Unorthodox Career Paths

Unorthodox Career Paths

As a child, you probably knew about a handful of careers. Most kids grow up knowing about the more traditional career paths: doctors, teachers, police officers, and a few other jobs. However, there are so many more options than those. Learn about some of the less popular career paths and find out if you have another calling.


For centuries, women have been relying on support during the birthing process. Although the assistants have gone by different names, the current term for these helpful individuals is a doula. Throughout the pregnancy, during labor, and postpartum, a doula is there for the mother. You might work in a hospital, at a birthing center, or in someone's home. To qualify for the role, you may need a short training program. You can also opt for a certification from a large organization.

Art Therapist

If you love art and psychology, then art therapy could be the right direction for you to travel in. Art therapists help patients heal and relieve symptoms through art. To get started, you need training in both art and counseling or psychology. Typically, you need a certification from the American Art Therapy Association.

Recruiter or Headhunter

In today's workplace, people finally realize the importance of headhunters. With a worker shortage, companies depend on their recruiters to fill vacancies. A headhunter has the difficult job of reaching out to prospects and knowing the current market well. While there are no strict requirements for headhunters, you do need HR experience. There are several degrees you can obtain in the HR field to make yourself a competitive headhunter. Before you pick a degree, look at the current requirements for head hunters.

Master Distiller

If you have an interest in alcohol, you might enjoy working as a master distiller. This job requires you to oversee the production of whiskey, rum, or other types of alcohol. Over the past few years, this industry has grown and created new opportunities. One of the best things about this career path is that you can start at an entry level role. If you get a job at a distillery, you can work your way up.

Bike Courier

People who don't like to sit still often seek out active jobs. As a bike courier, you can spend your days riding around a city and delivering goods. Typically, bike couriers deliver food, files, and medical samples. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can branch out on your own and start up your own bike courier business.


If you're interested in this ancient Chinese art, you could have a new career. Acupuncture involves poking needles into specific areas to provide healing to a patient. The theory is simple- pain and illness is a symptom of an imbalance. By releasing energy blocks, acupuncture can restore balance and improve a long list of conditions. Every state has its own requirements for acupuncturists. Before you embark on the path, make sure you know your state's requirements.

Airplane Repo

It's one thing to repo a car, but what about a plane? Across the world, people and businesses own expensive planes. When they don't make payments on their vehicles, the lender needs to repossess the plane. An airline repo person finds the location of the plane and then flies it back to the rightful owner. If you think this is an exciting career, you're right.

Elevator Mechanic

Almost all tall buildings have elevators, and this puts elevator mechanics in high demand. An elevator mechanic repairs, maintains, and installs elevators. They have extensive mechanical knowledge, which they obtain in an apprenticeship and technical school.


People with a love for weather could find being a meteorologist very rewarding. After earning a Bachelor's degree in meteorology or atmospheric science, you can embark on your career. You look for weather patterns, perform research, and perform other duties.


When someone has a serious eye injury, they rely on an ocularist for help. An ocularist fits a patient for an artificial eye, which allows the individual to have the appearance of having both eyes. This career can be highly rewarding because you can give your patients a sense of normalcy. It could take about five years of training before you have the necessary training and certifications.

Ethical Hacker

Do you love being in IT and have a knack for finding weak spots in computers? If so, you could be the next best ethical hacker. Using your computer knowledge, you locate weaknesses in computer systems and help companies stay ahead of hackers.

Robotics Engineer

Automation is taking over! Robotics engineers lead the industry and automate processes for individuals and businesses. In addition to building robots, you might create software or offer technical support.

Mobile App Developer

Because mobile apps are so popular, app developers have a huge earning potential. You could freelance or work for a company to create apps. As with most tech jobs, you can gain these skills in a certification course or in college.

Marketing Agent

If you have a natural skill for social media, you may want to look into becoming a marketing agent. You can help a business grow from the ground up as long as you have some experience and a natural talent.

How to Switch Careers

If you're interested in a different career or are trying to plan your future, you certainly have plenty of choices. Picking the wrong career could set you up for a bleak future. To save yourself some time, you should research careers. Pick a few that interest you, and do extensive research.

As you explore careers, consider all the following:

Family goals

Financial goals

Schedule flexibility

Room for growth

No one can tell you which job is the most appropriate for you. It's essential to consider what you want from your job and your future, and once you do that, you can consider which career fits your vision. Speak with people in the industry and use all the resources available to you. Once you do that, you can take steps toward gaining the education and experience you need for your career.

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