The 25 Most Common Jobs in the US and How Much They Pay

The 25 Most Common Jobs in the US and How Much They Pay

If you're looking for a new job, or career. You probably have one thing in mind - the salary. While it's important to find a job that you're passionate about, it's also essential to find a position that pays enough for you to maintain your lifestyle. In some cases, you may need a job that pays more than your current position. To help you find the right job with the ideal pay, here's a list of 25 common jobs and how they pay.

1. Cashier

The average salary of a cashier is $10.84 an hour, although some stores pay $13 or more for entry level cashiers. As a cashier, you process purchases and help customers.

2. Food Prep Worker

On average, food preppers earn $11.38 per hour. They're responsible for cleaning the kitchen and getting food ready for the cooks.

3. Janitorial Staff

Making $11.60 per hour, janitorial staff members clean a space and perform minor repairs. The duties vary based on the employer's needs.

4. Bartender

Although the average salary of a bartender is $11.64 an hour, the potential for tips is much higher. You have to deal with people and be charismatic.

5. Waitstaff

In the position of a server or waitstaff, you could make about $11.72 an hour, with tips making up most of the wage. A server takes orders from customers, serves food, and cleans tables.

6. Retail Associate

A retail associate is similar to a cashier, but they deal more with customer requests. The hourly pay is $12.17 an hour and is dependent on the type of retail location.

7. Stocker

If you become a stocking associate, you unpack merchandise when it arrives and check for damage. You also update inventory and may stock shelves. The average pay is around $12.72 per hour.

8. General Laborer

One of the more physical jobs on this list is a general laborer. In this position, you could make about $13.13 per hour. You can do anything that requires unskilled manual labor, like cleaning debris and unloading materials.

9. Customer Service Rep

Coming in at $13.41 an hour, a customer service representative position requires you to deal with customers and offer them products or services. At times, you need to deal with angry or wronged customers. You may be able to handle this job remotely.

10. Clerk

In an office setting, a clerk makes About $13.84 an hour. You could answer phone calls, sort mail, and file confidential documents. Whether or not you work with customers depends on your role.

11. Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant receives orders from an executive and often manages travel arrangements and scheduling. The average national salary is $14.82 an hour.

12. Line Supervisor

You can be a line supervisor in a variety of industries. The pay is around $15.08 per hour and you give direction to the employees under your care. Usually, you must take orders from engineers and product managers.

13. Medical Assistant

You get the opportunity to set doctor appointments and greet patients when you work as a medical assistant. Typically, workers in this field make approximately $15.36 per hour.

14. Construction Worker

The national average salary for a construction worker is $15.55 per hour. In this position, you rest and operate machinery at a construction site. The exact duties vary based on the needs of the job site and employer.

15. Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper, you record the income and expenses of a business and you send our invoices as needed. You can make an average of $17.97 per hour.

16. Mechanic

Using the right tools, mechanics maintain and repair vehicles. They also advise customers on further repairs and proper vehicle care. On average, the pay rate is $20.27 per hour.

17. Carpenter

If you're great at building things, you can work as a carpenter. You could make around $21.67 per hour as you build frames, cabinets, or furniture.

18. Electrician

You can become an electrician by working as an apprentice. After a few years of training, you could earn around $26.45 per hour. You install and maintain wiring in homes and businesses.

19. RN

A registered nurse, or RN, makes about $33.37 per hour. They work with doctors to care for patients, which involves performing exams, speaking with the patient, and much more.

20. Marketer

Whatever your marketing specialty may be, you could make $51,694 per year in the role. You might handle digital marketing campaigns or create other marketing materials. You work closely with company management to reach goals.

21. Police Officer

With some training, you could become a police officer and expect to earn around $53,039 per year. There is quite a bit of responsibility that comes with this job, as you need to investigate community events and make arrests.

22. Truck Driver

Currently, truck drivers are in high demand. They earn an average of $59,916 per year and transport goods from one location to another. Typically, trucker drivers need a CDL and clean driving record. They have to follow regulations and meet deadlines.

23. Operations Manager

The average pay for an operations manager is $70,802 per year. As a supervisory position, an operations manager makes hiring procedures and training for new employees. They work on improving workplace performance.

24. Lawyer

Although this is a common job, it's one that requires a great deal of education. Once you pass the bar exam, you can earn an average annual salary of  $74,411. You represent clients and businesses and handle courtroom cases.

25. Software Developer

With the tech industry being such a frontier, software developers make an average of $93,000 a year. They create applications that improve productivity, sales, and other aspects of business. The training for this role varies, as some certifications are necessary but a college degree isn't always mandatory.

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