Finding Companies That Value Diversity and Inclusion

Finding Companies That Value Diversity and Inclusion

No matter who you are, there's a good chance that you value working for a company that values both diversity and inclusion. If you work for a company that cares about celebrating diversity and welcoming everyone, you have your work cut out for you. It's not always easy to find companies that share your values. Learn more about what you need to do to make sure you find a job that's going to fit your values.

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

Before you start your search for the perfect company, you should know more about diversity and inclusion. Some employers value diversity because they see how it assists with problem-solving and skill sets. When you have diverse employees, you have a variety of skill sets and perspectives. The team is more equipped to find answers to problems because there are so many ideas going around.

Diversity comes in many forms. If an employer wants a diverse workforce, they might seek out all of the following types of diversity:





Sexual orientation


Military background

That's not to say that the company only hires someone based on their background. Rather, they look for qualified candidates from all demographics. They also might have sponsors, vendors, and investments that favor diverse individuals or businesses.

So What is Inclusion?

While diversity refers to the actual individuals, inclusion is more about a company's policies. It's one thing to hire a minority, but another thing to make them feel welcomed.

To sum it up, inclusion refers to actions or a set of behaviors that makes everyone feel valued. An inclusive company permits everyone to use their voices and share their beliefs. For instance, an inclusive company might have a workshop designed to encourage inclusivity. They might teach everyone the importance of respecting one another or trusting other cultures.

How to Spot the Right Company

Finding a diverse and inclusive company is harder than you might imagine. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pay Attention to Job Postings

As you look for work, pay attention to the job listings. Namely, look for a few signs that the company doesn't care about bring diverse. They might use vague wording or only appeal to a certain type of lifestyle. If they use certain language like "diva" or "ninja", they might also be set on a certain demographic.

Check the Website

You can tell a lot about a company from their website. First, check their values and mission. Do they mention diversity or inclusion? If not, they probably don't care about it. You can also look at the current employees or the pictures on their website. Is everyone the same?

When you look at a company’s website, you want to see diversity. There should be people of various colors, lifestyles, and more. The more diversity you see, the more likely it is that the company values diversity and inclusivity. Another telltale sign of an inclusive workforce is a group or council. Is there a black inclusion or an LGBTQ+ group?

Look at Social Media

Another way to determine whether or not a company cares about diversity is to look at their social media accounts. If a company values diversity and inclusivity, they will have social media accounts that showcase that. They might have pictures of diverse employees or links to articles about supporting the LGBTQ community. When a company posts about Black Lives Matter or another relevant issue, you can tell that they care about inclusion.

Connect with Previous or Current Employees

At times, a company’s online presence doesn't showcase their stance on diversity. For the most accurate information, reach out to current or former employees who share your values. Send a message or leave a voicemail asking them how the company promoted inclusion or diversity.

Bring Up Your Questions During the Interview

The interview is the perfect time to ask about a company's policy on diversity and inclusion. After most interviews, the interviewer leaves time for you to ask questions. This is your opportunity to find out how the company handles inclusivity. Here are a few questions you can ask to gain more insight:

What are the company's top values?

How do you make diversity a priority?

What are some ways in which you promote inclusivity?

Can you tell me about some resources that you offer employees?

What resource groups do you have available?

By asking one or two of the questions above, you can learn more about the company. Your interviewer should be able to answer the questions with comfort and ease.


Your own observations should be enough to tell you about a company. During the interview, pay attention to the interviewer and the environment. Look around the office for signs of inclusivity. If you have a panel interview, pay attention to everyone on the panel. Is there any diversity? If not, the company probably doesn't value having a diverse staff. And, if they are diverse, do they all have equal opportunities to ask or answer questions?

You should also pay attention to the way in which the interviewer answers questions regarding diversity. If they seem uncomfortable, they probably don't care much about having a diverse workplace. As far as LGBTQ inclusivity goes, pay attention to emails. They might include preferred pronouns in their emails. This indicates that the company wants everyone to feel welcome regardless of their gender or orientation.

Look at Benefits

One often overlooked area of inclusion is the benefits package. Does the employer have adoption assistance or healthcare for same-sex partners? Is family leave for both parents, or only one? Furthermore, consider their religiosity holidays. Are there only holidays for one specific religion?

Find a Job that Works

If diversity and inclusion matters to you, don't settle for a job that doesn't share your values. You deserve better. Take the time to look for a company that wants a diverse staff and that has policies in place to accommodate everyone. Then, you might end up with the ideal job.

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