The 13 Best Career Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

The 13 Best Career Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts are amazingly useful tools. For one, you can listen to them while you drive to work or run on the treadmill. Secondly, they share free information on every imaginable topic. You can even use podcasts to improve your career. Find out which podcasts you should be listening to, and start improving the trajectory of your career.

1. Career Cloud Radio

Job hunting is a challenging and frustrating task. If you want a little assistance as you find a new job, you can listen to this podcast. Justin Dux discusses tips for finding work and covers everything from appealing to hiring managers to finding the right job. Frequently, guests like HR professionals and recruiters appear on the podcast to share their insights.

2. Starving Artist

If you want to be successful as an artist, consider this podcast. You can learn how to manage your creative arts career. By focusing on the financial aspect of being an artist, this podcast prepares you for a more stable future.

3. Canadian Job Search Podcast

You don’t need to live in Canada to appreciate this podcast. As you listen to John Ribeiro and Connel Valentine, you can learn more about the corporate lifestyle. It’s geared towards millennials and goes into detail about topics like dealing with recruiters and hiring managers.

4. Career Talk: Learn — Grow — Thrive

This podcast, hosted by Stephanie Denis, is lighthearted but very effective. Whether you’re looking for a job or you want to succeed in your current position, you can count on this podcast to help. It lives up to its name and might be what you need to thrive at work.

5. Switch, Pivot, Or Quit with Ahyiana Angel

While most people have experience looking for new jobs, there are few people who know what it’s like to completely pivot careers. Because Ahyiana Angel switched from being a sports publicist to an author, she knows what it takes to change careers. If you’re looking for a new career, the advice in this podcast might help you.

6. Mastering College to Career

College graduates flock to this podcast to learn how to prepare for their future. As you might guess by the name, Mastering College to Career prepares you for the drastic switch from your education to a profession. The guests usually feature university deans, college students, and corporate CEOs.

7. The School of Greatness

Do you want to be great at what you do? Greatness isn’t easy to achieve, and you will need some help along the way. In this podcast, a former athlete and author interviews some highly successful people. These individuals share their secrets to success and talk about skills that can help you deal with all of the obstacles on the way.

8. Being Boss Series

No matter what your dream career may be, this podcast can help you excel. It teaches you to be in charge of your life and your career. If you’re an entrepreneur or just dreaming of climbing the corporate ladder, this podcast has useful advice for you. Brene Brown is a wealth of information.

9. Side Hustle School

While this podcast might not help you in your primary career, it could assist you with a side hustle. Host Chris Guillebeau firmly believes that a side hustle can build your skills and give you more financial stability. In every podcast, the host interviews a different professional. The podcast is as inspirational as it is informative.

10. David Lawrence Recruitment Show

If you have a short drive to work or like to process small pieces of information at a time, you will like the format of this podcast. The episodes are quick but filled with information on recruiting. You can hear about LinkedIn networking, resume writing, and other recruiting topics.

11. Ready Is a Lie With Angie Lee

This college and corporate dropout has a podcast that acts as a spark for careers. In Angie Lee’s podcast, she discusses finding a work-life balance, staying motivated, and becoming an entrepreneur. Back in 2021, this podcast ranked as one of Forbes top podcasts.

12. Career Coaching with Jessness

The perspective of a recruiter could help you succeed. As a technical recruiter from Silicon Valley, Jessica Smith gives a wealth of information to job seekers. In a competitive market, finding a job is challenging. But this podcast prepares you for the competition and can help you get a job in any industry. You learn about branding, interview preparation, and other topics.

13. College Central Podcasts

Individuals graduating from college or embarking on a new career can benefit from this podcast. It gives you information on resume writing, internship applying, and interviewing.

Tips for Listening to Your Podcast

It’s not enough to just listen to podcasts. If you don’t pay attention or practice what you hear, your career won’t benefit. Here are a few quick tips to make the most of your podcast:

Listen More Than Once

If you multitask while you listen to podcasts, you should listen to valuable podcasts more than once. You probably face distractions as you listen, and you could miss something important. Don’t be afraid to listen to the same podcast two or three times.

Take Notes

If you can, take down notes while you listen. Writing down what you hear can help you remember the essential details. Later on, you can refer to your notes rather than struggle to remember what you heard and where you heard it.

Pick with Care

Instead of reading the list above and randomly picking a podcast, you should choose your podcast with intention. When you pick a podcast, make sure it relates to your situation or career. You should also find a host you relate to, or you probably won’t trust or remember their content.

Get in a Routine

To make sure you don’t forget to listen to podcasts, you should get yourself into a routine. Figure out when you have time to listen, and add it to your calendar. Whether you listen to podcasts on your way to work or on a short walk during your lunch break, make it a routine. In the end, your efforts could help you peak in your career.

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