4 Invaluable Tips To Land Your Dream Job

4 Invaluable Tips To Land Your Dream Job

If you’ve been looking for a job, then you already know how competitive the marketplace can be. With many applicants and few employers, you need to leverage every advantage possible to get yourself hired. So don’t just sit around hoping opportunity knocks. Use these four tips to land your dream job.

How To Land The Job Of Your Dreams

1. Approach Finding A Job Like A Job Itself

Completing a couple applications isn’t going to cut in in today’s economy. To get that one perfect position, you may need to apply to hundreds of job postings. The fact is, you may not have a good chance of getting hired anywhere. But as you apply to more positions, even a small percentage of them responding can lead to many opportunities. The key here is volume.

Even if you already have a full-time job, you can still put in the time and effort necessary to land a better position at a new company. With websites like freshcareerfinder.com, you can easily find and apply to dozens of quality jobs every evening after work, so there’s no excuse not to apply to a hundred or so every week.

2. Connect On A Personal Level

While education and past experience are critical to landing a job, they aren’t the only thing that matters. Businesses are made up of people, and if those people don’t like you, you won’t get hired.

It’s necessary to personally connect with your potential employer before you even meet in person. This starts from the moment you send them a cover letter or email. According to The Muse, you should always try to find out exactly who will be reading the letter and address it directly to them.

That personal touch should carry throughout the hiring process. Build a rapport by using the interviewers name when you talk. Listen and ask questions instead of rambling endlessly through a one-way conversation.

Don’t forget to maintain that personal touch even after the interview is over by sending a hand-written thank you note to show you appreciate the interviewers time.

It’s better to address a cover letter to a specific person rather than saying ‘Dear Hiring Manager.Alexis Grant
Executive Editor
The Penny Hoarder

3. Read The Interviewer

What the interviewer says may not be exactly what they mean, so read their verbal and physical cues to understand what they are really telling you.

For example, the interviewer may say “we are looking for a person with a diverse professional background.” It’s likely that what they actually mean is they are looking for someone to wear many hats and perform many responsibilities.

4. Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to take risks when applying for jobs. Always be honest in your qualifications, but it's perfectly okay to stretch for a job you may not necessarily be prepared for. Breaking out of your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries of your current position are likely the best way for you to get a job paying considerably more than you currently make.

Being bold is not just about which jobs you apply to, but how you apply to them. You should maintain a level of professionalism, but it’s okay to show some creativity as well. A thoughtfully designed resume and entertaining cover letter may be what you need to stand out. Just make sure you don’t loose site of the information that’s important to your potential employer.

The best part about being bold? You have nothing to loose. If you get hired, great. If not, you loose nothing. So chase your dream job and be yourself.

Move fast and break things.Mark Zuckerberg
Founder and CEO

4 Tips To Remember

1. Approach Finding A Job Like a Job Itself

2. Connect On A Personal Level

3. Read The Interviewer

4. Be Bold

Put These Tips To Work

Now that you know these four invaluable tips to land your dream job, it’s time to put them to use. Visit freshcareerfinder.com to see the countless high paying jobs available in your area. Then, easily apply to the ones that are right for you.

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