Remote Work and Traveling: What You Need to Know

Remote Work and Traveling: What You Need to Know

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, remote work was increasing in popularity. And now, it's become even more prevalent. In almost every industry, there are multiple opportunities for working remotely. This makes it possible for you to travel as you bring in a paycheck. But getting started isn't easy, and there are a few things you should know.

Is Remote Work Right for You?

Before you sell your house and book a plane ticket, you need to decide if remote work is the best choice for you. Although it can be an incredible opportunity, remote work isn't for everyone. Traveling complicates things even more.

You should only consider leaving behind the brick and mortar model of work if you meet the following criteria:

You Don't Need to be Social All Day

When you work remotely, you don't interact with people on a daily basis. The social aspects of the workplace are gone, and your socializing may be limited to grocery trips and family time. If you crave face to face contact every day, working remotely isn't a good idea.

That said, remote work is great for the introvert. You can limit your social interactions to the ones you want and stay away from workplace drama.

You Feel Comfortable with Written Communication

If you're not comfortable reading directions or communicating via email and messenger, remote work isn't for you. Even though you might have the occasional Zoom meeting, remote work mostly involves written communication.

You Don't Mind Working When You're Needed

When you work a 9 to 5, you're probably done with work by the time you get home. Unfortunately, remote work isn't always that time-focused. Depending on your job, you may need to work when needed. Evenings and weekend emails or calls could be the norm.

You Can Self-Motivate

Some people need a boss standing over their shoulders to be productive. However, remote work is different. You need to be able to Self-Motivate, or you won't meet deadlines. When people first start working remotely, it's not uncommon for them to miss deadlines or struggle to finish a project at the last minute.

The Pitfalls of Freelancing and Traveling

Working remotely doesn't mean you must work as a freelancer. However, most remote jobs that would allow you to travel are freelancing positions. Rather than work traditional hours, you work when your clients need you. The lifestyle makes traveling while working possible, but there are some challenges to freelancing while traveling.

1. Less Stability

To trade off a traditional work day, for a more flexible one, you need to give up your workplace stability. Your clients have no obligation to keep you on as a client. At the first sign of financial trouble, the client will let you go. If you don't have a return ticket for home or assets waiting for you, this lack of stability could mean you're in financial trouble.

2. Not Enough Time to Sightsee

When you work as a freelancer, work tends to come in spurts. You either have too much work or too little work. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee you won't have four sudden deadlines when you're visiting a new place. If you're not lucky, you could end up spending all of your time in one place, sitting behind your computer.

3. Miss Out on Fun

If you're traveling with your family or friends, you should be ready to miss out on some of the fun. Although you might try to work during the evening, you don't always have control of your schedule. There's a good chance you'll end up sitting out from a few activities as you try to get work done.

Finding the Right Remote Job

Ready to get started? With so many remote jobs available, it can be difficult to know where to look or how to start. Before you begin the job search, you should know which type of remote job you want. All of the following are common remote jobs:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Developer
  • English Teacher
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Data Entry Specialist

Some of the remote jobs listed above require specific qualifications, while others are easy for anyone to do. Before you search for remote work, consider your qualifications and skills. Which remote jobs are you a candidate for?

Since you plan on traveling, also consider the hours. As you search for work, pay attention to the job listing requirements. Are the hours flexible or strict? If you need to work a set schedule each day, traveling could be out of the question. Look for jobs that offer extreme flexibility and don't expect you to be available all day. Likewise, avoid phone sales positions. Even if they have flexible hours, those jobs often require silence in the background.

Finally, be on the lookout for scams. Typically, scammers target those looking for remote work. If you see an offer that's too good to be true, then it probably is. Be wary of an employer who's willing to hire you without talking to you or asking for a portfolio. While the hiring process is different for remote work, it's not instantaneous.

Tips for Making it Work

There are many challenges to traveling while working remotely, but you can make it "work." For one, don't start traveling until you find a job. Failing to do so could leave you stranded because you don't have enough money to move on.

It's also crucial to ensure you only visit places with internet access. If you plan on traveling to campgrounds, you can't always guarantee a Wi-Fi connection or a strong cell signal. The same is true of traveling in other countries. Before you go anywhere, call in advance and find out about internet access.

Even with internet access, your traveling could put a hamper on your work. Time management is challenging on a normal day, nevermind a day of traveling. To make sure you meet deadlines and don't overwhelm yourself, avoid traveling every day. Take a few weeks to remain in one place, and you can get work done easily. You also give yourself more time to see the local sights.

With the right job and mindset, remote work can open up new travel opportunities. If you want to try the lifestyle, start applying for jobs today.

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