Know Your Worth: How To Find Out If You Are Being Compensated Fairly

Know Your Worth: How To Find Out If You Are Being Compensated Fairly

Is your employer paying you your worth? Sadly, many employees don’t reach their full salary potential. They accept whatever salary their employer gives them and trust their employer to give them a raise periodically. With this approach, you’re unlikely to receive fair compensation. Before you accept a job offer or decide not to ask for a raise, you should find out your worth. Here are a few tools you can use to learn whether or not you receive fair compensation.

Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth

One of the most well-known salary comparison tools is Glassdoor. And while the company has always had details about salaries, they only recently launched the Know Your Worth tool. When you use the tool, you receive a salary estimate based on your experience, location, and education

As a free tool, Know Your Worth doesn’t require any credit card information. It does, however, require you to fill out some information about your employer, education, and experience. Using an algorithm, the platform determines how much money you should earn.


This salary calculator comes with a free salary report. As visitors come to the PayScale website and input their information, PayScale builds its database. Representing employees and employers in over 40 industries, PayScale offers a comprehensive look at salaries across the country.

If you want a salary report, you need to answer questions about your job title, skills, location, and education. You also take a short survey and then receive an outline that compares your total salary to individuals in the same field. Because the report only compares your salary to those with similar backgrounds, you can get a clear idea of how much money you should be making.

This site also allows you to find out how much you would make if you had another degree or were a different gender. When you opt for a detailed report, you get all the information you could possibly need to know your worth as an employee.

LinkedIn Salary

With over 800 million members, LinkedIn has an impressive database of salaries. The LinkedIn Salary tool shows base salaries of almost every job title you can imagine along with stock options and bonus information. By using the tool, you can also find out which areas and industries pay the best. You can compare the salaries of people in your identical role in any city and company size.

As a free resource, the LinkedIn Salary tool can help you see what you should be earning now and in the future. It’s ideal for those who want to look at more than just the salary and is great for job seekers as well.

The Salary Project™

Although this database is only for women, it’s a powerful tool that deserves a mention. This platform has salaries of more than 60,000 women worldwide. If you want to know what local women are making, you can research salaries in your city. However, you can also search by your current role, state, or employer.

To obtain information from this platform, you need to answer a ten-question survey related to your job and salary. Then, the information goes into the database to add to the accuracy of the salary comparisons. You receive a salary report tailored to you, and the report shows how your salary compares to others. The platform is free to use. Salary Tool

As you might expect by the name,’s Salary Tool allows you to compare your salary with those of others. With an option to filter salary data, you can search by industry, categories, and more. The tool isn’t limited to salary comparisons and also incorporates benefits, time off, and bonus comparisons.

Some of the reports and details on this site are free. However, you need to pay $29.95 or more for a complete salary report. The platform is easy to use and gives you a few different options for searching. If you opt for the full report, you’ll have all the information you need to negotiate a better salary.

Salary Expert

Using information from the Economic Research Institute, Salary Expert has data from more than 1,000 industries and over 11,000 jobs. Although the majority of the tools are for individuals who want a set pay, you can also search for salary comparisons. It doesn’t give you a personalized report, but it does allow you to search by job title and view the average salary. For location-specific data, you can also add your location to the search.  

When you search by location, you can see a graph of the average salary for each experience level. You also have the ability to see how your area’s cost of living compares to everywhere else. This is a free tool.

Indeed's Salary Tool

Compared to some of the comprehensive tools, Indeed’s Salary tool isn’t very intuitive. But it’s still worth looking at and gives you useful information regarding your worth. You can browse by company, career, or industry and see the average salary as well as other compensation. If you’re willing to move, you can use the tool to find which cities are best for your job.

The tool is free for all to use and is ideal for those who want a general idea of how much they should make. Because it’s not very detailed and is very location-specific, you may need to try some of the other platforms mentioned to get a clear understanding of your worth.

Robert Half's Salary Guide

Every year, Robert Half comes out with a new salary guide. The guide uses information from employers and employees to make statements about hiring trends and national salaries. In addition to displaying average salaries, the guide also showcases the perks and benefits listed by employees.

If you’re interested in a customized guide, you can submit a request for one. The report includes average salaries for your role based on hiring trends, experience, and more. Additionally, the guide gives you links to other jobs you might want to pursue. If you enter your email, position, and location on the Robert Half Salary Guide website, you can receive your report.

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