5 Tips To Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

5 Tips To Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

There are at least 50 ways you can improve your chances of being hired. To be honest, most people don't have the time or energy to make 50 major changes with how they go through the hiring process. In fact, trying to follow too many tips sets you up for failure. Rather than try to do it all, stick with five simple tips that greatly improve your chances of finding employment.

1. Dress Well, Regardless of the Position

Even if you're applying for a job as a stocker or a warehouse worker, you should dress well. You don't need to put on a tuxedo, but you do want to dress like you're a professional. It's one of the easiest ways you can improve your chances of getting a job.

Dressing well accomplishes a few things. First, it shows the hiring manager that you care about the position. If you show up in shorts and a ripped tee shirt, you show the manager that you don't care enough about the job to make an effort. Meanwhile, showing up in a professional outfit indicates your interest. You took the time to dress for the event.

Secondly, dressing well makes a great first impression. No matter what the job title may be, the hiring manager will judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you. Although you might be an ideal candidate, your first impression could keep you from demonstrating that.

Be Appropriate

As with everything in life, dressing for an interview demands a balanced approach. You want to put some time into picking out your outfit, but you also don't want to be over-the-top.

If you're applying for a job that requires you to be very professional, a suit is appropriate. For a more active position that has you out of public eye, you don't need to be as formal. However, avoid wearing shorts, tee shirts, and running shoes. Business casual attire is appropriate for some job interviews.

2. Exude Positivity

When you go in for your interview, you probably have a lot on the line. Whether you're interviewing for your dream job or you're just eager to get back to work, you probably feel anxious about the interview. That anxiety could be your downfall.

Typically, companies interview multiple people for one position. To make it to the next step of the hiring process, you need to stand out from every other job applicant. And that means being confident and showcasing positive energy.

When you go for your interview, be sure to show off your positivity. Walk into the office with a big smile. Even if you're greeted by a receptionist, be warm and friendly. After the interview gets started, continue to maintain positive energy. Avoid speaking negatively about yourself or past work experiences.

No one likes working with a negative person. Every workplace has one employee with a black cloud over their head. They make the work environment hostile and decrease productivity. If a hiring manager suspects you're a negative person, they won't even consider hiring you.

3. Be Polite

An employer wants to know you have social skills and the ability to carry yourself in a professional manner. By being polite throughout the hiring process, you can show them that side of you.

It all starts with the cover letter. If you're not sure about the proper etiquette for emailing a prospective employer, do some research on the subject. Strive to show respect to the hiring manager and avoid taking a casual tone.

If you follow up on a job application or interview, continue to be polite. Don't sound entitled or forceful, and always acknowledge that you appreciate their time. Your polite mannerisms tell a prospective employer you know how to carry yourself in a business setting. Additionally, it lets them know that you can communicate well with co-workers and supervisors.

4. Have an Open Mind

All too often, people go into job interviews with preconceived notions and beliefs. But a good employee has an open mind and is willing to think outside of the box. If you maintain an open mind during the hiring process, you can impress the hiring manager.

For instance, a company might have a certain way of doing things. Although the process differs from what you're used to, it's not necessarily worse than the old way. In fact, it could be more efficient or safer. In any case, don't judge the process until you try it.

If the hiring manager discusses a new idea or concept, watch your body language. Even though you may have reservations about it, don't let your face show it. Avoid crossing your arms and furrowing your brows. Instead of showing dissent, you can use your facial expressions to demonstrate your willingness to try new things, and increase your chances of being hired.

5. Stay True to You

Most job applicants focus too much on saying what they think the hiring manager wants to hear. While it's essential to know your audience and appeal to the hiring manager, it's equally important to remain true to yourself.

If you apply for a position with a company that doesn't share your values, don't hide who you are. They're not the right fit for you, and that's fine. By pursuing and accepting a position with a company that doesn't share your values, you set yourself up for failure. You won't be happy there and will likely end up changing jobs or performing poorly.

Throughout the interview process, allow your personality to shine. While you should remain professional, be open enough for the hiring manager to get a taste of your personality.

Getting the Job Offer You Want

If you follow the tips above, you can improve your chances of receiving a job offer. But don't overthink things. When you try to do or change too much, you do more harm than good. It only takes a little effort to get the perfect job offer.

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