Top 12 Part Time Jobs That Pay Well

Top 12 Part Time Jobs That Pay Well

A part-time job could be the solution for all of your financial problems. However, there's a misconception that part-time jobs don't pay well. This is far from the truth, but you can't expect a high-paying part-time job to fall from the sky. You need to look for and apply for the types of jobs that have high hourly rates. Check out our list of the best-paying part-time jobs, and land a job that's everything you need.

1. Customer Service Rep

At about $13.50 an hour, the wage of a customer service rep is more than the minimum wage. The role is simple, and the communication could be done in-person, online, or over the phone. Regardless of what industry you work in, it's your responsibility to address customer concerns and connect them with the appropriate people.

One of the highlights of this job is the fact that it requires minimal education and experience. As long as you have a high school diploma and a friendly demeanor, you have a good chance at a job offer.

2. Bank Teller

As a bank teller, you greet customers and help them with their requests. In many cases, it's the teller's job to direct customers to another team member. The average salary is just under $13 per hour.

To excel in this job, you need basic math skills. You'll receive on-the-job training and can enjoy the convenient hours.

3. Warehouse Work

When people think of warehouse jobs, they don't think of glamour. But don't let your view of warehouse work stop you from applying. The job often pays upwards of $15 per hour.

In this line of work, you could perform any number of duties. Some jobs are more physical, such as replenishing or retrieving stock. Other jobs, like data entry, are desk duties. Generally, warehouse work only requires a high school diploma.

4. Driver

If you enjoy spending time in the car, you might be interested in being a part-time personal driver. You have the responsibility of taking customers from one place to another. Because you're face to face with customers, it takes a friendly demeanor to succeed in this position.

Of course, you need a clean driving record and a reliable form of transportation for this job. If you're good at it, you could make more than $15 an hour plus tips.

5. Phlebotomist

As long as you're not squeamish, you might enjoy being a phlebotomist. The average salary is about $14.85 an hour, and you're tasked with collecting blood from patients. Because you could be dealing with sensitive specimens, organization is key.

For this part-time job, you do need a phlebotomy certification. However, the certification program is relatively short and easy. The requirements vary by state, but most programs are under a year long.

6. Nanny

These days, being a nanny comes with a decent paycheck. You can earn at least $15 per hour for providing childcare services. Typically, the duties vary by the client's needs and you could do any of the following:

Help with homework

Drive kids to activities

Organize playdates

Most clients look for nannies with previous experience. It's also desirable for nannies to have CPR and other certifications.

7. Mail Carrier

Depending on your location, you could earn more than $17 an hour being a mail carrier. You deliver and retrieve packages, following a specific route every day.

The hours for this job tend to be favorable. Before you get a job offer, you may need to take an entry exam. Additionally, you need a decent driving record.

8. Brand Ambassador

This is one of those jobs with a broad description. As a brand ambassador, you represent a brand. It's your job to generate more interest in a brand and its products.

At times, creating interest means distributing marketing materials, holding signs, or being the brand's face at events. The pay varies significantly, but is usually over $17 an hour.

9. Security Guard

A security guard makes an average of $13.16 per hour and maintains a safe environment. They might inspect buildings or review security footage. If there are any serious matters, a security guard relies on the police for assistance.

You don't always need experience to be a security guard. If you have a clean background check and a high school diploma, you could be eligible for work in this field.

10. Personal Shopper

Thanks to Instacart and other shopping platforms, becoming a personal shopper is easier than ever. If you branch out on your own, you can make as much as $21 an hour.

This type of work is highly flexible, which allows you to work when you want. You need to be good with people and have a knack for shopping.  

11. Construction Worker

If you're a person who enjoys physical labor, you might like working as a construction worker. You work with machinery and other employees to achieve building goals.

For basic jobs, you don't need too many certifications. But you can get certain licenses and certifications to increase your skills as well as your hourly rate.

12. Tutor

Individuals who excel in specific subjects often work as tutors. As one of the highest paying part-time jobs, tutoring allows you to earn an average of $24.40 per hour.

You could work with children or adults to help them achieve their educational goals. For you to succeed in this role, you need to have some educational skills as well as reliable transportation.

How Can You Find the Right Part-Time Job?

There are many other part-time jobs on the market. Since the pandemic hit, new opportunities have emerged. You may be able to find a remote part-time position that pays you well.

It all comes down to doing the work. First, narrow down your list of jobs. Pick ones that highlight your skills, pay well enough for your needs, and interest you. When you narrow down your job search, you increase your chances of finding the perfect position. Get started today and start sending out your resume.

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