Types of Interesting Facts About Yourself to Add to Your Resume

Types of Interesting Facts About Yourself to Add to Your Resume

It's tough standing out from other jobs applicants. After all, you don't have much time to make a positive first impression. Before a hiring manager meets you in an interview, they don't have much to base their opinion of you on. All they know of you is what they see on your cover letter and resume. Because of this, it's important to make your resume interesting. Here are a few facts you can add to your resume to make it stand out.

Balance It Out

First, you should know that it's all about the balance. If you include too many quirky facts, you might come across as unprofessional. You need to work hard to find a balance or professional and interesting.

What makes this even more difficult is the fact that industries have different standards. In a creative industry, you can get away with being less professional. But in a corporate environment, you need to limit yourself.

Regardless of your industry, you can find ways to include interesting facts about yourself. Just consider how an employer might perceive your resume and avoid going over the top.

What You Should Include

Here are a few tips on things you should add to your resume for some flair.

You don't need to limit your accomplishments to ones in the workplace. In fact, including a few non-job-related accomplishments can give you a boost. You don't need to be obvious about it, but should nestle the accomplishment in the midst of a few other job-related ones.

For instance, you could have a skills section that includes meeting a sales quota, increasing productivity, and leading a team to success. But you might also throw in a fact about being able to speak two different languages or volunteering with a certain organization.

Don't include anything that relates to religion or politics. Although you may be proud of your accomplishments in those realms, you could turn off an employer. Even if a hiring manager isn't aware of it, they could fail to hire you because of your religious or political beliefs.

Your Work Style

The average resume doesn't tell an employer what it's like working with you. And that's what really matters; if you don't have the right work style, you won't last long with the company. To improve your chances of a job offer, tell your employer a little bit about your work style.

If you want to accomplish this, you can include a fact about how you get ready to work in the morning. You might listen to a certain playlist on Amazon Music, or say a specific self-affirmation. Another option is to include a detail about your favorite guru or YouTube educator.

The First Job You Wanted

Almost everyone had a dream career when they were young. At times, people pursue that dream. Sometimes, they end up doing something completely different. Either way, you can include this on your resume and tie it into your job goals.

For example, you might have wanted to be a time-traveler when you were little. While this isn't your current career, you can use this information to showcase your creativity or passion. You can compare your dream job with your current dream job. Even though you don't want to be a time-traveler anymore, you could have a passion for changing the future through social services.

Show your employer that your current career path is the one you always wanted. Although the connection may not be obvious, you can find a way to tie the careers together. Doing so will make you seem genuine and will also make your resume more memorable.

Talk About Your Role Model

As an icebreaker, you can talk about an unusual role model. It makes you unique and also shows a little bit about who you are as a person. If you have a mentor, explain how they changed your life or helped you realize your goals.

In some cases, your role model is a childhood hero. Find a way to tie them into your current career path. It doesn't matter how far-fetched it may seem. Your childhood hero or role model could be the reason you're in your current career.

Tips for Finding Interesting Facts

If you're still struggling to find interesting facts, there are a few steps you can take to make your resume more unique. Here are a few simple ways to come up with interesting facts for your resume:

Make Favorites Lists

Create a list of your favorite books, films, and artists. If you struggle to make the list, ask your friends or family members for ideas. After you have your list, consider how they relate to your career.

The connection may not be obvious, but it's there. Think of how your favorites lists apply to your desired job. Then, pick the most applicable favorites to include on your resume.

Branding Your Personality

Ultimately, you want to brand your personality. How do you want a hiring manager to perceive you? Use your interesting facts as a way to brand yourself.

Your resume is like a logo. When a hiring manager reads your resume, they get an immediate impression of you. What do you want that impression to be? Your brand dictates how a hiring manager sees you.

Make the Inclusion Seamless

If you aren't careful, your personal facts could seem awkward and forced. You need to find a way to include your facts without making it awkward. In some cases, this means including the facts in a separate section.

You may be able to get away with including the facts in your biography. A personal biography allows you to include facts about yourself in a natural way. Although you don't want this section to be too long, you can include a sentence or two about yourself.

Another way to introduce the facts is to place them in the resume summary. In this section, you can include your skills and achievements.

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