10 Easy Jobs To Get In A Foreign Country

10 Easy Jobs To Get In A Foreign Country

If you want to live abroad, you need to think about your career path. Unless you have family members in another country, you probably need to obtain a work visa. This is harder than you might think. If you don’t have a job in a certain industry, you may not have any options for relocating to another country. Find out which jobs give you the most options for working in another country.

1. Tutor

Almost every country has a high demand for educators. So, it should be no surprise that tutors are often able to relocate to other countries. You might help students learn English, math, or other topics. Typically, you need to pick one or two fields and become an expert in those fields.

In addition to being knowledgeable on a topic, tutors also need to be excellent educators. If you plan on tutoring kids, you should be able to develop a rapport with them.

2. Business Manager

With a degree in business management, you can travel overseas and manage a business there. It’s not unusual for a large organization to have an international presence. To improve your chances of this type of job overseas, you should familiarize yourself with another language.

If you already work for an organization with an international presence, you could work your way up the corporate ladder until someone offers you a position overseas. Or, you can keep your eye on job listings and apply for opportunities in other countries.

3. English Teacher

Because English is such a popular language, most countries teach the language to kids and adults. Oftentimes, they want native speakers to be teachers. So, if you’re looking for a job that could get you hired in almost any country, look into becoming an English teacher.

Depending on the position, you might not need to have an advanced degree. For instance, some companies might hire you with a TEFL certification. The certification is relatively easy to obtain and is usually done online. Once you have the certification, you have a wide pool of jobs in other countries.

4. Au Pair

An au pair is another term for a nanny. As an au pair, you would take care of your client’s children. Parents often hire au pairs in exchange for some money as well as food and boarding. Typically, au pairs do childcare as well as household chores.

You can find au pair jobs online, or join a program that connects au pairs with clients in other countries. Usually, these jobs only grant your temporary visas for the country. If you want a more long-term stay, you should consider other career options.

5. Hotel Clerk

The hospitality industry is alive and well in multiple countries. If you gain hotel experience, you can work in a country and area that generates revenue from tourism. The hospitality industry allows for upward mobility, so you can start with an entry-level job and work your way up the ranks.

As a hotel clerk in a foreign country, you get a unique experience. You meet people from all over and gain insight into the local attractions.

6. Freelancer

If you have an opportunity to obtain a visa in another country regardless of your job, you can be a freelancer. You can work remotely as a writer, virtual assistant, or accountant. As long as the job can be done remotely, you can probably do it from another country.

If you opt to live in a country with a much lower cost of living, you can make great money by being a freelancer. You still make the same amount of money that you would make in the US, but have the advantage of living in a cheaper place.

7. Tour Guide

If you have charisma and a love of public speaking, you can get a job as a tour guide. In countries that don’t speak English as a first language, English-speaking tour guides are often in high demand. You can learn about the local tourist attractions and then teach visitors about them.

To be a successful tour guide, you need to enjoy being around people. You also should have a good memory, because you may be required to share a long list of facts with guests.

8. Farmhand

Because agriculture is important in every country, there are always agricultural jobs available. As long as you have farm experience, you can go to another country and successfully find farm work.

This is a physical but rewarding job. If you have experience with specific machinery, you can be a valuable member of any farm team. It’s not too difficult to get a visa in another country if you’re a farmhand.

9. Humanitarian Worker

Humanitarian workers assist the homeless, refugees, and other individuals with a variety of tasks. For instance, a humanitarian worker might offer healthcare or housing to people in impoverished areas.

If you want to relocate as a humanitarian worker, you should research humanitarian organizations. The experience and skills you need vary based on the sector you want to work in. In some cases, you may be able to be a humanitarian worker with no experience.

10. Healthcare Worker

There always seems to be a shortage of healthcare workers. Whether you’re a nurse, a doctor, or a CNA, you could find a job overseas as a healthcare provider. In a long list of countries, healthcare providers receive preferences for visas.

If you go this route, you should know that you probably need to undergo extra training to be certified in your new country. However, the high demand for healthcare workers means you may have paid training.

Working Abroad

Sometimes, working abroad is as simple as applying for a job! People in all types of industries have had success working in other countries. If you’re ready to move somewhere else, take some time to think about your career goals. Then, look into the visa requirements of the countries you want to live in. With a little effort and time, you could be on your way to a fresh start somewhere else.

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