Are Professional Resume Writing Services Worth It?

Are Professional Resume Writing Services Worth It?

If you're in the market for a new job, one of the first things you should do is update or create your resume. But you have a big choice to make - will you do the work yourself or hire a company to do it for you? Professional resume writing services are quite popular, but they aren't right for everyone. Find out if using a professional resume writing service is worth it.

What You Should Know About Resume Writing Services

Before you begin to explore the world of resume writing, there are a few details you should consider:

Writers Aren't Always Qualified

If you find a very affordable resume writing service, you might want to think twice before hiring them. How can they charge such low rights if they hire expensive, qualified writers? It's not sustainable for a company to hire qualified writers and to offer low rates.

In some cases, services hire people with no experience. They know no more about writing a resume than you do. If you want a good resume, you need to be willing to pay for it. Be wary of low rates or rapid turnaround times. It takes time to craft a great resume, so avoid 24-hour turnaround resume services.

Although the cost of a quality resume varies, you can expect to pay between $100 and $400. It may take a few days or longer for the writer to finish your resume. Anything cheaper or quicker, and you should doubt the quality of the work.

It Does Require Some Work on Your Part

When people hire a resume writing service, they usually expect the company to do all the work. However, this isn't the case. Hiring a company takes some effort on your part. While they take care of the formatting and other details, the service can only do its job if you fill out a long form explaining your work history and achievements.

Before a writer can get started on your resume, they need to know everything about your work history. It takes time to fill out the paperwork, but doing so is worth your time. Even after you fill out the paperwork, you will need to communicate with your writer. They could require phone calls or regular email communication.

After the first draft of a resume is done, you need to provide feedback. All of this takes time and energy. If you're only hiring a resume writing service to save time, you might want to realize the commitment you need to give.

There Will Be Fine Print

Before you choose a resume writing service, you should take a closer look at the fine print. Most services offer a guarantee of some sort, promising to double interviews or give you unlimited revisions. As great as these guarantees may sound, don't take them at face value.

Often, the fine print is what makes these guarantees less than desirable. If a company offers unlimited revisions, look for caveats. They may only offer those revisions for a short period of time. Or, if the company does a poor job on your resume the first time, there's a good chance they won't do any better the second time around.

Before you sign anything, read the fine print. You probably will be paying a lot for a resume service, and you don't want that money to go to waste. Only work with a company if you're confident that you understand the terms of the guarantee or contract.

They're Not Necessary

Some people only hire a resume service because they believe it's the only way to get a job. Although working with a professional can help you, it's certainly not a requirement. You're perfectly capable of writing an excellent resume on your own.

The truth is, a hiring manager won't know whether or not you used a professional to write your resume. Nor do they care. If you want a new job, all that matters is that your resume shows why you're an ideal candidate for the position. You can do your own research to help you craft a successful resume.

When Should You Use a Resume Service?

If you meet any of the following conditions, you should consider hiring a professional for your resume:

You're Qualified

When you apply for a new job, you should look at the minimum qualifications. A resume writing service can't make you qualified for a position, nor can they convince a company to hire you if you don't have the skills for the job. Although a resume writing service can make your resume more appealing, it can't make job requirements irrelevant.

Before you hire a company, consider whether or not you're qualified for the jobs you want. In some cases, you may be better off gaining experience and qualifications before you start job hunting.

You Can Afford It

If hiring a resume writer will put you in the poor house, think twice before spending the money on your resume. Additionally, a low-paying position won't give you much return on investment. Only outsource for your resume if you can afford it and if the job you want pays well.

You're a Bad Writer

It takes some writing and grammatical skill to create an effective resume. If writing is your biggest weakness, you should hire someone to write your resume. If you don't, your writing skills could be what keeps you from getting an interview or job offer.

You're Not Confident

Throughout the whole hiring process, confidence is key. If you're not confident in your interview, the hiring manager will notice. And if you're not confident while you write your resume, the hiring manager will notice. It's crucial to have confidence in your ability to create a great resume as well as your ability to do the job you're applying for.

If it takes working with a resume writing service to give you confidence, then don't hesitate to hire a company. It could be what you need to get an interview and impress the interviewer on the big day.

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