Why You Should Apply To Jobs You May Not Be Qualified For

Why You Should Apply To Jobs You May Not Be Qualified For

The qualification section of a job listing might be enough to make you give up the job search. Whether you're looking for your first job or you're a seasoned professional, you are bound to come across some jobs with strict qualifications you don't have. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply for those positions. Learn why you may want to consider applying for jobs even if you think you lack the qualifications.

1. There May Be a Talent Deficit

At the start of 2020, there was talk of a talent shortage in multiple industries. To this day, that shortage remains, and companies struggle to find qualified candidates for their positions. Because of this deficit, some employers are willing to overlook their required qualifications for passionate or skilled candidates.

If you're eager to learn, you may be able to complete training or certifications while you work. In your cover letter, explain that you're a fast learner and excited to receive on-the-job training. It's even more useful to come up with a training plan. Consider which qualifications you lack and outline how you plan on meeting those qualifications as you work.

Even if the company doesn't use your training plan, your effort wasn't in vain. Coming up with a plan shows initiative and interest, which may be all the hiring manager needs to decide to move you forward in the hiring process.

2. The Company Might Want New Talent

People with years of experience in HR know that talent is hard to come by. Certifications and education come with time and studying, but natural talent isn't something you can learn. For this reason, some companies are eager to hire new talent early on in the individual's career.

Why is there value in young talent? The hiring manager wants you to work for their company while you're passionate and motivated to succeed. Even if you maintain a passion for your career over time, you won't always have the same drive as when you began. Getting young talent is a skill that's helped many businesses succeed.

.if you're looking for work and see a listing that requires a certain amount of experience, don't immediately give up. The company could be willing to overlook the requirement because you're so excited to get to work in the industry. Likewise, they may ignore your lack of certification because you have other natural talents.

3. You Have Connections

No matter where you went to school or who your previous employers are, you have connections. The people you meet every day are all part of your network. When you apply for a position, your network could help you overcome a lack of qualifications.

Before you apply for a new job, think about your connections. Did you graduate with someone who works at the company? Check your LinkedIn for potential contacts, and reach out to anyone who might be able to help. In the end, your network could be more valuable than their desired qualifications.

4. The Qualifications are Only Recommendations

On some job listings, the qualifications are merely preferred traits and not required ones. While some job listings may specifically explain that they are preferred, others are less detailed. This could cause you to assume the qualifications are required when they're not.

If you have doubt, go back through the job listing. If there's no clear indication of how strict the qualifications are, you should remain hopeful. You can't be sure you're not qualified for the job unless you apply for it. In your resume, be sure to include relevant experience and other skills that make you an excellent candidate.

5. You Have Other Valuable Skills

Not all skills are equally valuable. For instance, experience managing hundreds of people could be seen as more valuable than a certain certification. If you have meaningful skills, they could make up for your lack of qualifications.

So what skills are the most valuable? It's impossible to say and varies by employer and job description. Typically, soft skills are well-regarded and may give you an advantage. Include your soft skills on your resume and give detailed examples of how you developed those skills. Communication, proactive thinking, and leadership are all valuable soft skills.

To find out what might be of interest to a particular company, do some research. Before you submit your resume, delve into the company and your desired job title. As you research, consider which skills could make you stand out.

6. You're Making Assumptions

When you read a job listing, you probably take it at face value. If one qualification is "Five plus years of experience", you may not think there's any other way to interpret that. In reality, the person who wrote the listing could have meant five years of experience in the workplace. Perhaps they meant five years of experience with customers.

If you make assumptions, you miss out on jobs. Read the qualifications section with an open mind, and you might realize that you are actually qualified.

7. You're Not Thinking Out of the Box

At times, a little creativity can show that you're qualified for a position. Meeting qualifications isn't always about sticking to the script. Consider the example from above. If an employer wants someone with five years of experience and you only have two, are there other things that satisfy the requirement? It could be a volunteer experience or a project in college.

When you apply for a position, be creative and think back to your education and past achievements. You might discover that you are qualified, after all.

8. You Never Know Until You Try

Finally, you will never have an opportunity to shine if you don't try. You could be passing up hundreds of opportunities, all for the wrong reasons. Whether it's your self-confidence or a fear of failure, you might hesitate to apply for jobs.

To give yourself a fighting chance, don't limit your job search. Apply for a few jobs you're underqualified for, despite your reservations. In the end, your tenacity could land you the opportunity of a lifetime

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