Using AI To Write Your Resume Could Make It Easier To Find a Job

Using AI To Write Your Resume Could Make It Easier To Find a Job

Whether you love it or hate it, AI is here to stay. And while you might have some concerns about artificial intelligence making some jobs obsolete, the technology could actually help you find work. By using AI to write your resume, you could simplify the job search and be more successful.

The Research

According to one research paper, AI gives job seekers an advantage in the job search. The National Bureau of Economic Research published a study based on an experiment, and the findings may be surprising to those who don’t see value in AI. In the study, about 500,000 job seekers were looking for jobs. Some of those individuals used the help of an algorithm to write their resumes. The algorithm gave feedback on word choice, grammar, and spelling.

The participants who used the assistance were 8% more likely to receive a job offer than those who had no assistance. Why does it help? If two people have the same skill sets and histories, there’s nothing but their resumes to set them apart. AI allows you to refine your resume and stand out from the competition.

While using AI won’t guarantee you a job or make up for shortcomings in experience or skills, it could help you obtain a job. During the job search, employers pay attention to all of the small details. By using AI, you can be sure that a spelling mistake isn’t going to be the reason you don’t get a job offer. Thanks to the multiple AI writing programs now available on the market, you can get all the assistance you need with cover letters and resumes.

Is There a Disadvantage to AI for Resumes

Right now, there are quite a few people who don’t use AI for anything. There are even more people who don’t use AI for their resumes. However, this is quickly changing. It won’t be long before the majority of job seekers use AI to assist with their resumes.

When this happens, it could become more difficult to stand out. If everyone uses ChatGPT and similar programs to craft resumes, employers will find it harder to differentiate between candidates. At that point, employers won’t be able to use a prospect’s writing skills to determine if they’re a good fit. This levels the playing field for people who have poor grammar skills.

Losing Your Personality

Currently, there’s one disadvantage to using AI to create your resume. If you only use AI and don’t make edits, your resume could sound very robotic. In some ways, this is a good thing. You want to come across as professional. However, you also want the hiring manager to think of you as warm, passionate, and enthusiastic. If you rely too heavily on AI, you lose all of your personality.

To remedy this, you should always edit your resume after running it through an AI program. Add a few words that make the document more “you.”

Why AI is Making an Impact on Resumes

For now, AI can still give you an advantage. Whether you’re a strong writer or a weak one, you could use AI to catch mistakes or recommend changes. Here are a few specific ways in which AI makes an impact:

Fewer Grammatical Errors

Let’s face it. English class was a long time ago. And, even if you write for a living, you probably don’t remember every rule of grammar. AI catches grammatical errors that could decrease the quality of your resume. While those errors might not seem like a big deal, they often make a negative impression on the hiring manager.

Fewer Spelling Mistakes

Another common issue in resumes is spelling. Although you probably have a spell-checker on your computer, it doesn’t catch every spelling error. Oftentimes, the spelling of a word relates to the context. And while your spellchecker might not find your spelling mistake, AI software can check your spelling based on the context of the words around it. If you have perfect spelling, the hiring manager will think highly of your writing skills.

Highlight Your Communication Skills

If you have a sentence that comes across as unclear, you can use AI to fix it. When a hiring manager reads your AI-generated resume, they can tell that you’re an excellent communicator. They know that you can get to the point quickly and clearly.

Be More Professional

If you’re a creative type, you might find it difficult to write your resume without being too eccentric. You can use AI to create a more professional resume. Then, you can pick a few places to incorporate your creativity.

Level the Field

Finally, using AI gives you a more level playing field. If everyone besides you is using AI for their resumes, you have a strong disadvantage. You will probably have a few errors on your resume, and this will draw negative attention to you. Don’t make the job search harder than it needs to be.

How to Prepare for the Future

Now that you know the advantages of using AI on your resume, you may be wondering where to go from here. For starters, you should explore the different AI writing programs available. You can use ChatGPT or any of the other AI programs now available. Find out which one you prefer, and start using it for your resume.

As an added benefit, you can also use the program for your cover letter. Just as you should make some edits to the resume after running it through AI, do the same with your cover letter. Doing so gives the document more personality and makes it easier for you to stand out.

Finally, you should think of ways to boost your skills and experience. Are there any certifications or training you can take that would make you rise above the competition? As AI becomes more common in resumes, you’ll need to find other ways to stand out. Make plans for improving your skills, and when it’s time to find a new job, you’ll be ready to impress.

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