Weaknesses You Can Talk About In Your Interviews In 2023

Weaknesses You Can Talk About In Your Interviews In 2023

It’s not easy to talk about your weaknesses to friends or family members, so it’s not surprising that job applicants often dread having to tell prospective employers about their weaknesses. Unfortunately, you may not be able to avoid talking about your weaknesses during a job interview. And although you might cringe at the thought of this common interview question, you don’t need to have so much dread. Learn about some weaknesses you can mention, and you might impress the hiring manager enough to receive a job offer.

Too Detail-Oriented

This is a great weakness because it translates well into a strength. Typically, the consequence of someone who is too detail-oriented is a lack of productivity. So, you should mention that you’re working on this weakness by trying to be more efficient without losing your attention to detail.

In the scheme of things, being too detail-oriented can help you succeed. As long as you don’t let your meticulous nature keep you from meeting deadlines, you can use this weakness to your advantage.

Can’t Say No

Once again, this is a problem that hiring managers like to have. The downside of an employee who can’t say no is the risk of burnout. As you explain that you don’t like to say no, tell the interviewer that you’re working on this by organizing yourself better and setting clear expectations. If you can give a specific example of how you organize yourself now, you may be able to impress the hiring manager.

Impatience with Missed Deadlines

If everyone was impatient with missed deadlines, the workplace would be a better place. The only time this strength is a weakness is when you take out your frustration on coworkers. When you answer this question, talk about how you’re trying to address this weakness by learning how you can better help coworkers with their projects and timelines.

Out of all the weaknesses that you can mention, this may be one of the best ones. It shows that you’re willing to be a team player and that you take your job seriously.

Inexperience in a Certain Area

You should never say that you’re inexperienced in general. However, it’s more than acceptable to admit that you’re inexperienced in one area of expertise. Explaining your inexperience shows self-awareness, which is a trait most interviewers love to see. Whether you’re inexperienced with a new software or something as general as verbal communication, you can explain that you’re working on improving and give examples of how you’re doing that.

Don’t Like Letting Go

Everyone struggles to let go of projects they’ve worked hard on. Therefore, this is a weakness that won’t make you stand out for the wrong reasons. You can mention that you don’t like to let go of projects but that you are trying to be positive about criticism and that you have strict deadlines for making edits. As long as you’re able to let go and meet deadlines, this won’t hold you back.

Lack Confidence

A lack of confidence isn’t a desirable trait but it is a trait that’s easy to overcome. Therefore, this is a great weakness to bring up during an interview. While you discuss this trait, bring up the fact that you value you see the value in being confident and that you’re taking measures to be more confident. Give the example of keeping a running list of accomplishments, or being more vocal about your opinions during meetings.

Failing to Ask for Help

When choosing your weaknesses, you need to decide which weakness is the lesser of all the evils. Failing to ask for help is harmful in the workplace but it’s another challenge that’s easy to overcome. You should mention that you’ve seen how not asking for help has hindered you, so you now try to reach out to those who have more experience than you.

Don’t Work Well with Certain Personalities

Some coworkers are great, and others are miserable. Unfortunately, every workplace will have at least one or two employees who are challenging to work with. A hiring manager won’t fault you for saying that you don’t work well with people who have aggressive personalities or who aren’t team players. With that said, they want to know how you would handle working with someone who falls under that category.

Explain that you’ve been trying to spend more time working with people with who you’re uncomfortable working. Then, say how your experience has made you confident that you can handle working well with any personality.

Lack of a Work-Life Balance

Ultimately, a hiring manager wants to hire someone who will work hard but won’t burn out. If you have a poor work-life balance, there’s a significant risk of you burning out and quitting. Fortunately, you can discuss the efforts that you’ve made to prioritize your family or home life. It might be something as simple as putting your phone on silent on Saturdays, or not answering emails on the weekend.

When you discuss this weakness, talk about how having a better balance has made you more productive. Employers usually see improved productivity when their employees have a good work-life balance.

Disliking Ambiguity

Your prospective employer probably wants to know that you can take the initiative and work on your own. However, being uncomfortable with ambiguity could hinder you from doing that. If you use this as your weakness, mention that you have learned how to set your own milestones or subtasks to accomplish a goal.

This is yet another goal that a hiring manager probably won’t hold against you. If you receive a project, the directions should be clear enough. You can also mention that you’ve been improving on this by asking questions.

Taking on Interviews in 2023

This year isn’t much different from previous years in that you can expect to be asked about your weaknesses during an interview. But this year, don’t let the question surprise you. Use one of the weaknesses above and you can stand out from other job applicants.

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