8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Right Before an Interview

8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Right Before an Interview

One of the keys to a successful job interview is to be confident. But that's easier said than done when your future is on the line. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can boost your confidence before an interview. Follow these tips, and you may be able to go into your interview feeling great about yourself.

1. Talk to Yourself

Don't ever let anyone shame you for talking to yourself. Although your family members might make fun of you for speaking to yourself, doing so could give you a confidence boost. Look in the mirror and remind yourself what makes you unique.

If you don't feel comfortable doing this or don't know what to say, prep yourself for a pep talk. Write down a few positive statements and keep them in your pocket. Throughout the day, remind yourself of those statements. Shortly before your interview, repeat the mantra. If you start to feel bad about yourself, repeat the mantra.

2. Remind Yourself of Your Past Achievements

It's human nature to focus on the negative. If you made a mistake ten years ago, it probably is easier for you to remember the error than it is for you to remember an accomplishment from two months ago. Unfortunately, this makes it challenging for people to stay positive about themselves.

If you want to be confident, you need to remind yourselves of your achievements. Before your interview, make a list of accomplishments. What have you done that makes you the proudest? It doesn't need to relate to your career, but it's even better if it does.

In addition to boosting your confidence, thinking about your achievements comes with another benefit. It prepares you for the interview. If the hiring manager asks you about your accomplishments, you will know what to say.

3. Meditate on It

You're not the first person to feel nervous before a job interview. However, you don't need to let your anxiety take over. Whenever you begin to feel nervous, take a minute to meditate. Stop what you're doing and take five minutes to focus on your breathing.

While breathing, get into a rhythm. Breathe in and count to four, then count to four while you breathe out. You may not want to do this during your interview, but you can certainly do it in the days and moments before the event. If you find yourself flustered during the actual interview, practice a similar technique. Instead of taking obvious breaths, take one or two deep breaths.

4. Pick a Pose

As silly as it sounds, striking a certain pose could make you feel more confident. Usually, a strong posture is enough to make you feel invincible. It could be a Superman-like pose, or any other pose that makes you feel positive.

Once again, this is something you should prepare for. It's not as easy as you think you come up with a power pose. Practice in front of a mirror to see what works for you. Whatever you do, avoid forcing it. If you can't find a pose that works, look for another way to boost your confidence.

5. Make a Cheat Sheet

This tip won't do you much good if you have an in-person interview. However, the pandemic has changed the interview process for many companies. It's not unusual for companies to offer virtual interviews. While the process comes with challenges, it also comes with a major advantage- you can use a cheat sheet.

Before your interview, write down notes in a notebook. You might want to have a few essential details about the company, a list of your accomplishments, and answers to common interview questions. During the event, you can glance at the notebook for guidance.

You shouldn't make it obvious that you're using a cheat sheet, nor should you rely on it. By having the notebook around, you boost your own confidence. You may not use it, but having a cheat sheet can make you feel as if you're ready for anything.

6. Prepare for the Interview

Whether you have an in-person or virtual interview, prepare for it ahead of time. Pick out your outfit ahead of time, and dress for success. If you haven't interviewed in a few months, it might be time to shop for a new outfit. Wear something that makes you feel professional and powerful. Although your hiring manager will only see you from the waist-up on a virtual interview, you should still dress in a complete outfit.

For an in-person interview, you should print out directions to the office. Take a practice run and find out how much time it takes you to get to the building during peak traffic. A virtual interview requires other preparations, like lighting, camera positioning, and mic testing.

7. Be Grateful

When the tension begins to build, focus on being grateful for what you have. Make a list of everything you appreciate, and refer to the list when you feel nervous. Instead of focusing on the negative, you can think about everything you have going for you.

Perhaps the most important thing to be grateful for is the chance to interview. How many other people applied for the position and never heard back from the employer? Out of all the applicants, the hiring manager picked you for the interview.

8. Visualize Success

If you don't already use visualization to get what you want, now is the time to add the tool to your arsenal. As you wait for your interview, visualize your success. Will the interview be exactly as you imagine it? No, but you'll be ready for it.

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