7 Tips For Job Searching During the Holidays

7 Tips For Job Searching During the Holidays

There are a lot of things to love about the holidays, and that includes the ease of finding a job. While you might be tempted to relax and use the holidays as an excuse to enjoy a break from job hunting, this is the opposite of what you should do. If you follow the tips below, the holiday season is perhaps the best time to find a job.  

1. Rely on Your Network

One way to succeed during your holiday job search is to use your network. If you don't already have a strong network, start building one. It's a great time of year to reach out to people with warm holiday wishes. As you do, be transparent about your job search.

Consider reconnecting with old college friends, former colleagues, and others from your past. You never know who will have a job opportunity waiting for you.

2. Keep Up the Momentum

If you've managed to be productive during your job search, don't let the holidays interfere. Losing momentum could mean you'll still be searching for a job long after the holidays. Although life may get hectic, avoid the urge to slow down your efforts.

To maintain your momentum, set goals for yourself. Plan to apply for a certain amount of jobs each week and stay organized. If you were in the workplace, you wouldn't get much time off for the holidays. Remind yourself of that every time you feel like slowing down.

3. Look for Seasonal Work

Although you might want and need a full-time, permanent position, don't hesitate to apply for seasonal work. For one, some seasonal jobs result in permanent positions. You could make a great impression and end the holidays with a permanent job offer.

Even if your seasonal job doesn't result in a permanent position, your resume benefits. Whether or not you need the money, having a seasonal job eliminates gaps in employment. When you apply for jobs after the holidays, you won't need to explain a gap in your resume.

4. Organize Your Documents

If you want a break from job applications, try organizing your resumes, cover letters, and emails. Use the time to create multiple resumes and clearly label them for each job type. Do the same with your cover letters, keeping in mind to further customize a cover letter for each specific job.

Take some time to go through your email as well. Are there unanswered emails? If you fell behind on sending follow-up emails, catch up on the task. Create a spreadsheet of all the jobs you applied for, the outcome, and upcoming deadlines.

5. Update Your Details

With the new year fast approaching, it doesn't hurt to make some positive changes in your life. Start with your resume. Are there any new skills you can add to your resume? How recent is your employment history?

In addition to working on your resume, spend some time to update your reference list. Ensure all of your references are current and remove anyone who might not have something appealing to say about you.

6. Work on Your Personal Brand

Do you have a personal brand? If not, the holiday season is the perfect time to work on that. Consider your online presence, and take notes on ways in which you can improve it.

You can start by going through your social media accounts. How professional are they? If there's anything a potential employer could hold against you, remove it from your account. Get on your LinkedIn and spruce up your page with blogs and minor alterations. If you're not active on social media, become more active by interacting with others on industry-relevant blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages. If you can improve your online presence, you might be able to impress a potential employer.

7. Volunteer

Around the holiday season, many organizations are in need of helpers. You could help make meals for the homeless on Thanksgiving, help kids in need for Christmas, and volunteer in a number of other ways. By volunteering, you build connections and may find out about a job opportunity.

Volunteering is also something that belongs in your resume. To cover up unwanted gaps in your resume, spend a bit of your free time helping out a good cause. Typically, prospective employers love to see applicants with volunteer experience. You might pick up a few new skills along the way, or have a reliable reference to include on your resume.

Make the Most of the Holidays

It's crucial to continue on with your search for several reasons. First, companies are hiring during the holiday season. Whether you're looking for a temporary or a permanent position, you're likely to find one during the holidays. This is the time of year that most companies are thriving and expanding.

As companies close out their end of year budgets, they know how much money they can afford on new hires. Additionally, they know where they had staffing issues. Rather than be uncertain, companies can know the financial implications of their hiring. They're less likely to hesitate to hire you.

Reduced Competition

Because so many job seekers take a break during the holidays, there's less competition for jobs. And, with less competition, you're more likely to catch the attention of an employer. If you follow tips to improve your resume, you can really rise to the top.

That said, less competition doesn't mean no competition. If you're not organized, confident, and prepared, you won't have much success during the job hunt.

More Time

If you're currently employed and seeking a new position, searching during the holidays comes with another benefit. You have more time to focus on your job search, as long as you get some paid time off. While you spend some of your time with friends and family, you can spend the rest of your time looking for a new position.

With a little work, you could give yourself a great holiday present - a new job. Don't give up and enjoy the holiday job hunt.

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