6 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well

6 Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well

There are hundreds of six-month certificate programs to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of those programs will land you a job. Some programs take your money and leave you with few opportunities to work or improve your income. Find out which programs are worth your time, money, and effort.

Real Estate Agent

No matter what happens with the economy, people will always need to buy and sell houses. Although real estate fluctuates, there’s always a need for talented real estate agents. You have the potential to earn good money, and the training only takes approximately four to six months. Most courses require you to have about 60 to 90 hours of classroom instruction, but those hours vary by state.

After you take the course and pass the test, you can work under a broker. As you get more experienced, you can earn more money and eventually become a broker. The median salary for a real estate agency is $75,000, but that varies greatly. If you’re good with people and selling things, then you can earn significantly more than $75,000 a year. Your income also depends on your location and the current market.

Truck Driver

Currently, commercial truck drivers are in high demand. There aren’t enough truck drivers to get goods where they need to go, and this results in higher pay for qualified drivers. By taking a three to six-month training program, you can learn what you need to know to be a truck driver. Once you earn your CDL, you can work for any of the many hiring trucking companies. You also have the option to work for yourself as an independent driver.

There’s a common misconception that truckers need to be on the road for weeks at a time. Although some drivers only have long-distance hauls, other drivers don’t need to be gone for weeks or even days at a time. Regardless of your type of driving, you can expect to earn around $46,000 a year. If you earn your CDL while the demand is so high, you might make even more than that.


The medical industry is still going strong. If you want to become part of the industry without needing to worry about spending eight years in college, you can become a phlebotomy tech. You would be the person responsible for drawing blood and collecting other lab specimens. Typically, phlebotomy techs work in hospitals, labs, and other similar facilities. The program usually takes between six months and one year to complete.

If you speak to someone from your local community college, they can tell you more about your course options. You should find out about your local requirements for becoming a phlebotomist and make sure your program complies with those requirements. If you opt to become a phlebotomist tech, you have a bright future. Job growth in that industry should be around 17%. The median salary is approximately $17 an hour.

HVAC Technician

The world will always need heating and cooling. If you want a job where you will always be needed, you can become an HVAC technician. A six-month program can teach you everything you need to know to enter the industry. Before you apply for a program, you should make sure you like working with your hands, and you have a mechanical aptitude.

After you earn your certification, you may need to work as an apprentice or under another technician. The median salary is about $23 an hour, with opportunities for you to advance your education and career. As of now, there’s a high demand for qualified heating and cooling technicians.


A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, is someone who works in the healthcare field. With a six-month program, you can gain entry to this career. The requirements often vary by state, but you can turn to the internet for information on your local requirements. As you look for CNA programs, make sure they’re approved by your state.

After you finish your program, you can begin work. You should expect to earn around $15.50 an hour and gain skills that can help you step into the nursing field. Over the next ten years, growth in nursing may be around 8%. If you want to explore the healthcare field, working as a CNA might be the perfect way to test the waters.


Although an EMT has a high-pressure and challenging job, they don’t need too much training. On average, EMT training is only a few months long. The training prepares you to take the licensing exam, which is what you need to get started. Most exams include both a written and practical test. As soon as you pass, you can get to work in an ambulance.

On average, EMTs earn around $19 an hour. The predicted job growth for EMTs is 6% over the next ten years. Furthermore, you can use your training as a stepping stone for other medical careers.

Personal Trainer

Fitness is another industry that always has a high demand. After Covid, in-home personal trainers became more popular than ever. You can obtain a personal trainer certification in about six months or less, and then you can work on your own or in a gym.

Some programs are available online, while others are more hands-on. Whichever type of program you choose, do your research. Not all certifications are accepted by institutions. Because there are so many different ways to work as a personal trainer, the salary varies significantly.

Ready for a New Job?

As you look into six-month certificate programs, consider your future. Although you deserve to work in a field that pays well, you also should seek out a career that you will enjoy. Think about the hours of the job, the future outlook, and the daily duties. If you pick the right six-month program, you can end up with a long and passionate career. Start evaluating your options, researching programs, and getting to work.

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