How To Make Money In a Gig Economy

How To Make Money In a Gig Economy

In this day and age, there are some very unconventional ways of making money. You don't need to work a traditional 9 - 5 to make a living. The gig economy allows you to earn enough money to survive and even thrive. Whether you use it as your primary income or a secondary source or money, working a gig can change your life.

What Jobs Can You Work?

If you want to know how to make money doing gig work, you need to know your options. Here are a few jobs you can work with limited or no experience:

Rideshare Driver

Currently, working as a rideshare driver is one of the most common gigs. You can use your vehicle to transport people to their destinations. With a variety of rideshare companies to choose from, you can take your pick of services. Uber and Lyft are among the more popular platforms but there are others as well.

For you to work as a rideshare driver, you need a smartphone, a car, and an insurance policy. You may need to do a background check and take a test on the service's rules. As a driver, you earn money for each ride and you also receive tips. Drivers typically make between $12 and $22 per hour.

Delivery Driver

Since Covid, the delivery industry has exploded. Establishments deliver everything from liquor to groceries. You can work for a restaurant or a service like DoorDash. Much like working as a rideshare driver, working as a delivery driver requires you to have a car and a smartphone.

You may be able to do your deliveries on a scooter or bike, depending on where you live. Because more and more people are ordering delivery services, there's a high demand for drivers. You can make an average of $11 to $18 an hour, and much of that is from tips.

Subleasing a Room

Are you short on time? If so, you may be able to make money without doing much. As long as you have a spare room, garage, or property, you can sublease your space. You should consider leasing on a vacation rental site like Airbnb or Vrbo, or renting space on a storage platform.

Although subleasing is rather low maintenance, it does require some time. You need to advertise the space, maintain it, and clean it. Additionally, you need to look into local laws and requirements. For instance, some neighborhoods don't allow vacation rentals for shorter than 30 days.

Dog Walking

People often look for dog walkers to take care of their pets while they're on vacation or working. If you like animals, this could be a great opportunity for you to earn some money. There are apps like Rover that make it easy to find clients. However, you can also advertise your services online.

The average pay for a dog walker is $16 an hour. But this rate varies significantly based on your location and your services. If you have a large and enclosed yard, you can even offer additional dog watching services.


Homes and businesses are always in need of reliable cleaners. If you want to start up your own cleaning business, gather up your cleaning supplies and get to work. You can do it part-time or make it your full-time gig.

Once again, the pay varies greatly. You can expect to make at least $17 an hour. If you want clients, you can create your own website, advertise on Facebook, or use


If you're a decent writer, you can use your writing skills to earn money. Platforms like Upwork allow you work as a freelance writer, creating content for various clients. The pay varies greatly and can be as low as $10 an hour, but there's a potential to make over $100 an hour.

You can take online courses to improve your writing skills. As you develop your skills, the sky is the limit. You can work as a copy writer, a social media content creator, or a blogger.


Do you speak multiple languages? If so, you can work as a translator. While there are full-time translator jobs available, you can also pick up gigs as a translator. You might help a realtor communication with a client or assist a business owner with drafting a document in another language.

Working as a translator gives you a great deal of freedom and pays well. If you already speak another language fluently, you can get started.


Working as a computer programmer may give you the freedom to work from home. If you know Python, SQL, and any other programming languages, you can freelance as a programmer. Compared to the pay of other gigs, the pay of a programmer is high. It approaches about $60 an hour.

Even though you might not have any coding or program experience, you can learn. There are free and paid courses available online, and the more gigs you take, the better you'll get at programming.


Sometimes a full-time position, accounting also offers gigs. You can take on a variety of clients and handle their bookkeeping and accounting needs as they arise. The jobs pay well and it's easy to earn enough money to quit your day job.

Most job search platforms have accounting gigs. If you apply for a few gigs, it's only a matter of time before you can have steady income.

Getting Started

Are you ready for your first gig? Think about what you want to do, and then download the technology you need. Typically, it's as easy as downloading an app or signing up on a platform. Once you sign up, you can get started.

Before you start your gig work, you should have a plan. Figure out how much time you can dedicate to your gig, and avoid any conflicts with your current job. Finally, if you plan on quitting your main position, have a plan for that as well.

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