Taking a Remote Workation

Taking a Remote Workation

One of the benefits of working remotely is being able to travel without using all of your vacation time. However, working and vacationing at the same time is no easy feat. You need to plan a remote workation carefully, or it could end in disaster. Follow these tips to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Seek Approval

When you travel, you never know what will happen. You could end up in a place with poor Wi-Fi or a power outage. No matter how well you plan your trip, things can go wrong. If you end up unable to work for a period of time, your boss won't be happy. By getting approval from your employer, you protect yourself.

Before you go on your trip, ask your employer about taking a remote workation. Lay out a plan explaining how you will do your work, and include an itinerary of your plans. On the days you plan to travel or be inaccessible, you should put in for time off. Otherwise, your employer might be reluctant to approve your request. You need to show your boss that you plan on being just as productive as ever during your workation.

Take Measures to Protect Your Work

Whether you're working from home or someone exotic, you need to keep your work safe from prying eyes. This means installing a VPN on your laptop and taking any measures necessary to protect your data and passwords.

For the most protection, use the latest anti-virus software. Don't store your passwords in a word document, or someone may be able to access them and log into your work accounts. If your boss cites cybersecurity as their concern, ask them what you can do to protect your data. Even if you need to pay a few hundred dollars for a specific software or program, it may be worth it for the freedom.

It's also important for you to use a password manager or to at least use two-factor authentication. If you're safe with your data, there's much less of a chance that you'll have someone steal your passwords or hack your information.

Create Boundaries

Without personal boundaries, you will have too much work and not enough vacation. While you should be putting in your regulations hours on your workation, you shouldn't overcompensate and make yourself too available. It's easy to spend all of your days and evenings working.

To avoid working too much, you should set strict parameters. You might only be available to work between 9 am and 6 pm. If you're someone who has a hard time putting down their phone, you should also make rules regarding when you check emails or answer texts.

These boundaries are something you should discuss with your employer. Before your vacation, find out more about their expectations and make sure they fit in with your own desires.

Have Fun

Don't get so caught up in work that you don't enjoy yourself. If you want a successful workation, embark on your journey with a positive attitude. Find a nice balance of work and play, and make an effort to have fun.

One way to accomplish this is to create a schedule. Spend time planning your vacation, and you're more likely to feel like you're on vacation. During your non-working hours, plan time to go to local attractions. You deserve to explore the local culture and entertainment.

Know What to Look for in Your Destination

As you plan your workcation, there are a few details you should consider. During a regular vacation, these details may not matter. But while you're trying to get work done, you need all of the following:

Strong Wi-Fi

Some places have weak Wi-Fi, and this makes working difficult. You should look for hotels and accommodations with great Wi-Fi. Although you might have a Hotspot, that isn't always enough to do your job.

Finding a place with good Wi-Fi takes some research. If you're planning on camping during your workcation, be especially careful. Some state parks don't have internet or phone reception. You can always call ahead to find out, or take other measures like paying for a satellite internet provider.

Close Attractions

Because you may spend a good amount of your workation actually working, you want to minimize travel time. So, your hotel shouldn't be an hour from all the local destinations. If you want time to explore all of the local attractions, pick an accommodation with a convenient location.

As you search for a place to stay, pick a small area. Which area has the most attractions, or is closest to the one thing on your bucket list? Save yourself from missing out and book a hotel with a great location.

Hotel or Accommodation Reviews

When you're planning a workcation, always look at accommodation reviews from a different perspective. Instead of just considering safety or comfort, look for insight on how the accommodation is to work from.

For instance, what do people say about the internet? Is there a good desk in the room? In some cases, you may need a hotel with business amenities. If you read the reviews, you can learn a lot about what the facility is like for people working remotely.

Stable Power

People often take their electricity for granted. But, in some areas of the country and in other countries, electricity isn't as steady as it is in your area. Frequent storms or poor maintenance could make the electricity less reliable.

Do some research and avoid staying in places with limited electricity. You can also travel with a small battery pack to make sure you always have a little access to electricity.

Outside Noise

It's hard to participate in a Zoom meeting when you have loud cars driving by or people blasting music. When you pick your destination, consider the exterior noise. Will it be too distracting for you to complete your work?

Enjoy Your Workcation

Summer is here, and it's time to start planning! Follow these tips for a workcation you remember forever.

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