Job Hunting Tools That May Help You Land a Job

Job Hunting Tools That May Help You Land a Job

When you're searching for a job, you might feel all alone. There's no one over your shoulder as you fill out job applications, and no one by your side to coach you through an interview. And you probably feel like the only person in the world who is going through the trials and tribulations that come with a job hunt. However, you're not actually alone. There are plenty of people in your shoes, and there are ample resources to guide you through the job search. Check out some of the tools you can use to assist you through the job hunt.

Career Finders

Before you can find the right job, you need to pick the right career. The biggest mistake you can make is to embark on a career that's not what you want. To save yourself the time and headache, research your career options.

One excellent resource is the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Offered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this resource can tell you everything you need to know about a career path. It gives information about salaries, educational requirements, and the future outlook.

Mapping Your Future is another reliable resource. With it, you can plan out a career change or your first career. It's a valuable resource and can save you from choosing the wrong job or career.

Help with Your Online Presence

These days, employers rely on social media and websites to judge a job applicant. In fact, checking your online presence could be the first thing a hiring manager does. By sprucing up your online presence, you can improve your chances of getting that elusive job offer.

Branded.Me is one tool you can use to improve your online presence. It's similar to WordPress, but not for commercial sales. To make your online presence more effective, the platform takes information from your LinkedIn and uses it to build a personal website.

Of course, there are plenty of free tools available in this realm. If you don't already use LinkedIn, start creating a profile. You can post blogs and begin networking. Depending on your skill set, you might consider posting informational videos on YouTube.

Resume Help

People often overlook the difficulty that comes with writing an excellent resume. If you aren't getting calls for interviews, you could be in need of resume help. While there are several ways in which you can get this assistance, Resume Genius is one of the top tools. Resume Genius has a resume builder designed to be easy-to-use but effective. With a few simple steps, you can create a resume that impresses hiring managers.

An alternate resource is Zety. When you use Zety, you can take advantage of a resume check, flexible text editor, and resume designing. Like Resume Genius, it has a user-friendly design. If you're worried about getting past resume bots, JobScan is a worthy tool.

To use JobScan, you upload your resume and add a job. Then, you can learn what keywords you need to add to help your resume make it past the applicant tracking systems.

Alternatives to Traditional Resume Builders

When an applicant field is saturated, standing out from everyone else is challenging. There's only so much you can do to set yourself apart from other qualified job applicants. However, being different gives you a major advantage.

One thing you can do to stand out is to use a non-traditional resume. If you're in an industry or field that embraces creativity, a video resume could be just what you need. Jobma is a platform that makes it easy to create stunning video resumes.

If you already have the beginnings of your video resume and only need a few details, check out Biteable. You can use it to add titles, text, and music. There's a free and a paid version available. When starting from scratch, you can use Animaker to guide you through the creative process.

Tools for Staying Organized

If you want to maximize your search efforts and increase your chance of success, you need to stay organized during the job hunt. Email tracking with HubSpot makes that a little easier. When you send an email, a pixel goes along with you. Thanks to the pixel, you can tell when someone opens your job-related email. The pixel tracks the email until it's deleted from the inbox.

There are two tools you already have for staying organized. First, there's your phone's calendar. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you can use your calendar to set reminders about sending follow-up emails and more. When you're diligent about marking things down on your calendar, you'll never forget an interview or deadline again.

The second tool is a spreadsheet maker. Regardless of your type of computer, you can use Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet and keep track of everything. The tool allows you to save time and stay organized.

Interview Prep Tools

If you make it to the interview phase, there are some tools you can use to prep for the big day. Hire4Sure is an interview Q&A site. When you visit the site, you can view common interview questions and review the best answers to those questions. It's a free resource to job hunters.

Meanwhile, Big Interview is a platform that allows you to practice your interview. It records as you interview and allows you to review yourself. By seeing yourself, you can learn how to improve and feel more confident on the day of your interview.

Which Tools Do You Need?

You may not need all of the tools above, but you probably can benefit from a few of them. Take some time to think about your weaknesses in the job hunt. Is your resume recent? How confident do you feel about your interview? After some consideration, look at the tools above. Decide which tools could improve your chances the most.

As you search for a job, don't hesitate to seek help. Whether you use the resources above or turn to a trusted friend or colleague, don't try to do things on your own.

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