Most In Demand Summer Jobs With Descriptions and Salaries

Most In Demand Summer Jobs With Descriptions and Salaries

This summer, there are a few jobs that will be hotter than the weather. If you’re looking for a job this season, check out one of these in-demand jobs. Find out more about the job descriptions and what you can expect for pay.

Camp Counselor

On average, camp counselors make just over $15 an hour. Typically, counselors supervise all of the camp programs. It’s their role to make sure campers are safe and don’t have any problems. Additionally, camp counselors often organize fun or educational activities for participants. The role could be indoors, outdoors, or both.

Bank Teller

Bank tellers make an average salary of $16.50 per hour. When customers go into the bank, a teller greets them and helps them with their needs. Usually, tellers perform duties like document preparation, receiving payments, and counting money. For safety, tellers often work behind glass barriers and have training in security protocols.


If you have a lifeguard certification, you can work as a lifeguard and make around $14.50 per hour. These jobs can be at public pools, beaches, and lakes. When they’re working, the lifeguard needs to keep an eye out for dangerous behavior. If someone starts to drown, a lifeguard needs to act quickly to provide life-saving measures.

Camp Director

Someone who has experience working as a camp counselor or working with kids may qualify as a camp director. The role pays an average of about $19.50 an hour. As a camp director, you can expect to oversee all camp staff. If a camp participant has issues with a counselor or program, it’s the director’s job to handle it. They’re also responsible for creating the curriculum and keeping it in line with the budget.

Summer Law Associate

Are you a law student looking to gain some experience? During the summer, some law firms hire summer associates. These associates receive an average pay of just over $16 per hour. Generally, associates help with mock trials, assist with document preparation, and watch litigation. Although the pay isn’t high, the job provides a great experience to aspiring lawyers.


While teaching is often done during the school year, there are also teaching positions over the summer. As a summer school teacher, you can make around $17.50 per hour. You have a short time period to catch up the students who weren’t successful during the school year. During summer school, the lesson plans tend to be more intense.

High School Summer Teacher

Because high school is so demanding, high school summer teachers usually make more than other teachers. On average, they make $25.50 per hour. They usually work with students in ninth grade through twelfth grade. Summer school teachers often work with students who are learning English or students who need to retake a class. One of the biggest challenges with this role is offering customized plans to each student so everyone succeeds.

Sport Instructor

If you have experience and talent with a particular sport, you could spend your summer teaching kids the sport. You might teach basketball, dance, swimming, or any other sport for a pay of about $23 an hour. As an instructor, you could work with kids of all age levels and abilities. It’s your role to help them improve and excel in the sport.

Summer Analyst

Receiving an average pay of $28 per hour, a summer analyst works with business owners. They research trends, analyze data, and create reports. By using these reports, business owners can make better decisions about their companies. Typically, analysts work for senior analysts to get the job done.  

Art Teacher

While the kids are off from school, parents turn to art for entertainment and learning. Making an average of $22 per hour, summer art teachers give either individual or group lessons to children. They work with the students to encourage creativity and self-expression. Depending on the class or the child, an art teacher might focus on painting, sculpture, or any other artistic ability.

Camp Leader

At a large camp, there might be a camp leader. This person organizes the activities and helps the counselors and participants. If there’s an issue, they bring it to the camp director. A good camp leader keeps the campers safe and ensures they’re enjoying themselves. On average, camp leaders receive $16 an hour.

Registered Nurse

Year-round, there’s always a need for registered nurses. The summer is no different. As a registered nurse, you monitor patients and provide them with the necessary care. Generally, RNs receive a pay of $44 per hour. The duties vary significantly based on where they work. For instance, an RN in an emergency room deals with patients in need of immediate help. An RN in a nursing home deals with providing care to seniors. To become an RN, you need an appropriate level of education and a license.


If you have a skill in a particular area of expertise, you can work as a tutor. During the summer, tutors often help kids in summer school and kids who fell behind during the previous school year. They help their students learn concepts in a specific area, like math or science. Some tutors teach multiple topics, while others focus on just one. Although group tutoring is an option, the majority of tutors work one-on-one with their students.

Program Coordinator

Making about $20.50 per hour, program coordinators manage the everyday operations of their program. They perform tasks like making project plans, budgets, and schedules. If any issues arise, a program coordinator is responsible for dealing with them in an appropriate manner.

Picking the Right Summer Job

Are you hoping to find a job soon? This summer, you can pick from a variety of different jobs. Whether you take a short-term position or a long-term one, you can use your job to add to your resume and prevent long gaps in your employment history. If you’re ready to get a job offer, pick a position that interests you and dust off your resume.

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