What Job Does Your State Have More of Than Any Other State

What Job Does Your State Have More of Than Any Other State

If you have an understanding of your local job market, you can greatly improve your chance of finding a job. Every state has strong and weak industries with job vacancies to match. If you’re having trouble finding work, you can look for a job that’s plentiful in your state. Here’s a quick look at the employment numbers for the job with the most employees in each state.


Logging equipment operators have high employment rates here, with 2,270 employed individuals.


In Alaska, there are 1,010 commercial pilots employed.


A semiconductor processing technician has no trouble finding work in Arizona. There are 2,270 people employed in this industry here.


In Arkansas, graders and agricultural product sorters are in high demand. With about 1490 people employed in this industry, you’re in luck.


With 186,000 people employed as farmworkers and laborers in California, it’s no surprise this is a strong industry.


This state is full of 1,060 atmospheric and space scientists.


If you’re a lathe operator and tender, you could be one of the 1300 people employed in this industry in Connecticut.


Meat, poultry, and fish cutters are popular in Delaware with almost 4,500 people employed.


As the capital of the US, it’s no shock that DC employs a whopping 3,490 employees as political scientists.


In Florida, there are 3,310 farm and home management educators.


There are close to 8,000 people employed as textile workers in Georgia.


If you’re a healthcare worker, you can join the 1,980 employees in Hawaii.


Filled with woods, the state of Idaho has 2,030 forest and conservation technicians.


The railway industry is still strong in Illinois, with 3,010 people employed as rail car repairers.


In this state, engine and machine assemblers have an employment level of 8,780.


There are 2,050 agricultural equipment operators who live and work in Iowa.


If you want to be an aircraft assembler, Kansas is the place to be. There are 5,250 employed in this industry in Kansas.


Love the water? Kentucky has 1,530 people employed as sailors and marine oilers.


The entertainment industry is thriving in Louisiana. You could be one of the 2,480 entertainers and performers here.


There are plenty of trees to log in Maine, and 1,080 people are currently employed to operate the logging equipment.


In Maryland, 5,770 individuals work in the healthcare diagnosing or treatment field.


As a biochemist and biophysicist, you’re in good company in Massachusetts. The industry has 8,190 employees.


With 1,190 people employed as metal and plastic model makers, this state does a lot of manufacturing.


You might be surprised to know that Minnesota has more gambling and sports book writers than anything else - 1,210, to be exact.


Upholsters are in high numbers in this state. There are 3,300 people employed as upholsterers.


If you want to cool off, work as one of the 1,130 cooling and freezing operators in Missouri.


2,050 people work as forest and conservation technicians in this state.


In this state, 6,700 people work as meat, poultry, and fish cutters.


Working as mining machine operators, 3,540 people have steady employment in this state.

New Hampshire

If you love cooking, you could be one of the 2,860 people to work as a short-order cook in New Hampshire.

New Jersey

Clean hair is abundant in New Jersey, with 1,620 individuals working as shampooers.

New Mexico

Although most people only think of Texas as abundant in oil, New Mexico has 2,400 people employed as oil and gas roustabouts.

New York

Since New York City is the capital of fashion, it’s not surprising that there are 7,650 fashion designers in the state.

North Carolina

Another state popular for clothing manufacturing, North Carolina has 1,450 people as textile bleaching and dyeing machine operators.

North Dakota

Wellhead pumpers are in high numbers in North Dakota. In fact, 1,200 individuals are employed in this role.


Ohio has 8,010 engine and machine assemblers working.


In Oklahoma, gambling is a major industry. There are 1,770 people employed as gambling surveillance officers and investigators.


Another state with a strong logging industry, Oregon has 1,160 people employed as logging workers.


This state is similar to New Jersey in that it has a high number of shampooers. In Pennsylvania, there are 1,880 shampooers.

Rhode Island

If you love kids, you could be one of the 1,280 school bus monitors in Rhode Island.

South Carolina

In this state, there are 4,100 people who work as tire builders.

South Dakota

With several colleges, South Dakota has many openings for residential advisors. There are 1,650 advisors in this state.


This popular state is a hub for carpentry and has 1,470 woodworkers.


Known for its strong oil industry, Texas has 9,940 wellhead pumpers.


If you work as a plasterer and stucco mason, Utah has many opportunities for you to work. There are 1,820 people employed in this role in Utah.


Someone with empathy and the right training may want to move to Vermont for ample opportunities to work as a social service assistant. The state has 3,520 people employed in the industry.


In this state, there are 1,700 marine engineers and naval architects.


As someone who loves working with people, you could join the 14,150 people in Washington who work as personal care and service workers.

West Virginia

There are 1,590 individuals who work as psychiatric aides in this state.


In Wisconsin, there are some very high employment numbers for computer-controlled tool operators. Here, there are over 15,000 people in this industry.


As a popular state for oil production, Wyoming has 1,380 people employed as oil and gas roustabouts.

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