately, there aren't many ways in which you can do this. Most people end up switching careers, only to find out the job isn't what they expected.

By working for a staffing agency, you can get exposure and learn more about other jobs. You may even stumble across a job you never knew you would like. If you're contemplating a career change, a staffing agency can be very helpful.

When a Staffing Agency Isn't Right for You

A staffing agency isn't always the answer. If you're seeking a high-level job, a staffing agency could hold you back. Going from a managerial role to the bottom person on the totem pole won't help your resume.

Additionally, a staffing agency won't work well for you if you have time constraints. Your employment with the staffing agency is only temporary. Eventually, you'll need to find a new job. Only apply for work through a staffing agency if you are confident in your ability to continue the job hunt.

Getting Started

Don't put off getting a new job any longer. If you're ready for a change of pace, start applying for new work or contact your favorite staffing agency. Either way, a new job is waiting for you.

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