Learning Teamwork Skills Could Help Your Career

Learning Teamwork Skills Could Help Your Career

Even in the most competitive of industries, teamwork could be your key to success. While you need to be able to perform on your own in the workplace, teamwork skills are equally important. If you’re not willing or able to work with others, you won’t get very far. Find out more about how teamwork can progress your career.

Why Teamwork Matters

To have a prosperous career, you need to be able to show your employer that you have leadership skills. And, no matter what industry you might be in, leadership means being able to work with the people around you. If you don’t work well with others, you won’t show any promise as a leader.

A good leader knows how to collaborate. Although you might lead your company in sales, that means nothing if you can’t rally your coworkers or help new employees succeed. You won’t ever receive new opportunities if you don’t learn how to work with others. And, despite your incredible success as a lone wolf, you will never advance your career alone.

If you really want to understand the value of teamwork, you need to know more about what it means to work well with others. Here are a few of the skills needed for excellent teamwork:


The key to teamwork is being able to communicate with those around you. When you work with others, you should be able to actively listen, ask questions, and have the appropriate body language. You should also know how to express your ideas.

Rapport Building

Sometimes, you need to dig deep to find ways to connect with a colleague. As part of your teamwork skills, you need to be able to find common ground. During a conversation, you should be capable of showing empathy while being positive and respectful.


When you work with a team of people, you must have a degree of accountability. If something goes wrong, will you take responsibility for it? You can’t be quick to blame others for your shortcomings.

Critical Thinking

Can you think reasonably to solve a problem? If so, you have an advantage. Teamwork is easier when you have critical thinking skills. In addition to solving problems on your own, you should be able to hear the ideas of others and act when you hear a good idea or build on an idea.


Every team needs a leader, or the team won’t succeed. Can you be the person who brings everyone on your team together? If you don’t already have leadership skills, take the time to develop them.

Improving Your Teamwork Skills

Now that you know the importance of teamwork, you might be interested in finding out how to improve your teamwork skills. Like any workplace skill, teamwork is something you can learn. However, it doesn’t come easy. You need to make an effort to become more of a team player.

You can follow a few simple tips to improve your teamwork:

Have a Team Mentality

Before you start working with others, prepare yourself. It’s not a solo project, nor is it a chance for you to take over and strong-arm everyone into doing what you want. Throughout the project, remind yourself that this is a team effort.

Look for Opportunities

If you work in an industry that doesn’t afford many opportunities to improve your teamwork skills. The only way to improve your collaborative skills is to seek out more team-building opportunities. If your employer has a team project, you should be the first person to volunteer. You can even try to organize team projects or ask colleagues if they need assistance.

Be Positive

No one likes working with individuals who are full of negativity. Although you might be a pessimistic person by nature, you should mask your negative thoughts. Try to be as positive as possible, and you can improve the group’s dynamics.

How to Show Teamwork Skills

If you’re applying for a new job, you can use your teamwork skills to give you an advantage over other applicants. When hiring managers see you have excellent teamwork skills, they might push you to the top of the list. Your resume is likely to make it to the top of the pile if you properly display your teamwork skills. And, during an interview, you can really make an impression by showing off your skills.

As you write about your teamwork skills, think about specific situations when your teamwork paid off. For instance, you may have been part of a team that created a new workplace procedure. Include details about the project and the end result. When you write your resume, you want it to highlight all of your roles as a collaborator. Be strategic about your word choice, and be enthusiastic when you discuss your experiences.

One of the keys to displaying your teamwork skills is to be very specific. If you’re vague, a hiring manager may not believe you. It’s not enough to say “teamwork skills” on your resume or during an interview. Be specific about the ways in which you learned and use those skills.

Practice for Interviews

If you receive an offer for a job interview, you should consider practicing for your interview. As you practice, pay attention to how you portray your skills. If an employer asks you whether or not you work well with others, you need to be ready to answer in a way that impresses them.

Create a list of common interview questions, and practice the answers. As you respond, make sure your answers showcase your teamwork skills. You might be able to find a friend or family member who is willing to host a mock interview. With some practice, you may be able to stand out and impress the hiring manager. And, if you feel overwhelmed about doing it all on your own, you may want to consider hiring a career coach or going to job fairs. Over time, you can learn how to impress the hiring managers.

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