Why You Should Keep Your Resume Up to Date

Why You Should Keep Your Resume Up to Date

When you're gainfully employed, the last thing on your mind is finding a new job. And so, you probably don't worry much about the status of your resume. This is far from the truth, and no matter how content you are in your career, you should always keep your resume up to date. Find out why you can never let your resume sit and how updating it frequently might help you.

1. The World is Unpredictable

Unfortunately, you never can tell what will happen in life, and you always need to prepare for the worst. This means having a resume that's up to date and ready to apply for other jobs. If the unexpected occurs and you find yourself without a job, you probably will be in a rush to get back to work.

With an up-to-date resume, you don't need to spend time changing up your document. Instead, you can have it ready to go. By being prepared, you have the ability to start the job search right away.

2. You Might Need to Present Yourself

Even if you're not seeking a new job, opportunities to present yourself may arise. You could be speaking at a conference, writing an article for a publication, or giving a quote to a reporter. In any case, you need to present yourself in a personal light.

If you update your resume regularly, you always have an accurate representation of your skills. When someone reaches out to you or an opportunity presents itself, your resume is ready. Of course, be sure to include those opportunities in your resume. Being published in a major magazine or speaking at a conference belongs on your resume.

3. You Receive a Nomination

You never know when someone will nominate you for an award. For you to receive the award, you need to have a strong resume. Unfortunately, sending in an outdated resume won't show the committee you deserve the award. Your best chance of receiving an award is to have a resume ready to send out.

If you're not prepared, you still have time to update your document. However, you'll be in a rush to make edits. There's a chance your resume won't be an accurate representation of who you are and what you can do.

4. You Can Try Freelancing

When times get tough, one job might not be enough to pay the bills. Your financial needs could send you scrambling to apply for a job. Or, you might have an incredible opportunity to collaborate on a side project. To grab the opportunity when it arises, you should have an updated resume.

Many positions are time-sensitive. If you spend a week updating your resume, the job you want could be gone. At the very least, your slow response could keep you from being at the top of the pile. But having a resume ready to go means you won't waste any time. You might be one of the first to apply for a position, which gives you a distinct advantage.

5. Recruiters Could be Watching

You don't need to actively look for work to receive a job offer. In fact, some of the best career opportunities come straight to you. Recruiters are always on the lookout for hard workers and team players. If you have assets that a recruiter finds appealing, they might reach out to you with a position.

However, they won't reach out to you if you have an outdated resume on your personal website or LinkedIn profile. By maintaining an up-to-date online resume, you improve your chances of an unexpected job offer. Your diligence could result in a better salary, job title, or career path.

6. A Promotion Could Be Waiting

Having your resume ready doesn't indicate you're eager to leave your current employer. Rather, it means you're ready for any new opportunity, including a chance to receive a promotion. Although there might not be any current positions available at your employer, there's always a chance an opening will form. A senior staff member could quit, or an increased workload could cause management to create a new, better position.

You might wonder why your manager would need your resume before considering you for a promotion. Although they know your worth, they don't know your whole history. Furthermore, a resume is often required for promotions. If you can submit your resume quickly and it showcases your talents well, you increase your chances of getting the promotion.

7. Avoid Forgetting Anything

In only a few months, a lot can happen. While you might not think you can forget meeting an unrealistic goal or receiving an award, you won't always remember every accomplishment. When the time comes to make your resume, you could forget essential details.

Why risk leaving out information that could help you get a job? By constantly updating your resume, you can be sure to include everything that belongs. If there's too much information, you have the luxury of editing your resume down.

How Often Should You Update Your Resume?

As with everything in life, preparation is key. You could wait until the last minute to update your resume, but doing so puts your career at stake. You could miss out on a promotion or opportunity. At the very least, your lack of an updated resume is unprofessional and could affect your reputation.

To avoid any of the above from happening, update your resume every month. Make sure to edit your resume on all of your social media accounts as well as on job search platforms and websites. Furthermore, print out one or two hard copies of your resume.

Fortunately, it doesn't take much time to update your resume. Every month, spend 20 to 30 minutes looking over your resume and thinking of what you can add to it. You can remember this task by setting a notification in your calendar. The next time you find yourself in need of a resume, you'll be ready and waiting.

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