The Highest Paying Jobs You Don't Need a Degree To Get

The Highest Paying Jobs You Don't Need a Degree To Get

If you don't have a college degree, you might feel destined for a life of low income. But you don't need a college education to make money. All of the following high paying jobs don't require higher education degrees.

Media Equipment Worker

If you're interested in earning over $65,000 a year, you should consider working as a media or communications equipment worker. The job involves installing, fixing, and maintaining AV systems in homes and businesses. Typically, all you need is a high school diploma and some experience with electrical work to break into the industry. Most of the training is on the job.

Power Plant Operator

With an average annual income of over $75,000, power plant operators make a high wage. They're responsible for maintaining power plant machines and adjusting voltage and flows. Although this is a demanding position, it only requires a high school diploma and on-site training. You need to work in the industry for several years, and you might need to get a special certification.

Elevator Repair Technician

Another job that can get you over $75,000 a year is an elevator installation and repair technician. Individuals in this field fix, install, and maintain elevators and other similar machines. If you want to get into this industry, you don't need a degree. But you do need to know how electronics and hydraulics work.

Despite not needing a degree, this career does require a four year period of apprenticeship. To get started, you need a high school diploma and a sponsor for your apprenticeship. The job also requires ongoing training.

Powerhouse Repair Technician

Powerhouse electricians specialize in fixing and maintaining electrical equipment in power stations, and they earn good money for doing so. They make an average of about $80,000 a year.

The job requires a high school diploma, but some trade school coursework in electronics will help you get started. Generally, the best way to enter the field is to work as an electrician.

Criminal Investigator

At first, law enforcement workers don't make a high salary. However, those who become detectives or criminal investigators can make upwards of $80,000 a year. Their role is to use a variety of methods to find evidence for criminal cases. Most detectives specialize in a certain type of crime, like fraud or homicide.

Although some agencies require detectives to have college classes or a degree, others only demand a high school diploma and experience. It takes time to work your way up to detective, but it can be done.

Commercial Pilot

If you love to fly, you should consider being a commercial pilot.  On average, pilots earn about $80,000 a year. They do charter flights, airplane tours, and other duties. You can also work for companies and transport their executives around the country or around the world.

Although you don't need a college degree for this profession, you do need a commercial pilot license along with a high school diploma. Usually, pilots train with FAA flight instructors or at flight schools. The training can be expensive, but it's still less than a four year degree from most universities.

Power Distributor

Earning a median of over $86,000, power distributors control the electricity that flows from substations to customers. They're also referred to as systems operators, as they monitor the current, voltage, and circuit breakers in a network. If there's an issue, the operator fixes it.

To work in this career field, you need a high school diploma and years of experience. In many cases, workers also need a special certification.

Police Supervisor

If you work as a police officer and receive several promotions, you could make it to a supervisory role. Known as patrol sergeants or police captains, these law enforcement personnel earn a median of approximately $89,000. They manage and supervise the police force, ensuring that everything is done in accordance with local laws.

Getting this job isn't easy, as it takes years of working in law enforcement. After training and proving yourself, you can work your way up to a supervisory role.

Nuclear Power Operator

With the ability to earn over $90,000 a year, nuclear power reactor operators are in a lucrative field. They control the reactors, adjusting control rods as needed. Additionally, they monitor the cooling systems, turbines, and reactors.

Before getting this job, you need to obtain a high school diploma and have years of on-site training. Typically, you start as a equipment operator and work your way up the chain. Along the way, you'll need to obtain training and take an exam from the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Transportation Manager

The transportation industry can be a lucrative industry, if you take the right career path. If you're a transportation Manager, you could make over $90,000 each year.

Managers handle the shipping of merchandise and are responsible for keeping costs down and deliveries on time. If you work in this position, you'll have the responsibility of directing and coordinating the distribution of goods. To work in the industry, you should have a high school diploma and five years of industry experience.

Getting a Job Without a Degree

College degrees are valuable tools when it comes to the job search. However, they're not essential. In fact, there are plenty of jobs that don't require college degrees or coursework. Start your search, and you may only be a few applications away from your new job.

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