Tips On Advancing Your Career While Maintaining Work/Life Balance

Tips On Advancing Your Career While Maintaining Work/Life Balance

Whether you love or hate your job, you might find it easy to be overwhelmed. People often struggle to find the perfect balance between work and life. Unfortunately, failing to find this balance sets you up for failure and dissatisfaction. Learn more about how you can be successful at work without sacrificing your quality of life.

Why a Balance Matters

First, you need to understand why having a balance between work and life even matters.  As long as you're advancing your career, do you really need to worry about your home life? Even if you're single with no close family or friends, you need to consider your life outside of work. Failing to do so makes you vulnerable to burn out, poor performance, and unhappiness.

If you manage to achieve the perfect balance, you may find that life and work is better and easier. When you're happy in your free time, you tend to perform better in the workplace. This gives you more opportunities and makes you more likely to succeed at your job.

You might think that you can handle working all the time, but the imbalanced lifestyle will catch up with you. Whether it's in one year or three years, you won't always be able to handle an excess workload. You can save yourself the headache of a burnout or midlife crisis by achieving the perfect balance of work and play.

The Balancing Act

So, how can you get started with this seemingly impossible balancing act? It takes some work, but it can be done. Think about how you can make changes both at work and at home. You might be working hard, but are you working efficiently? All of the following solutions can help you advance your career and still have a life outside of work:

Use a Productivity App

With a productivity app, you can ensure that you make the most of your time. There are several great productivity apps on the market. For instance, Cisco Spark emails you an agenda every morning. If you have any planned meetings, the app confirms the meetings with the appropriate party. Meanwhile, it notifies team members of any daily deadlines.

Hours is another useful app. It tells you how you spend your time every day by tracking your tasks. When you're distracted, the app takes note of it. You might be surprised to find out what percentage of your day is wasted on chasing squirrels.

One of the more unique productivity apps is Pocket. This app allows you to write down thoughts and tasks, rather than stop what you're doing to pursue them. All too often, people stop their tasks to complete another one only because they fear they will forget to do it later. With Pocket, you can put that worry to rest and stay focused on one task.

Delegate Work

Although you might feel like it, you're not a one man band.  At times, it's perfectly acceptable to delegate tasks to a colleague or intern. If you can't complete a task or are overloaded and overwhelmed, consider delegating your responsibilities.

With that said, you need to do so responsibly. Only delegate work to a colleague who is capable of completing the task, and don't shy away from tasks because they are challenging or unusual. The only time you should pass off tasks is when you trust your colleague and when you know you don't have the time to complete it.

Make sure you know who you can delegate work to. If you try to delegate work to the wrong person, you could end up with trouble. Make sure you understand the hierarchy and the team mentality before you assign any of your work to someone.

Engage with Coworkers

This tip comes with two benefits. First, it helps you to be able to assign your work to other colleagues. If you improve your relationships with coworkers, you may be able to swap tasks and collaborate more. Secondly, your engagement could make your job more fulfilling. When you socialize at work, you can enjoy your time more. Talking to your coworkers could meet your social needs and improve your mood.

If you're not a social person, you might not know how to get started. But you don't need to be an extrovert to engage with your colleagues. Ask one of your coworkers if they want to meet you for coffee before work, or if they want to join you for lunch one day during the week.

You might learn that you and a coworker have a lot in common, or that you share the same challenges. Even if a colleague is in a different department or seems to be in a less prominent position, take the time to get to know them.

Stay Committed to Your Hobbies

Once you find ways to better manage your responsibilities in the workplace, focus on your home life. How much time do you spend doing things you enjoy? If you have any hobbies, carve time in your schedule for them.

You might not have any hobbies. If this is the case, get a few hobbies. Try out new activities until you find something you love. Everyone needs an outlet from their work and their chores.

Disconnect from Electronics

No matter what industry you're in, you probably spend a great deal of time on your phone. Even when you take the day off from work, you might sneak a peek at your email.

Every so often, disconnect from your tech. Leave your phone at home when you go out to dinner, or take a vacation somewhere with no cell phone service. When you disconnect, you can truly enjoy your time off.

Do What You Want to Do

Outside of work, your life is probably full of chores. But don't let that stop you from doing what you want to do. If you've always dreamed of learning another language, take a course. Think about your wants and desires and follow through with them.

It all starts with a small step. Begin by dedicating a few minutes each day to things you want to do, and then make more time. Eventually, you'll find the right balance.

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