Watch Out For These Hiring and Workplace Trends In 2023

Watch Out For These Hiring and Workplace Trends In 2023

Every year, there are new trends in the workplace. Those trends do more than affect your career; they also can have a major impact on your lifestyle. Find out what you should know about the trends for 2023 and learn how they can change your life and career.

Tight Labor Supply

Worldwide, there is a current shortage of labor. Although there are several reasons for this, one of the biggest contributors is the decline of the population of individuals who are the right age to work. As a result, there are more jobs available than there are workers. Job seekers can use this to their advantage, and have an opportunity to seek better benefits, more flexibility in the workplace, and higher pay. If you’re looking for work, you can shop around for the best opportunity.

There’s another possible consequence of the tight labor market. As long as the number of jobs is greater than the number of workers, more unions could organize. Because employers are more reluctant to let workers go, unions have greater bargaining power and influence. Unless things change, there could be many more unions in the US. It may be a good time to get involved in a union in your industry, depending on your situation and industry.

Remote Work is Sticking Around

When the pandemic first started, people thought remote work would be a temporary change. But, now that years have gone by, it’s clear that remote work isn’t just a fad. Employers and employees alike realized that remote work came with a host of benefits. In some industries, new technologies developed to make remote opportunities possible.

While some businesses have shifted back to an office model, many companies still embrace the work-from-home model. Certain businesses have thrived with their workers remaining at home or only in the office for a couple of days each week. As a result, there are more remote jobs available now than there were years ago. Job seekers have more options and employers with vacancies have a wider pool of candidates.

For people looking for work, the remote possibilities can be very appealing. Although working from home isn’t without its challenges, it does come with a long list of benefits. The flexibility of remote work gives a better work and life balance, once the employee starts to set boundaries and adjust to the model. Additionally, there are significant money and time savings that come with a work-from-home job.

It’s worth mentioning that some jobs can’t ever be done remotely. Nonetheless, technology continues to improve and this is making remote opportunities increasingly common.

Creative Benefits Packages

Currently, inflation is hurting those with both high and low salaries. Everyone is feeling the impact of higher bills. Fortunately, business owners are adjusting to inflation and offering better compensation to their workers. With the labor shortage, employers don’t have any choice but to offer extensive benefits packages that attract workers.

While most employers can’t offer to increase the salary of their workers dramatically, they have other ways of appealing to job seekers. To attract the right people, companies are offering creative benefits packages. They offer things like more paid time off, better health insurance options, and improved retirement plans. Even if an employer offers you the same salary as before, you could greatly improve your financial situation.

If you’re wondering what a creative benefits package might include, here are a few ideas:

Free lunch or snacks

Transportation reimbursement

More affordable insurance

Shorter hours for salaried roles

When you find a new job, don’t only look at the salary. It’s important to consider how the benefits could impact your finances. For example, a much more affordable insurance plan could save you thousands of dollars each year. You should also consider your happiness as well as the pay. Those looking for a less stressful lifestyle might prefer the benefit of a flexible schedule over a slightly higher salary.

People Expect More Happiness

One of the more interesting trends in the workplace is the expectation of happiness. Today, people are focusing more on overall happiness than money. When looking for a job, an individual might pay extra attention to the company culture, flexibility of the schedule, and other similar features. They want a better balance of work and life, and favor companies that offer that.

At the end of the day, most people want to feel satisfied and accomplished. Since the pandemic, workers have cared more about their mental health. Instead of setting the bar low and just being happy with good pay, workers want to enjoy their job and the people around them. When job seekers look for work, they spend more time researching the company and reading reviews.

Furthermore, this drive for happiness has resulted in people changing careers. They’re leaving jobs that require unreasonable hours and effort, and are taking measures to follow their passions. Even if they stay with their current employers, some workers are quiet quitting. With firm boundaries in place, these employees refuse to stay late or bring their work home.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As the newest generation enters the workforce, there’s a strong push for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Companies are using this and incorporating messages of diversity and inclusion in their marketing. When they post job listings, many companies are trying to highlight their policies. They do so with the goal of attracting younger, talented workers.

What do diversity, equity, and inclusion programs look like? Typically, companies offer initiatives like mentoring programs. Job seekers are sticking to their principles and refusing to work for companies that don’t focus on being diverse or inclusive.

All of the aforementioned trends are already in place. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be other trends. As the year goes on, it will be interesting to see how the workplace changes. Whatever happens, you can take advantage of the current trends by applying for jobs that appeal to you.

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