Part Time Jobs For Seniors

Part Time Jobs For Seniors

Retirement isn’t always what it seems. Recently, more and more seniors have been looking to return to the workforce. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find opportunities that work well for seniors. Learn more about the benefits of having a part-time job as a senior and find out which jobs are the best for your desired lifestyle.

The Benefit of Part-Time Work for Seniors

First, you may be wondering why seniors need or want part-time jobs. After deciding to retire, seniors often find themselves in a strange situation. They might lose their sense of purpose or feel a lack of financial security. Here are a few benefits of working a part-time job as a senior:

More Social Interaction

After people retire from a traditional job, they often miss social interaction. They go from working with the same people every day, to seeing people a few times a week. Without consistent social interaction, some individuals struggle to find happiness. A part-time job could satisfy your social needs, or help you transition to full retirement.

Better Health

Oftentimes, retired individuals have health struggles. They experience depression, anxiety, and physical ailments related to a lack of activity. By working a part-time job, you can regain your health. You keep your brain neurons firing and remain in motion, all of which contribute to your overall health.

Improved Finances

Even if you spent decades preparing for retirement, it can be difficult to make ends meet without a paycheck. If you obtain a part-time job, you can ease some of the financial burdens. You can use social security and your retirement funds to pay the bills, but use your paycheck to travel or enjoy your hobbies.

Sense of Belonging

No matter how much you hated your job, you probably had a sense of belonging from it. Once you retire, you lose that sense of belonging. Getting a part-time job is a great way to feel like you have an important role.

Which Part-Time Jobs Are Best for Seniors?

So, which part-time jobs are ideal for seniors? Although everyone looks for different things, there are a few basic traits most seniors look for in a part-time job. For instance, flexibility is a must. You also may need to find something that has entry-level qualifications, because going back to school is probably not an option. Here are some jobs that tend to work well for seniors:


One of the most flexible part-time jobs you can have is tutoring. In addition to allowing you to create your own schedule, tutoring also pays well. You can work only ten hours a week and still make enough money to pay the bills. Typically, tutoring pays better than other part-time jobs.

Although teachers often are able to get work as tutors, people from other industries also have options. You don’t need a teaching degree to be a tutor. For instance, you may have had a successful career as an accountant. You can offer to tutor college students studying accounting, or something related to your field.

Tax Preparer

If you have an accounting background, you can easily get into tax work. As a tax preparer, you can work seasonally to file taxes for clients. You might work long hours during tax season, but you can take months off in the summer. If you don’t have any accounting experience, you can still get an entry-level position.

You can either work as a tax preparer for a major company, or you can branch out on your own and freelance. Whichever you choose, you can enjoy your retirement for some of the year.

Customer Service

If your motivation to get out of retirement is related to your social needs, you should consider finding a customer service position. Usually, these jobs come with flexibility and plenty of opportunities for social interaction. You might work at a hardware store, bookstore, or any other retail location. If you pick something you enjoy, you might find satisfaction in your new job.

Another benefit of customer service work is the fact that you don’t often need experience. As long as you can meet the basic requirements of the job, you can start off in a new industry.

Pet Sitting

Thanks to apps and websites, being a pet sitter is easier than ever. You don’t need to have a marketing background to find clients for a dog-walking business. If you want to pet sit, you can do so from the comfort of your own home by posting on a pet-sitting platform.

Pet sitting pays well and doesn’t require much experience. As long as you love animals and can provide the proper care for them, you can make money in this niche.


As a senior, you can maintain flexibility but have a rewarding lifestyle by being a nanny. You can advertise your services online and offer a nurturing environment for kids. If you want to work with multiple children, you can start your own in-home daycare. Just be sure to know your local laws.

Remote Work

In the post-pandemic world, remote work is more popular than ever. Seniors with mobility issues might be particularly drawn to this type of work. Without leaving your home, you can do things like data entry and sales calls. While some remote work pays low wages, this isn’t true of all of them. In fact, some employers pay over $17 an hour for remote work.

If you choose to apply for remote jobs, be careful. There are scams, and you should only look for work on reputable platforms and sites. Never give out your personal information before an interview, and research every opportunity first.

Bus Driver

If you love kids, you might enjoy being a part-time school bus driver. The pay is decent and the job gives you a somewhat flexible schedule. Additionally, most school districts are in dire need of bus drivers and are offering incentives. You may be able to get paid training for your license and have a hiring bonus.

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